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 Zhao Fu did not use the golden doors, as they would cause too much of a disturbance. Instead, Zhao Fu used the Trans-Boundary Magic Formations to go to the Corpse Pall World.

As a Death Race World, there was Yin Qi everywhere, and the plants all looked quite strange. The sky was hazy and gray, and the world was filled with an icy coldness. There did not seem to be any noise, only a deathly silence.

After coming to a world like this, most people would feel quite afraid due to the eeriness, which could make their hair stand on end.

Zhao Fu was on the boundary, and he only saw a few wild beasts, which looked quite strange.

At the center of every wild beast's head was a gray-white clump of mud, and after killing a few of them, he picked some of it up.

He found that it was incredibly cold and gave off a powerful Yin Qi. It was quite soft and could be molded into different shapes. It could not be torn apart, nor was it easily destroyed. Zhao Fu did not know what it could be used for.

Zhao Fu soon found a village and discovered the use of these clumps of mud. They could be dissolved into water, which the Corpse Pall people would soak bandages in.

After soaking in the water, the bandages would start to give off Yin Qi. The normal bandages would become Yin Weapons; not only did they become as tough as metal, but they could also be freely and nimbly wielded.

The residents here all had bandages wrapped around their bodies, and there were many of them. The more bandages they could control, the more powerful they would be. No wonder why when he had first met Shi Xiao she had been covered with bandages.

Because this was a small village in the wilderness, Zhao Fu did not bother being too careful. He went to the village and unleashed his massive aura, causing the village to fall into a deathly silence.

Countless people looked terrified; they had never sensed such a massive aura before, and they did not have any thoughts of resistance.

"All of you come out and gather at the center of the village, or I'll kill you all." Right after Zhao Fu's cold voice sounded out, countless people hurriedly ran out, not daring to hesitate. That power was too terrifying, and none of them had the courage to resist that person's commands.

Zhao Fu stood in the air at the center of the village and looked at the people gathering in front of him. They all knelt in fear and lowered their heads as their bodies trembled. Having immense power was great because one would be able to reign above others. Those who were weak could only live servilely in terror.

There was a big man with thick eyebrows in the lead, and he was most likely the Village Chief. Next to him was a woman whose clothes were in disarray, revealing some of her chest, and she was holding a baby. She had most likely just been feeding the baby.

Zhao Fu glanced at the baby, and the big man thought that Zhao Fu was looking at his wife. His wife's looks were quite good, and she was the number one beauty in the village. Some of her skin was exposed, and he had thought that she had caught that terrifying person's attention.

However, for the safety of the village, the big man could only shout out, "Hurry up and go serve that lord!"

The woman was terrified and did not resist, and she got up and started to walk towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu immediately stopped her. Even though the woman was the number one beauty in the village, in Zhao Fu's eyes, she was extremely ordinary and Zhao Fu naturally did not have any interest in her.

"Tell me everything I want to know, and I'll spare you. Otherwise, I'll kill this entire village."

The terrified villagers could only nod in fear.

Following this, Zhao Fu obtained the information he wanted and flew towards the nearest City. This was only a small village, and he could not get too much information from there.

If they were a village next to a City, he would be able to get more information, but in order for his identity not to be exposed, he would have killed all of them to silence them.

Zhao Fu came to a City and used a teleportation channel to go to an even bigger City. Now, Zhao Fu started to obtain more information about the Corpse Pall World.

Zhao Fu was somewhat surprised that the Corpse Pall World's seven Continents had formed seven major factions. They were not allied factions but factions that had unified each of the Continents.

Shi Xiao occupied the Central Continent while the six other Legatees each occupied one of the other Continents, and they had all established Kingdoms.

These seven people were all quite capable and powerful, or else the situation would not be like this. Back then, the Spirit Light World's factions had all been scattered and were unable to be unified.

These seven people held the greatest power in the Corpse Pall World. They had the highest statuses and the greatest strength. They were worshipped and adored by countless people in the world, and they controlled the fate of the Corpse Pall World.

At the same time, they had interactions with the outside world and knew what had happened at the Spirit Light World. Because of this, they could only ally together, or else they would not have any hope in resisting the monstrous Great Qin.

After learning of the situation in the Corpse Pall World, Zhao Fu became quite serious, because each of the seven Continents had been unified, so they were much more powerful than if there were many factions. It would be quite difficult to deal with them.

Zhao Fu continued to gather information, and he learned of the Corpse Pall World's fighting style. Every world had its own culture, traditions, and fighting style.

Very few people in the Corpse Pall World used weapons made of ores; rather, they liked to use materials from wild beasts. Their fighting style was also quite unique, and almost every person knew how to attack at close range and from far away.

Shi Xiao and the other Legatees gathered to discuss the matter about Great Qin. Now that the Spirit Light World had been destroyed, they would be next.

They felt as if a haze had covered the Corpse Pall World; facing Great Qin's terrifying power, they could not be at ease, and they were constantly worried that Great Qin would attack.

Currently, only the major figures like them knew of this, and ordinary people did not know about it. That was why the Corpse Pall World was still so calm; they had entered a time of peace and prosperity, and the commoners had no worries.

However, if they knew of how terrifying Great Qin was, they would not be like this, and the Corpse Pall World long since would have descended into chaos. Everyone would have fallen into terror from Great Qin.

Shi Xiao had met Zhao Fu before when fighting over the Primogenitor Statue. Even though they had not met after that, there was enmity between the two sides because there had been an intense fight over the Primogenitor Statue.

Even though she knew that Great Qin was not ordinary, she had never thought that he would be so terrifying. The Legatees each unified a Continent, and given that their world was a new world, it was something they were quite proud of. Many of the outside worlds had not been able to do this.

However, they were nothing in front of Great Qin. Great Qin was also from a new world, yet it had unified four worlds and was the most powerful faction in the surroundings.