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 This was primarily for the sake of War God's Fury. Creating the core of War God's Fury required a very powerful spirit plant in order to solidify the ground and add defensive power, giving it greater life force.

Back then, Zhao Fu did not know if the Celestial Peach pit would grow; if it could become one of the core items of War God's Fury, it would be able to create a War God's Fury ten times more powerful than ordinary ones. After all, it was a Celestial Peach.

Zhao Fu chose a region which would become War God's Fury in the future, and he carefully transplanted the Celestial Peach Tree over.

Right now, the Celestial Peach Tree was only a small green sprout, and it would take a long time for it to grow into a large tree. If it could become the core of War God's Fury, it could gather even more power and cause it to grow even faster.

War God's Fury required three core items: the Ten Thousand Gravity Origin Stone, the God Race Stone, and a powerful spirit plant. With those, Zhao Fu would be able to create the basic shape of a War God's Fury.

Zhao Fu gathered all of Great Qin's Talisman Masters and had them set up a magic formation that covered the entire region. Luckily, with Great Qin's massive population, they had many Talisman Masters. Otherwise, who knew how long it would take to set up such a large magic formation.

A few days later, the massive magic formation was completed. Zhao Fu went to the center of the magic formation, where there was a stone stage and 24 talisman pillars surrounding the core of the magic formation. They were there to help with the control of the magic formation while also protecting it.

The first step was to set up the all-important Ten Thousand Gravity Origin Stone. Zhao Fu carefully took it out and put it into the magic formation.


An enormous explosion sounded out, and the magic formation started to give off light. A formless energy sank into the ground, and the ground started to violently tremble.

The birds, beasts, and insects all sensed an impending disaster descending, and they became incredibly terrified. They ran about, forming small beast tides that gave off powerful auras.


The region started to rise up, and the ground at the borders collapsed. A massive sound could be heard as the ground surrounding the region cracked, and the ground continuously rose up majestically, shaking the surroundings.

The region gradually rose up and left the ground, hovering in mid-air. The people in the surrounding regions watched on in shock as they looked at the enormous object in the sky. Even in the distance, one could feel its pressure and might.

Now, an island in the sky had appeared, and it was 100,000 kilometers wide and tens of thousands of meters thick. If it slammed into something, billions of people would be crushed into meat paste; it felt incredibly powerful.

The Ten Thousand Gravity Origin Stone's function was to allow the ground to rise and fly in the sky.

However, right now, the region was made up of ordinary dirt, so after being attacked, it would fall apart easily. Even though a region was quite big, it could not take many hits, especially attackers from a Nation Armament.

This was why a God Race Stone and a spirit plant was required. Next, Zhao Fu set down the God Race Stone.


A white pillar of light shot into the sky, causing the weather to change. Countless waves of white light rippled out from the pillar of light, and the white light spread through the entire region, causing the region in the air to give off a white light.

Now, each part of the region was reinforced with godly power, and it was more than ten times more powerful than before. It also had the ability to move, and its ability to fly was greatly increased.

Finally, Zhao Fu carefully transplanted the Celestial Peach Tree over. It deserved its renowned status, because right after it was planted, a powerful wave of life energy spread out, making it seem like the region had a life of its own. Not only did its defenses become stronger, but it also became more agile and various stats were increased. It gave off a massive, formless aura.

Zhao Fu looked at the early stages of War God's Fury, feeling quite pleased, and he could not help but smile. However, because it still lacked a few things, it could not yet be used in battle.

However, the moment it could be used, it definitely would not disappoint Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu greatly looked forward to that day.

Right now, the benefit of War God's Fury was that it could gather large amounts of Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, which could speed up the growth of the Celestial Peach Tree. The faster the Celestial Peach Tree grew, the more life force it would provide, making War God's Fury stronger.

After returning to Great Qin, what Zhao Fu was most worried about was that he could be discovered by the Ancient Sword Sect at any moment and that there would be a lot of danger in the future. Zhao Fu wanted to quickly rise to a Royal Kingdom, and he still lacked six worlds.

Zhao Fu planned to take a look at the Charm Devil World because he had a faction developing there, or else it would be a waste of the Gurao Kingdom. If it was developing well, perhaps he would be able to easily devour the Charm Devil World.

Even though the Charm Devil race was quite lewd, they were quite powerful, and if Great Qin could conquer it, it would become much more powerful.

At the same time, Zhao Fu heard that the Devil Horn Empire had conquered the two worlds on its left and right and was considering attacking the Mermen World next to the Lantong World.

The Mermen were part of the Water Race, and with the water protecting them, it seemed like they would be safe. However, if the Devil Horn Empire could deal with the problem of water, the Mermen World would be in danger because the Mermen's battle power was only average.

If the Devil Horn Empire devoured the Mermen World, it would be easier for it to take over the Elf World.

If it wasn't for Great Qin defending three Continents in three worlds, the Devil Horn Empire would have long since obtained those three worlds. None of the other worlds dared to contest it, and if it obtained those three worlds, it would have six worlds.

Apart from the Charm Devil World, Zhao Fu had two other choices. One was to expand to the left; to the left of the Spirit Light World was the Corpse Pall World, which was a Death Race.

Back then, in order to take the Primogenitor Statue, Zhao Fu had fought with the Corpse Pall World's Legatee. Zhao Fu did not have too much information about the Corpse Pall World right now.

The second choice was to attack the world next to the Fish Scale World. Zhao Fu had not investigated it either and did not know anything about it.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to gather some information about the worlds on its left and right first. They were all new worlds and would be quite easy to deal with, so they were Great Qin's main targets.

Zhao Fu first selected the Corpse Pall World because there was enmity between them, so Zhao Fu naturally wanted to destroy it first. However, the Death Race was not easy to deal with, as they had special attributes and were more powerful than Humans.

Within the Eight Major Races, the Death Race was only weaker than the God, Demon, and Devil races. They were difficult to deal with, so it was best to investigate them first.