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 Zhao Fu thought about it before deciding to say that Great Qin had an expert helping it, who cast a fate-changing technique to bless Great Qin to remain prosperous. Those four stars were just abnormal signs caused by that technique.

This was more believable than saying that he did not know anything. However, only a small portion of people believed this and most still did not believe it. After all, no one would tell the truth for such a big matter.

They mainly came over to see if there were any big changes in Great Qin. If there were, they would have to be careful and prepare countermeasures against Great Qin.

The surrounding factions were easy to deal with because Great Qin was the most powerful faction here. Even if some ordinary factions did not feel satisfied, they would not dare to say anything. What Zhao Fu was worried about were the ambassadors of Royal Kingdoms; they would not be easy to deal with.

If they did not deal with things properly and a Royal Kingdom attacked, Great Qin would be doomed; Zhao Fu did not want such a thing to happen.

Facing these people, if Zhao Fu lied, they would not believe him at all. However, it was impossible for him to tell them the truth, so he could only drag things out.

Zhao Fu ordered people to take good care of the ambassadors but not answer anything and not to offend them. They were to treat them amicably, and after this matter settled down, it would be much easier to take care of.

In response, some of the factions were not very pleased, and they even considered attacking Great Qin. However, they were hundreds of worlds away from Great Qin, and even if they teleported, moving all of their soldiers would not be an easy task.

Now, Great Qin had four worlds. Even though it did not have a very powerful foundation, no one dared to bully it, and anyone would have to pay a price if they wanted to destroy it.

More importantly, many Royal Kingdoms favored it, so if they sent soldiers to attack and Great Qin chose to seek the protection of a Royal Kingdom, they would not gain anything and would instead make a dangerous enemy.

A few days later, the waves that this matter had caused gradually died down, and Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. He had been living on edge for the past few days.

However, what surprised Zhao Fu was that not only was the Greenwood Kingdom willing to marry Princess Qingmu to Great Qin, but the Wine Sun Kingdom also expressed its willingness to marry Princess Jiu Xiaoyun to Great Qin. The Ancient God Sect was also willing to send Gu Qingyue over to have a look if Great Qin's Legatee was suitable.

This made countless people feel incredibly shocked. Why did these three large Royal Kingdoms favor Zhao Fu so much, sacrificing their most important women?

Then, something that shocked them even more happened - the Heavenly Music Sect also expressed its intentions of choosing Great Qin's Legatee to be Yin Ruoshi's husband.

Everyone was sent into an uproar, and many people's hearts ached. They had never thought that even the Heavenly Music Sect would do such a thing. It was one of the top factions in the Ancient Stem Domain, and Yin Ruoshi was the number one beauty in the Ancient Stem Domain. Because she wore a veil, many people had never seen her looks before.

Now, Zhao Fu's name resounded in all directions, and everyone felt curious about why these large factions were acting like this.

Zhao Fu felt quite curious, but soon, he took a great shock. He remembered that at the Ancient Stem Banquet, he had summoned three Emperor Stars, and everyone in the inner regions of the Ancient Stem Domain had seen this. They had definitely connected the dots.

Zhao Fu immediately felt cold sweat run down his body, and he felt that Great Qin was going to face a great catastrophe. He was worried that in the next instant, a few Royal Kingdoms would come attacking.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and immediately sent out countless intelligence officers and had them collect information. In the end, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief, as none of the Royal Kingdoms seemed to show any signs of gathering their armies.

Could it be that his identity had not been exposed? Zhao Fu felt quite confused, but from the intelligence reports, it seemed that the Royal Kingdoms had sent people to secretly investigate Zhao Fu and they seemed to suspect that there was a connection between him and that mysterious Emperor. However, they were not sure if Zhao Fu was that mysterious Emperor.

This time, four Emperor Stars had descended, instead of three, and they had been summoned when he had fused the King Armament, so the ripples were not as great as when the Emperor Stars had awakened. Not too many people had sensed this.

The ripples had been the greatest when the Emperor Killing Sword had devoured the Heaven and Earth Fate, and that was what alerted most people. The aura was also different than the aura from before - Zhao Fu's aura was now that of a Divine aura, as opposed to a Sovereign aura.

Zhao Fu was relatively sure that his identity had not been exposed, or else the Ancient Sword Sect, Bear Mountain Kingdom, and Nether Yin Kingdom would have directly attacked.

At the same time, Zhao Fu found out that the news of the Heavenly Music Sect wanting to marry Yin Ruoshi to Great Qin was false, and it was just a rumor someone had made up.

However, the three other factions really did have intentions of marrying their women over to Great Qin. They most likely saw Great Qin's potential and felt that Great Qin was hiding some terrifying power. They were confident that Great Qin could become a Royal Kingdom.

Zhao Fu felt at ease, and now that he thought of it, even if other Royal Kingdoms really attacked, Great Qin would not be doomed. Zhao Fu could ask for help from the higher-being he knew; he most likely would be able to protect Great Qin.

It was just that with Zhao Fu's personality, and as Great Qin's Emperor, it was not easy for him to go and ask someone for help. However, if the higher-being could protect Great Qin, for Great Qin's residents, he was willing to put down some of his pride.

Facing the three Royal Kingdom's intentions, Zhao Fu could only tactfully decline. He did not want to remain mysterious, and he decided to publicize everything and withdraw any connections to the mysterious Emperor.

Of course, even if he were to publicize everything, he would still have to hide some things. For this purpose, Zhao Fu spent a lot to obtain something that could change his appearance.

There were many items in the Heaven Awaken World that could change one's appearance, but it would be easy to see through them. Zhao Fu had obtained an Appearance-Changing Divine Liquid, which was said to have been made from taking thousands of people's faces, and it could change one's appearance into dozens of other people's appearances. It was quite effective and was difficult to see through.

As such, Zhao Fu used the Appearance-Changing Divine Liquid to make his looks extremely ordinary, because ordinary-looking people would not draw too much attention.

Moreover, Zhao Fu personally met with the various ambassadors, who felt incredibly disappointed. They had never expected Great Qin's famous and mysterious Legatee to look so plain; no wonder he always wore a mask.

Without the mask, and looking at the extremely ordinary face, Zhao Fu no longer seemed mysterious and was just a normal person.

The ambassadors spread this news, and countless women who had been interested in Zhao Fu felt greatly disappointed. The peerlessly handsome man they expected did not exist, and he was simply an ordinary-looking person.

After hearing about this, Princess Qingmu actually ran to Great Qin and mocked Zhao Fu to take revenge before leaving, looking quite pleased.

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless and did not mind too much. He behaved himself and remained within Great Qin, not making any trouble.

A few days later, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted because the Celestial Peach pit had sprouted, and the golden dragon suggested transplanting it elsewhere.