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 Zhao Fu also looked quite serious. Now that such a massive faction had suddenly descended, Great Qin's plans had been completely ruined, and Great Qin's safety was threatened.

At the same time, Zhao Fu was curious what that world had, or what had happened, for a Royal Kingdom in the inner regions to descend.

Great Qin had not investigated that world before, and now that world became even more mysterious. Fortunately, Great Qin had conquered the Fish Scale World and the Heaven Domain Boundary was till present, and Zhao Fu could enter that world through the Fish Scale World.

The Wind God Empire's matter became a very dangerous matter. Zhao Fu immediately got up and planned to head to that world.

However, he found that he could not enter that world. The Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel was unable to transport into his world, as there seemed to be some kind of power protecting that world, making it so that no one could go into it. Even the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel was useless against it.

However, Zhao Fu had other methods, which were Mosax and Yu Ling. Mosax could turn all powers into nothingness, while Yu Ling could break through barriers. The two of them should be able to break open the barrier.

The two of them soon arrived and followed Zhao Fu's orders to break open the barrier.

Mosax first cast his Nothingness Domain, which ate away at the barrier's energy. Yu Ling then stood within the Nothingness Domain and pressed his hand against the barrier. A formless wave of light spread out, and the barrier started to twist as a vortex formed.

Zhao Fu was delighted; it was indeed possible. With Mosax and Yu Ling working together, no barrier could stop them.

However, Zhao Fu was then left disappointed. The barrier recovered too quickly, and it had great restrictions against those who were powerful. Zhao Fu could not enter, and only Mosax and Yu Ling could enter.

In the end, Zhao Fu was unable to do anything and could only tell the two of them to go in and gather intelligence. He gave them the highest grade of Nothingness Cloaks to keep them safe and told them to value safety first. If there was any danger at all, they were to immediately retreat.

Yu Ling was still a child, so Mosax was in charge, and the two of them quickly entered the vortex.

Zhao Fu did not bother waiting there, as he did not know when they could come back. He hoped that they would bring back some good information.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and he planned to head to the Charm Devil World. Great Qin had planned to conquer that world, but this now seemed impossible with the Wind God Empire present. It was impossible for Great Qin to defeat the Wind God Empire.

Right now, none of the people in the Charm Devil World were having a good time. All of them lived in constant fear; when the Wind God Empire acted, it did so without any warning and acted incredibly mercilessly, directly killing everyone in the way. Some Charm Devils did not dare to stay in the Charm Devil World anymore.

Great Qin had the Gurao Kingdom as a piece in the Charm Devil World, and Zhao Fu planned to go there and have a look before making detailed plans.

Zhao Fu sat on the throne as the Gurao Kingdom's Queen and Royal Concubines lewdly serviced Zhao Fu. There were also a group of seductive-looking women waiting by the side, watching enviously and thirstingly. They were the previous Charm Devil King's Concubines, as well as the wives and daughters of some Ministers.

With their licentious nature, servicing Zhao Fu was bliss, but only the Queen and Royal Concubines had this right, while they could only wait.

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless; he had just wanted to have a look at the situation, but Mei Xianggu and Xiangli had long since reached their limits.

"Husband, you've finally come. You have no idea how much we missed you." Mei Xianggu, the most vicious Queen in the Gurao Kingdom, said unhappily as she serviced Zhao Fu.

"That's right! Husband, we've been thinking about you every day and night, so you have to properly play with our bodies today," the former Queen said flirtatiously.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "I'll satisfy you both later. Now that the Wind God Empire has descended, what is the situation like in the Charm Devil World? What will you do?"

Xiangli was not very interested in this matter, and she wholeheartedly serviced Zhao Fu.

Mei Xianggu was more farsighted, and she sighed as she said, "Right now, with such a dangerous existence like the Wind God Empire in the Charm Devil World, many people are preparing to relocate their Kingdoms. No one knows why the Wind God Empire is here, or what their next move will be.

"Now that this place has become so dangerous, many people do not dare to stay here anymore, as they might die at any moment. If the Wind God Empire wants to destroy the Charm Devil World, I want to join you; only you can protect us. Also, husband, I have a piece of good news for you. However, you have to first satisfy me, or I won't tell you!"

Zhao Fu looked at how alluring she was and could not hold himself back, going at it. The women waiting by the side also happily crowded over; they could finally experience that intoxicating feeling.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the panting Mei Xianggu and asked, "Now you can tell me what it is, right?"

Mei Xianggu's face was red as she said flirtatiously, "One of the rulers of a Continent in our Charm Devil World is looking for a man; a man who can conquer her and has a large faction. She wants to protect her own Continent and leave open a path for the future.

"Husband, with your strength, you can definitely conquer her. Also, it's said that she's still a virgin; if you can conquer her, you'll obtain an entire Continent. Many people have headed over, so husband, you have to act quickly. Perhaps the Devil Horn Empire's Emperor has gone as well."

Zhao Fu glared at her and said, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Mei Xianggu lightly harrumphed, "If I said it earlier, then I wouldn't have been satisfied like now. Alright, husband, I'll help you put on your clothes and take you there; you should still make it in time. After all, that news hasn't been spread yet."

Zhao Fu nodded, and the two of them headed to that Continent.

"A group of trash, you dare to challenge this Emperor?" A cold harrumph sounded out as the purple-clothed Yao Ming appeared in the sky and a massive aura spread out towards some Charm Devil men.

Sensing this terrifying aura, countless people looked terrified and hurriedly retreated, not daring to stay. They were not a match for Yao Ming at all.

A woman flew into the sky. She wore armor and had short, red hair, and a fiery figure. She looked both handsome and beautiful and gave off a valiant and heroic aura. If it wasn't for the fact that she had such a defined figure, people would take her to be a beautiful and handsome young man.

"Are you the Emperor of the Devil Horn Empire?" That woman was the ruler of the Continent, Mei Qiangu, and she looked at Yao Ming with interest.

There were four powerful factions here: Great Qin, the Devil Horn Empire, the allied worlds, and the Wind God Empire.

The allied worlds were not worth considering, and the Wind God Empire was an enemy. As such, only Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire were suitable.