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 That mysterious world was a Spirit Race world, specifically a Wind Spirit world. The creatures living in it all had wind attribute power, and it was a relatively strong race.

The Wind Spirit World had five Continents and four Continents were still in an age of war. The Central Continent had been unified and was the most powerful faction in the Wind Spirit World.

The ruler of the faction was the World Protector, and it was said that he had the title of Wind God's Son. Rumors said that he had a pure Wind God bloodline. could control enormous storms. and was incredibly powerful.

His faction's name was the Wind God Kingdom, which was only a single word away from the Wind God Empire. Perhaps there was some kind of relationship between them.

After the Wind God's Son unified the Central Continent, his faction had become the most powerful faction. The other Continents allied together to resist it, but they did not have the ability to destroy the Wind God Kingdom, while the Wind God Kingdom could not do much to the other Continents either.

This was the information that Mosax and Yu Ling had obtained. Zhao Fu had long since expected the mysterious world to have some kind of connection to the Wind God Empire.

However, Zhao Fu did not know what that connection was. If they were enemies, the Wind God Empire was most likely waiting outside to slaughter the Wind Spirit World.

That would be best, because only one world would be doomed. After destroying the Wind Spirit World, the Wind God Empire would leave and everyone else would be safe.

It was likely that many people hoped for this. After all, the Wind Spirit World had nothing to do with them, so it being destroyed had no effect on them. As long as the Wind God Empire, that terrifying existence, would leave, everything would be well and good.

However, there was another possibility, which was that the Wind God's Son and the Wind God Empire had a friendly relationship. If that was the case, the situation would be quite dangerous.

After all, if they had a friendly relationship, the Wind God Empire definitely would not attack the Wind Spirit World. If that was the case, why did they send over such a large force?

It was possible that the Wind God Empire was helping the Wind Spirit World attack other Kingdoms to help it become a Royal Kingdom. If that were the case, the surrounding worlds would be in immense danger.

This included Great Qin because it was only one world away from the Wind Spirit World. The Devil Horn Empire was safer, as it was two worlds away, but it could also become a target of the Wind God Empire.

"Ai!" After receiving the information about the Wind Spirit World and imagining the possibilities, Zhao Fu heavily sighed and felt immense pressure.

If it was the second possibility, the people of the surrounding worlds would not have any ability to retaliate at all, and the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain would not care at all, as they would not suffer any losses. Moreover, the Wind God Empire was a Royal Kingdom of the inner regions, and they were not a match for it.

Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates to discuss this matter. They had to make preparations, or else when the Wind God Empire attacked, it would be too late.

With Great Qin's current strength, it definitely would not be able to defend, because even an ordinary Royal Kingdom would not be able to stop the Wind God Empire. As such, they could only think of other methods and would not be able to rely on ordinary Royal Kingdoms.

A powerful Kingdom like the Wind God Empire definitely had opponents or enemies in the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain. If they spread this information to them, perhaps they would interfere.

Zhao Fu ordered people to investigate the Wind God Empire, and they found that they had an archenemy in the inner regions, called the Demon Wind Empire.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to have people to leak this information to the Demon Wind Empire, and they waited to see what the Demon Wind Empire would do.

After hearing about the Wind God Empire's movements, the Demon Wind Empire sent people to investigate and started to gather its forces, but they did not yet send any soldiers out.

However, this was enough for Zhao Fu to let out a sigh of relief; the Demon Wind Empire would definitely intervene, and they would not allow the Wind God Empire to do as it wished. Since that was the case, Great Qin would not face as much pressure in the future.

Moreover, Great Qin had to quickly increase its strength; only by having enough strength would they be secure. Zhao Fu gave the order to quickly digest the Spirit Light World before attacking the Corpse Pall World.

After the Wind Spirit Worlds' barrier disappeared, they would know just what the connection between the Wind God Empire and the Wind God's Son was.

In order to protect Great Qin, Zhao Fu planned to send out some ambassadors to the Royal Kingdoms in the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain to leak information about the Wind God Empire. Perhaps he would be able to obtain the support of some Royal Kingdoms.

Because of the arrival of the Wind God Empire, there were not as many battles anymore; the Devil Horn Empire, Great Qin, and the allied worlds all became incredibly cautious.

Since there were not any battles, Zhao Fu turned his attention to other matters. Now that the Emperor Killing Sword World had leveled up, it could convert another 10,000 people into Sword Obsession.

With how terrifying Sword Obsession was, 10,000 people who had gone into Sword Obsession were equivalent to an army of one million people. A single person in Sword Obsession could kill 100 ordinary Stage 1 soldiers.

With 10,000 people in Sword Obsession, the Emperor Killing Sword World would also become much more powerful. If it leveled up again, it could have 100,000 people in Sword Obsession, which could rival ten million soldiers.

If Zhao Fu could one day have 100 million people in Sword Obsession, they would be able to face tens of billions of soldiers. That was an incredibly terrifying thought, and the further they went into Sword Obsession, the more indestructible they would become.

The Emperor Killing Sword World had great value, so Zhao Fu naturally paid much attention to it. The 10,000 people who were to go into Sword Obsession would have to be Sword Cultivators with good potential.

Zhao Fu opened up the requirements; he no longer required sword geniuses because there were not that many geniuses. Anyone with decent talent could be chosen.

As for the candidates, Zhao Fu decided to once again set his sights on the Ancient Sword Sect. After all, their disciples were all Sword Cultivators and there were many of them, and most of them had decent talent.

Even though the Ancient Sword Sect had unknowingly provided Great Qin with some resources, that could not wipe away Zhao Fu's hatred towards it. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not even want those resources, but he had accepted them out of courtesy.

Otherwise, with how much Zhao Fu hated the Ancient Sword Sect, how could he want their resources? As such, Zhao Fu still decided to lay his hands on the Ancient Sword Sect.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to Lin Yan'Er because she was from the Ancient Sword Sect and had been one of the top-ranked geniuses. She knew a lot about the Ancient Sword Sect and had helped Zhao Fu much in the past.

"Husband, you've come!" After seeing Zhao Fu arrive, she smiled and leapt into his embrace, kissing him and starting to take off her clothes, wanting to do it with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stopped her and found that Ling Feixue, the former Madam of the Ancient Sword Sect, was also here.

Ling Feixue was sitting by the side with a reddened face. Her body seemed quite taut and her head was lowered, as her body gave off an enchanting and lustful aura.