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 To be able to gather such a boundless amount of Fate, perhaps even ordinary Celestials would not be able to do such a thing. That thing definitely had unimaginable amounts of Fate to be able to do such a thing.

Even if it was not caused by something, the entire Heaven Awaken World's Fate was gathering towards there, and perhaps something that would shake the Heaven Awaken World was going to happen there. The experts did not dare to take this lightly and all treated this matter seriously.

However, they could not do anything about it; the place where the Fate was gathering seemed to be covered by a terrifying power, and they could not sense anything within it.

Only the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion knew just what was going on. They had discovered the four Emperor Stars sending their power into something terrifying, and they did not know what it was, but it was most likely related to Fate. Otherwise, it would not be able to gather the Heaven Awaken World's Fate like this.

The Fate that a single Emperor Star had could affect an entire Race and affect the status quo in the Heaven Awaken World; just how terrifying was four Emperor Stars?

The people of the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion all looked quite serious. They did not know what Great Qin was doing, but they felt a trace of fear.


A massive explosion sounded out as what seemed like a universe of fate flowed into the Emperor Killing Sword. The Emperor Killing Sword was like a black hole that devoured all of the Fate, and a world-destroying sword energy spread out.

Within the Emperor Killing Sword World, four stars appeared in the blue sky. The four stars were the four Emperor Stars, and their power continuously flowed through the Emperor Killing Sword World, while the Emperor Killing Sword World's power flowed into the Emperor Stars.

Under the help of the massive amounts of Fate, the four Emperor Stars and the Emperor Killing Sword World gradually completed a true fusion.


A clear sword hum sounded out throughout the entire Heaven Awaken World, announcing the birth of a terrifying existence. Countless people were shocked and wondered what that sword hum was; could it be a Celestial Sword?

No one knew what was going on, but that sword hum caused the Heaven Awaken World's Fate to go into a frenzy. The heavens and earth dimmed as a massive gale blew.

Everyone in the Human Race felt a chill in their hearts, and cold sweat dripped down their bodies; countless devil beasts in the Devil Race were so scared that they collapsed to the ground; countless ghosts from the Death Race gave off terrifying roars.

An aura of disaster, killing, conquering, and devilishness slowly spread throughout the Heaven Awaken World as the experts of the Human Race, Devil Race, and Death Race all became extremely sensitive to this aura.

This caused countless higher-beings' expressions to fall. Fortunately, this power was not very strong and could not affect people too much.

Otherwise, under the effects of this power, the world would fall into great chaos and disasters would happen everywhere. People would be filled with killing intent and wars would explode out.

"How can we allow such an inauspicious thing to descend?!" Countless higher-beings decided to destroy the thing giving off that terrifying aura. They could not allow it to continue to exist, or else the world might perish because of it.

It was a pity that even though many higher-beings wanted to destroy it, under the obstruction of the powerful Heaven's Secrets, they were unable to determine where it was. They did not even know what it was.

Since they could not divine where the item was, the various large factions could only send out disciples to track down that inauspicious item. They had to quickly destroy it, or else when it became stronger, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Now, the higher-beings understood what it was that had caused the Heaven Awaken World's Fate to gather. It was most likely that catastrophic, inauspicious thing.

Countless disciples obeyed their orders and went out to find that inauspicious item. However, they did not know what was going on because they had not sensed that terrifying aura; that aura was something that only people of extremely high cultivations could sense.

They had only felt terrified as a result of an instinctive response, but because they had not sensed that aura, they were not sure as to what was going on.

If ordinary people had sensed that aura, the world would have long since descended into chaos, and none of them would have been able to escape its effects.

Many of Emperor Path College's teachers gathered to discuss this matter.

"What kind of inauspicious item do you think it is, to have such terrifying power? If we don't destroy it while it has just descended, countless lives and worlds will perish because of it."

"This Sovereign believes that it is most likely a sword. Who has such power to forge such a savage and evil sword to harm the world?"

"That's right, that sword is a sword of disaster, murder, war, and evilness. With how inauspicious that item is, the forger of the sword most likely received an intense backlash; serves him or her right."

"This Sovereign is not very concerned about this matter and just wants to know who forged that evil sword and what kind of methods they used to forge that sword."

"That's quite difficult; not only is that inauspicious item protected by large amounts of Fate, making it difficult to determine its location, but the forger is also not ordinary either and is also protected by boundless Heaven's Secrets. I wonder which old monster it is."

"We should follow the other factions and conduct a search as well! Perhaps we'll be able to find something. None of the other factions are able to remain calm because the appearance of that evil sword is not favorable to anyone."

Many people in the Human Phoenix Empire also took mind of this because they were part of the Human Race and were quite sensitive to that aura. Moreover, they could sense a power that reigned above that of Emperors' within that aura.

A power that was above that of Emperors' was enough to make countless people shocked. Adding on the inauspicious and evil aura, countless people were dumbfounded. The Human Phoenix Empire understood more than others just how terrifying that evil sword was, so they treated this matter very seriously.

They sent out various experts to find the sword, and anyone who was related to the sword was to be killed without mercy.

Almost everyone in the Heaven Awaken World took this attitude; no one wanted to allow something that threatened them to remain.

However, Feng Qianghua did not pay much mind to this because she was focused on something else, which was finding Zhao Fu's location. She was quite surprised that even with the Human Phoenix Empire's power, she was unable to find him.

It was as if he had simply appeared in the Heaven Domain and had then vanished. Feng Qianghua felt quite infuriated about this and decided that once she caught him, she would forever imprison him in the palace.

Right now, Feng Qianghua would never imagine that the person who had forged the evil sword was Zhao Fu himself.

The Sword Sect also treated this matter seriously. This was especially so because their love and passion for swords bordered on madness.