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 She wanted to receive the support of a large faction and increase the strength of her Continent. If they could not defend against the Wind God Empire, she would be able to at least withdraw to that faction. The Devil Horn Empire was quite powerful and had three worlds and nine Continents, and it could give her massive help.

Sensing the gazes of fear and worship around him, Yao Ming proudly smiled, saying, "That's right, This Emperor is the Emperor of the Devil Horn Empire. This Emperor can make you a Concubine and give you all sorts of help."

Mei Qiangu slightly smiled and cupped her hands as she said, "Thank you very much, Devil Horn Empire's Emperor."

If it was to ordinary people, Mei Qiangu would not be so courteous. However, the other side was the Devil Horn Empire's Emperor, so she had to be especially polite.

Yao Ming felt quite happy to be able to obtain a Continent so easily; it was essentially free. He said, "Come back with This Emperor then! This Emperor will immediately make you a Concubine and send soldiers to defend your Continent."

Mei Qiangu lightly smiled as she said, "That's naturally not a problem. However, according to the Charm Devil World's customs, you not only have to defeat me in battle but also have to conquer my body. You are definitely stronger than me in battle, so you just need to conquer my body.

"It's my first time, and to be able to give it to such a powerful and famous man like you, I'm quite happy. Let's not waste words; hurry up and do me!"

As a Charm Devil woman, she was quite daring in this regard. She did not have any shame and took off her armor, wanting Yao Ming to ferociously do her in front of everyone.

Yao Ming gave a confident smile. He was from the Devil Race and was quite capable in that regard. He naturally had confidence that he could conquer this woman.

Perhaps he would not have been willing to do Mei Qiangu in front of everyone. However, after doing those Concubines with the Prince and after eating his little brother, he had become quite twisted and did not mind anymore. In fact, he actually felt quite excited upon seeing this. Hearing that the two of them were about to do it in front of everyone, all the other Charm Devils, whether male or female, looked quite excited, and their bodies started to react.

Mei Qiangu had taken off most of her clothes, leaving only red silk clothes, and her faintly discernible figure was incredibly alluring.

Yao Ming loudly laughed and flew towards Mei Qiangu, preparing to hug her and do this woman in front of everyone.


An even more powerful aura exploded out, and everyone sensed a massive pressure. Whether it was their bodies or bloodlines, they all felt incredibly terrified, and their bodies instinctively trembled. It was Zhao Fu arriving with Mei Qianggu, giving off a powerful aura.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, Yao Ming's expression soured. He prepared to grab Mei Qiangu and run so that he could obtain a Continent.


A sword light giving off shocking power ferociously slashed towards Yao Ming. Yao Ming was given a big fright and drew his saber, blocking that sword light, but he was sent back a few steps.

This caused Yao Ming's expression to fall; Zhao Fu's power had once again increased significantly.

However, Yao Ming would not admit defeat so easily. A purple aura flame appeared around him as an enormous aura spread out. He was preparing for a big battle against Zhao Fu.

"Wait!" Mei Qiangu called out, before looking at Zhao Fu in shock. She asked, "Are you Great Qin's Emperor?"

Zhao Fu hugged the mature and lewd Mei Xianggu and smiled as he nodded.

Seeing Zhao Fu's response, Mei Qiangu looked at Yao Ming and said apologetically, "Apologies, Devil Horn Empire's Emperor, but Great Qin's Emperor is more suitable for me. Also, you're most likely not a match for him.

"Moreover, the aura he gives off is nobler than yours and he's incredibly attractive to me. My body's already reacting to him, wanting him to do me. You didn't give me this sort of feeling, so you lose."

"You slut!" Yao Ming already saw Mei Qiangu as his woman, and hearing these words, he was furious to the extreme. His face darkened and he slashed out, ferociously attacking Mei Qiangu.

Mei Qiangu's expression changed and she dodged to the side; she understood that she was not a match for Yao Ming.

Zhao Fu now entered the battle and faced off against Yao Ming. Massive words blew, causing sand and rocks to fly and countless people escaped this place in terror. In the end, Yao Ming had to run away; not only was Zhao Fu more powerful than him, this was Mei Qiangu's territory and her army was here.

Neither side dared to use their Nation Armaments, as they were wary of the Emperor Heaven Realm expert in the other Continent. If they made too big of a ruckus, it was possible that they would all be killed by the Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

"Thank you for your help, Great Qin's Emperor; I'm yours now," Mei Qiangu said with a smile. If it wasn't for Zhao Fu, it would have been very difficult for her to beat back Yao Ming. However, if Zhao Fu had not come, she would have chosen to work with Yao Ming.

Zhao Fu smiled and looked over Mei Qiangu. In actuality, as long as it was something detrimental to the Devil Horn Empire, he would do it because the Devil Horn Empire was an enemy. Mei Xianggu lightly harrumphed and said, "It was said that you're not interested in men, but looking at how wet you are, you look so lewd. However, to be with our husband, you're incredibly lucky. Most women don't have the opportunity to taste that pleasure."

Mei Qiangu was only wearing light silk clothes, and it was evident how wet she was. However, she was not embarrassed and said, "Yes! No man has ever made me react like this before. Great Qin's Emperor, please do me well; I can't hold back anymore."

"Wait! Our husband isn't going to do it with you in front of so many people. Also, do you really think you can satisfy our husband by yourself?"

Mei Xianggu knew Zhao Fu's personality well. Even though most people had left, there were still countless soldiers gathered here. Seeing Mei Qiangu unable to hold back and about to take off her final piece of clothing, she quickly stopped her.

Mei Qiangu understood and quickly brought Zhao Fu within a tent. She could not wait anymore, leaned against Zhao Fu's body, called in four beautiful women, and said, "They're my four Generals: General Lihua, General Hanyue, General Baiwu, and General Fengqiu."

General Lihua looked quite flirtatious and had a nice figure; General Hanyue had her hair in a ponytail and looked quite valiant; General Baiwu looked quite pretty and had a slim figure, but was quite flat; and General Fengqiu looked quite cold and had a mature figure.

"Emperor, can we do it now?" Mei Qiangu's eyes were filled with lust and there was a tone of pleading in her voice.

Zhao Fu smiled, pressed her under him, and started to ravage her body.

Mei Xianggu smiled and joined in, and the four Generals who wielded immense power and authority looked at each other before taking off their armor and joining in.