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 Now, the seven of them did not know what to do. Even though they had contacted the allied worlds, the allied worlds were not very reliable. With how cowardly they were, they would definitely be destroyed by the two factions sooner or later.

They would have to face Great Qin's threat by themselves, and no one would be able to help them.

However, despite facing the ferocious Great Qin, the Corpse Pall World was not without hope. They started to prepare all kinds of methods for a final fight with Great Qin.

They even decided to use some forbidden techniques and incredibly sinister methods to deal with Great Qin. As long as they could win, they would do anything. They had started to collect all kinds of Yin Beast Clay and infants born during Yin Periods.

They did this all secretly because they were worried that they were being investigated by Great Qin. Now that they had the ability to cross worlds, Great Qin definitely had some as well.

They did not know that Great Qin's Emperor was already in their world. If they had known, they would have been incredibly delighted and would have gathered all of their soldiers to kill Great Qin's Emperor.

Once Great Qin's Emperor died, the rest of Great Qin would fall apart, and the Corpse Pall World's crisis would be resolved.

They knew that Great Qin's Emperor was very powerful, and his Nation Armament could now gather the power of four worlds. However, it was only a portion of the four worlds' power, not all of their power.

If they gathered four or five billion soldiers and used various methods, they would have the confidence to kill Zhao Fu. They were not a match for him individually, but with the power of their world, they would definitely be able to defeat him.

However, gathering so many soldiers was not a simple matter. By the time they gathered so many soldiers, Zhao Fu would be long gone; after all, Zhao Fu was not stupid.

The Corpse Pall people continuously prepared to defend against Great Qin, while Zhao Fu collected information within the Corpse Pall World.

He found out about the seven major factions' Legatees and their abilities, as well as their fighting styles.

They mostly used bone-type weapons, and bandages were their subsidiary weapons. They could attack and defend with both kinds of weapons, and they could attack with both at the same time.

This made things quite difficult, and fighting them would be like fighting two people at once. Facing enemies like this, ordinary people would lose; the Corpse Pall World still had the power to resist.

Of course, fighting like this was quite tiring. Moreover, even though the bandages were Yin Weapons and were as tough as steel, they were still weak against intense flames.

This was the most important thing: Great Qin could use fire to counter the Corpse Pall World and weaken it, if not easily conquer it.

Apart from these things, Zhao Fu also found out about some secret information, but he could not ascertain if it was true or not.

It was rumored that the seven Legatees had obtained an Underworld treasure trove, which had countless Yin treasures, Yin Coins, Yin Qi materials, and even things that could allow them to enter the Underworld. It was said that it was because of this Underworld treasure trove that the seven Legatees were so powerful, or else they would not have been able to unify the Continents.

Zhao Fu did not know if this was true or not; he would find out after conquering the Corpse Pall World. Following this, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin and ordered people to make preparations to attack the Corpse Pall World.

Now, Great Qin's primary focus was digesting the Spirit Light World. They would only make preparations to attack the Corpse Pall World before actually doing it.

After investigating the Corpse Pall World, Zhao Fu planned to go to the world next to the Fish Scale World, but something unexpected happened in the Charm Devil World.


An explosion rang out as a massive aura ferociously spread out, causing countless people to fall into terror. Despite being a few worlds away, Zhao Fu could also sense an incredibly terrifying might descending.

This was an Emperor Heaven Realm Cultivator; why would one of the most powerful experts in the Ancient Stem Domain appear here so domineeringly? He did not place anyone in his eyes at all.

"Listen up, everyone in this world. This world belongs to my Wind God Empire, and anyone who dares to spy will be killed without mercy. Anyone who dares to bully it will have their world destroyed." Apart from the Emperor Heaven Realm expert, there were also three billion Stage 3 soldiers. They instantly conquered a Continent in the Charm Devil World, and the world below the Charm Devil World was te world next to the Fish Scale World.

That was the world the expert was referring to.

Even though it was just three billion soldiers, they were all Stage 3 soldiers, who could rival 30 billion Stage 1 soldiers.

That Continent could not resist at all and was instantly destroyed. The people from the Wind God Empire were incredibly cruel and merciless; after conquering the Continent, they slaughtered everyone, whether they were men or women, elderly or children. In just a few days, the three billion soldiers had slaughtered everyone within that Continent.

Corpses littered the Continent and blood formed rivers. The ground was dyed red and the stench of blood was incredibly pungent. There was not a living Charm Devil left, only countless corpses.

Some Charm Devils were able to escape to other Continents, or else everyone from that Continent would have been slaughtered.

High-Stage soldiers could easily suppress low-Stage soldiers, and they were slaughtered from start to end. The entire Charm Devil World fell into terror, because facing these three billion soldiers, they were powerless to retaliate.

If the Wind God Empire's people really wanted to destroy them, the Charm Devil World would disappear from the map in the next moment.

It seemed that the Wind God Empire had its own worries, so it did not go too far, or else there would have been a storm of blood here.

The arrival of the Wind God Empire and its bloody and domineering way of doing things shook the entire region, all of the worlds were terrified; they could not even defend against a Royal Kingdom from the Ancient Stem Domain, and if a Royal Kingdom from the inner Domains came, they would be crushed like an ant.

Now, they all felt incredibly nervous and gathered their forces, worried that the Wind God Empire would do something.

After hearing about this, people from the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain also sent people over. Even though they were also Royal Kingdoms, they were on different levels and they feared the Wind God Empire. They wanted to know what was going on.

Moreover, the various factions wanted to know what their goal was in staying here because they were worried that the Wind God Empire would do something to them as well.

It was just a Royal Kingdom from the inner region of the Ancient Stem Domain that had moved out, yet it seemed like a storm had swept through the Ancient Stem Domain. If someone from the Heaven Domain had come, things would be unimaginable.

The Devil Horn Empire also took this matter quite seriously. Yao Ming had a grave expression on his face; before, the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin had been the most powerful ones here, but now the Wind God Empire had come. It had immediately become the most powerful faction in the surrounding hundreds of worlds. No one dared to offend it, not even the Devil Horn Empire or Great Qin.