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 After a few wild rounds, Zhao Fu was quite delighted as he found that his cultivation was about to break through, so he immediately sat up and went into a cultivation state.

Zhao Fu was currently at Stage 9 and if he broke through, he would reach the Saint Realm. Zhao Fu had been very close to breaking through before, but because of his Divine Bloodline, his cultivation had declined by a bit. However, he had become stronger.

A group of panting women lay on the carpet. Mei Qiangu and the four Generals' faces were all red and were still intoxicated by the pleasure from before.

Mei Xianggu said weakly, "Now you know what it feels like! Have you fallen in love with it? Our husband's reputation for being licentious and powerful down there is not false at all."

Mei Qiangu powerlessly nodded, "I had never thought that I would feel such pleasure. Husband really is a counter to the Charm Devil Race. Big sis Xianggu, please teach me more techniques to serve husband. I want to be done by him every day."

The four Generals also said weakly, "We're also willing to follow our Queen to serve husband. Please teach us as well."

Mei Xianggu gave a sinister smile. She was older than Mei Qiangu and the Generals, and she had a lot of experience in the palace; she had no reason to talk to these people unless there was some goal.

From how she saw things, the Charm Devil World was bound to become Great Qin's sooner or later. Zhao Fu's harem had so many people, and most of them were incredibly beautiful. She needed to gather Charm Devil women to develop her faction so that she could wield more power in Great Qin.

Zhao Fu was now completely focused on cultivating, and Saint Realm power spread through Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu's Stage 9 Cultivation power was currently being condensed into Saint Realm power.

The massive difference between Stage 9 and the Saint Realm was one of power and essence. Stage 1 to Stage 9 only had ordinary cultivation power, while Saint Realm power was a higher-tier power.

This higher-tier power was much more powerful than ordinary cultivation power. Saint Realm power reigned above all ordinary powers.

Without any higher-tier powers, an ordinary Stage 9 expert would have no hope in defeating a Saint Realm expert.

Now, Zhao Fu's body had gathered Saint Realm power, but the process was not yet over; what made Saint Realm experts powerful was their Saint Realm Domain.

Zhao Fu was currently comprehending his Saint Realm Domain. Heaven and Earth Power quickly gathered, and Zhao Fu's body gave off intense light as Saint Realm power shot out.

The women lying powerlessly on the carpet's expressions fell, and they felt terror on a bloodline level as Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline power was released. Their bodies gradually became cold; in front of this might, they felt as if there was an insurmountable mountain in front of them.

"Big sis Xianggu, just what is husband's bloodline? My Royal Bloodline can't resist it at all, and it has completely surrendered under that aura." It was the first time Mei Qiangu had been so terrified before.

Mei Xianggu naturally did not know. Zhao Fu did not tell her much, and under the aura of this bloodline, her face became somewhat pale.

However, she still pretended that she was close with Zhao Fu; only then could she have Mei Qiangu and the others defer to her. As such, she said profoundly, "Our husband's bloodline is a heaven-shaking secret; it's best that you don't know, or else the consequences could be severe."

Hearing this, the other women all believed it. They put on their clothes and did not dare to stay here, or they could be caught up in the shockwaves.


Just as they left, Zhao Fu's body erupted out with boundless Six Desires Demonic Qi. Because the Art one practised had great effects on the Saint Realm, the power one obtained from practising an Art would form a certain kind of Domain.

Zhao Fu had completed the preliminary steps in his mind in forming his Saint Realm Domain, and the Six Desires Demon Gods had appeared within the Saint Realm Domain.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had already broken into the Saint Realm, but he was not yet satisfied with his Saint Realm power. He planned to fuse the 72 Saint Realm Domains within his body into his own Saint Realm Domain.

This process was quite difficult. Zhao Fu's Six Desires Saint Realm Domain devoured the power of these Saint Realm Domains, absorbing their power and causing the Six Desires Demon Gods' bodies to become almost corporeal.


Zhao Fu stabilized his Saint Realm Domain and a wave of Saint Realm power spread out; Zhao Fu had officially become a Saint Realm Cultivator.

Currently, whether it was body or soul, Zhao Fu felt that he had gone through immense changes. His senses towards the heavens and earth and everything within them had become much clearer, and his power had greatly increased. This was the power of the Saint Realm.

Yao Ming returned to the Devil Horn Empire, feeling incredibly humiliated, as if his woman had been stolen by Zhao Fu. What made him even angrier was that that woman had lewdly begged Zhao Fu to do her right in front of him.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Wind God Empire was in the Charm Devil World, Yao Ming would definitely take down the Charm Devil World at all costs and make the entire Charm Devil World feel his fury.

However, now that the Wind God Empire had come with ill intentions, Yao Ming hesitated whether or not to change his plans. He had planned to attack the Mermen World, but now that such a terrifying existence like the Wind God Empire was present, if he developed in that direction, he would clash with the Wind God Empire sooner or later.

With the Devil Horn Empire's power, it would definitely lose. Even other Royal Kingdoms would not want to get involved because the Wind God Empire was a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain.

After thinking about it, Yao Ming decided not to expand to the right in order to avoid facing the Wind God Empire. He would revise his plans after determining the Wind God Empire's motives. As such, he could only focus on the left for now.

Because of the Wind God Empire, Yao Ming felt a strange sense of unease and felt that there was great danger. As such, he sent out ambassadors to various Royal Kingdoms to see how they would deal with this. Only they had the power to fight against the Wind God Empire.

"What are you doing?" Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated as he looked at Mei Qiangu and the four Generals servicing him while Mei Xianggu seductively smiled and taught them.

"Husband, we want to do it with you every day, so of course we have to learn how to serve you," Mei Qiangu said as she looked at Zhao Fu earnestly.

Zhao Fu stopped them and said, "Let's go back to the proper matters. I want most of your faction and the Gurao Kingdom to withdraw to Great Qin. Don't worry, your power and authority won't be affected.

"The Charm Devil World is in danger and the Wind God Empire might attack at any time without any warning. Moreover, this Continent is the closest one to where the Wind God Empire and is in the most danger."

Mei Qiangu stopped and also sank into her thoughts before nodding. She was afraid of the Wind God Empire suddenly attacking, and if they gathered here, they would not be able to quickly withdraw.

The Gurao Kingdom and the Charm Bone Kingdom started to relocate their factions, and Great Qin returned to Great Qin and ordered people to receive them.

A few days later, Yu Ling and Mosax returned to Great Qin and brought back information about that mysterious world.