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 It was likely that no one had ever seen so many names on a sword before. Anyone could make up random names for a sword, but the Emperor Killing Sword's twelve names represented twelve terrifying powers.

For example, for the Emperor Path Sword, anyone who held the sword, even if they were just a King or an ordinary person, they could use the mighty Emperor's Power.

For the Sword Path Sword, anyone who wielded the sword could control unimaginably powerful sword intent. Even though that sword intent was not from one's own comprehension, they would still be able to control it.

For the Ghost Master Sword, anyone who used the sword would be able to wield powerful Ghost Power, and the sword would be able to suppress countless Ghosts. No Ghost would not fear it.

It could be seen that the Emperor Killing Sword's twelve names were not just for show; they represented twelve different powers and attributes. It was incredibly powerful and Zhao Fu was quite shocked. He had never seen such a terrifying sword before, and it could be called a divine sword.

Even the legendary Celestial Sword definitely would not have as many attributes as the Emperor Killing Sword. Moreover, all of the attributes were quite powerful, and none of them were useless.

If the Sword Sect knew about this sword's attributes, they would be delirious with joy. Even with all of their history and experience, they would have never seen a sword like this before. If they could obtain this sword, not only would they not destroy it, but they would make it the supreme treasure of their Sect.

Even the Heaven Awaken World's number one sword would pale in comparison to the Emperor Killing Sword. What's more, the Emperor Killing Sword was a sword that could grow.

As the core item of the Emperor Killing Sword World, as the Emperor Killing Sword World grew, its power would also increase. Anyone would be able to imagine just how terrifying this sword be when it developed even more. This was indeed a sword that could harm all living beings and create great chaos.

The Emperor Killing Sword's grade was still Origin grade, and it had not changed.

Zhao Fu looked at the sword's stats. Indeed, it had a whole list of additional stats:

Increases EXP gained by 1000%, Achievement Points gained by 500%, increases chances of spawning S grade or above villagers by 500%, increases maximum number of special professions by 500%, increases stats of all villages by 40%, increases crop production by 500%, reduces crop growing time by 500%, and increases natural disaster resistance by 1000%.

These stats were similar to the King Armament Shard from before, but they were much more powerful.

The EXP and Achievement Points were not very useful to Zhao Fu; the spawn and special profession stats were somewhat useful, but what delighted Zhao Fu the most were the production stats.

Almost all Cities' production stats had disappeared, while the Emperor Killing Sword gave production stats. This meant that it could reduce growing time and increase output - this was a stat that usually belonged to Cities.

The Emperor Killing Sword also had special effects like that of General Armaments, but they were called Emperor Aura Formation, Emperor Light, Emperor Courage, Emperor Weapons, Emperor Power, and Four Emperor Soldiers.

They were mostly similar to the special effects of the General Armaments except two of them. The Emperor Aura Formation could gather the power of one billion soldiers and form an incredibly massive battle beast.

Secondly, the Four Emperor Soldiers effect could give the four Emperor Stars' power to ordinary soldiers.

Even though it could not give much of the Emperor Stars' power, given how terrifying Zhao Fu's Emperor Stars were, even a trace of power would make ordinary soldiers much more powerful.

These were the attributes, stats, and effects of the King Armament, apart from one, which was the Sword Domain. The Emperor Killing Sword could also cast a barrier that covered an entire world.

This barrier was naturally incredibly powerful, and it was formed from the power of the twelve swords. Given how terrifying the twelve swords were, if Zhao Fu unleashed his barrier, it would be impossible for almost any ordinary person to destroy it.

At the same time, these stats were just the Emperor Killing Sword's most basic stats. After the Emperor Killing Sword became stronger, they too would grow.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu entered the Emperor Killing Sword World; it had most likely gone through big changes.

After entering, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. The sky was still blue, but there were no clouds. There were blood-red, violet, gold, and gray stars in the sky, and even though they gave off different starlight, they did not have much of an effect and did not dye the sky different colors.

Wind blew across the grass, and the berserk and terrifying killing sword intent had been greatly reduced; instead, a powerful Emperor's aura had appeared.

Zhao Fu looked at the people in Sword Obsession and found that they had obtained some traces of Emperor's Power. There were not many other changes, and Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief.

After returning to the outside world, Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the Emperor Killing Sword before carefully putting it away. He understood how powerful its attributes and stats were, so it was best to use it as sparingly as possible in order to not be exposed.

However, Zhao Fu was not worried about other people stealing it because even if someone else stole it, they would not be able to use it. The Emperor Killing Sword could only be used by him, and it might not be possible to even replace the sword spirit.

The sword spirit could affect the Emperor Killing Sword, but the Emperor Killing Sword was truly controlled by Zhao Fu. After all, the Emperor Killing Sword was the Heart Killing Sword that Zhao Fu had forged from the Clear Sable Sword, and he also controlled the Emperor Killing Sword World.

If the sword spirit resisted, Zhao Fu could forcefully suppress it. The sword spirit had only been sent into the sword, and because it was not a spirit born from the sword itself, it could not control the sword.

Zhao Fu had also fused his four Emperor Stars' power into it, so he did not have to worry about a backlash from the Emperor Killing Sword. No matter how evil and dark the sword became, it would not harm him.

If someone else obtained the sword, they would receive all kinds of backlashes, and they would not be able to block it, even if they had a large amount of Fate. This was because the sword power could invade one's Fate.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty, for obtaining such a divine weapon!" The Commanders and Generals came up and smiled as they spoke.

Zhao Fu nodded as he smiled. Not too long after, the sun rose. Before Zhao Fu could rest, a large number of problems arose.

Many ambassadors from the surroundings came to Great Qin, wanting to know what had happened. They were most curious about the four stars in the sky, and why they had such immense power.

Last time, Zhao Fu had feigned ignorance, but no one would believe him if he did the same thing this time. As such, he could only try to find another excuse.