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 Zhao Fu grabbed at the air and countless traces of black Divine aura flowed out, forming a massive black hand that shook the surroundings and grabbed at the incoming Emperor Killing Sword.


The Emperor Killing Sword gave off boundless black and blood-red sword dlight, slashing the black hand into countless traces of black aura.


The Emperor Killing Sword stabbed into the ground in front of Zhao Fu, and a formless energy spread out. The ground immediately collapsed, creating a ten meter wide crater.

A figure lightly stepped on the hilt of the Emperor Killing Sword; it was a woman dressed in a blood-red dress. She was tall, slim, had white skin, and had long black hair that reached her waist. She was incredibly beautiful, had a pair of golden eyes, and gave off a noble aura.

This was most likely the Emperor Killing Sword's sword spirit, and Zhao Fu was quite surprised, as he thought that it would be a dragon. The woman looked at Zhao Fu and gave a sweet smile as she called out, "Big sis!"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and did not know what was going on. The golden dragon within Zhao Fu's body also smiled, and a golden light came out of Zhao Fu's body as the golden dragon flew out and turned into a woman wearing a gold palace dress and giving off an elegant and dignified aura.

After seeing this, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked; despite being with the golden dragon for so long, Zhao Fu did not know she could turn into a human form. Also, the golden dragon was definitely hiding something from him. Before, Zhao Fu had thought that she was a Fate Dragon, but it seemed like this was not the case.

"Big sis, I never thought that I would be able to see you again," the sword spirit said happily as she walked over to the golden dragon and lightly hugged her.

The golden dragon also smiled as she said, "I never thought that I'd be able to see you again either. Luckily you preserved a portion of your soul, which was able to recover under the enormous power of the Emperor Stars. You need to thank that person over there."

The sword spirit looked at Zhao Fu and gave a gentle smile as she said, "You must be my big sis' child! I am..."

"No, you're mistaken." Zhao Fu felt quite startled and cut off the sword spirit. How did she think that he was her son?

The golden dragon lightly laughed as she said, "He's not my child; I've fused together with him as a Fate Dragon, and he has the Heaven Murder Empire's bloodline."

The sword spirit understood and said, "No wonder his bloodline and aura are so similar to yours. Has the Heaven Murder Empire been restored?"

The golden dragon bitterly laughed and shook her head, "The Heaven Murder Empire and Great Qin have fused together. Great Qin is the main one."

The sword spirit slightly frowned, feeling quite unhappy.

Following this, the golden dragon started to tell the sword spirit of the things that had happened after and also explained to Zhao Fu.

Back then, she had been hunted down by pursuers and had nearly died, and the Heaven Murder Empire was also on the brink of destruction. She could only cast a secret technique to fuse with the Heaven Murder Empire's Fate Dragon, preserving a trace of the Heaven Murder Empire's Fate while also preserving her life.

The golden dragon also talked about some matters related to Zhao Fu.

The sword spirit's eyebrows shot up as she looked at Zhao Fu, "Does he really have a Divine Bloodline? And four Emperor Stars?"

Back then, even the powerful Heaven Murder Empire only had a peak Sovereign Bloodline and had not been able to break through to a Divine Bloodline. She also had never heard of someone having four Emperor Stars before.

The golden dragon gave a proud smile as she said, "The person I chose is not bad at all, right?"

The sword spirit nodded in shock. She then realized that she was now a sword spirit, which belonged to the sword that Zhao Fu had just forged.

After the two women talked for a while, the golden dragon returned to Zhao Fu's body and the sword spirit returned to the sword. Zhao Fu asked the golden dragon, "Is there anything else you're hiding from me?"

The golden dragon good-naturedly laughed, "I didn't hide anything from you; you didn't ask, so I didn't tell you about it."

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated; he had indeed never asked about this before. He asked, "What's your name?"

The golden dragon felt quite surprised that Zhao Fu would suddenly ask about her name, and she replied, "You can call me Xi; you can call my little sister Yue."

Zhao Fu nodded; at first, he had thought that the golden dragon was a Fate Dragon and did not have a gender. Luckily she was a woman, or else he would have felt quite awkward doing it with women in front of another man.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air and the Emperor Killing Sword flew into his grasp. Now, it did not resist at all. Before, it was the sword spirit controlling the sword to leave Zhao Fu's control, but now that the sword spirit obeyed Zhao Fu, the sword naturally would not resist.

Zhao Fu was quite curious about the Emperor Killing Sword's attributes. After all, it was a King Armament, and even ordinary King Armaments would be especially powerful. Before, Zhao Fu had obtained a King Armament Shard, which had created the Disaster King Ring.

Even if it was not a King Armament, just the fact that this was something created by four Emperor Stars and the Killing Sword made it something that could cause massive waves in the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu looked at the Emperor Killing Sword's name and found that it had not changed. However, there were many other names, making Zhao Fu feel quite shocked. This was the first time he had seen something like this.

Emperor Path Sword... an Emperor's sword that has gathered incredible amounts of Emperor's Power. Its aura can cause countless creatures to submit and unify the world.

Sword Path Sword... an extreme sword that has gathered the most powerful sword intent. It has sharpness that can split apart the heavens and slash through countless things.

Fate Sword... an item that has gathered a massive amount of Fate. It has attributes like that of a Nation Armament and can gather a large amount of Fate.

Killing Path Sword... an item that has gathered massive amounts of killing intent. It contains extreme killing power and the person who wields this sword can kill gods.

Conquering Sword... a holy sword that contains an intense aura of conquering. This sword can give the soldiers being led incredible power.

Disaster Sword... an inauspicious sword containing an aura of disaster that can cause all sorts of disasters.

Disease Sword... an evil sword containing all kinds of diseases that can cause all sorts of disease.

Sin Devil Sword... a sword containing sin devil intent and can cause all kinds of abnormal signs that can harm all living things.

Chaos Sword... a sword containing boundless chaotic intent. When this sword appears, the world will fall into chaos.

Human Master Sword... with the Human race's Emperor Star's power, this sword can command countless Humans. Whether they are Emperors, Kings, ministers, or commoners, all are servants in front of this sword.

Devil Master Sword... with the Devil race's Emperor Star's power, this sword can command countless Devils. Whether they are Emperors, Kings, ministers, or commoners, all are servants in front of this sword.

Ghost Master Sword... with the Death race's Emperor Star's power, this sword can command countless Ghosts. Whether they are Emperors, Kings, ministers, or commoners, all are servants in front of this sword.

There were twelve names in total, and they all had different attributes. The Emperor Killing Sword was the main sword name, and the other twelve were subsidiary sword names. This sword could be called the Emperor Killing Sword and also any one of the twelve other swords.