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 The vessel could not be any ordinary item, as it would be a vessel for a King Armament.

Zhao Fu looked through the Disaster King Ring to see if there was anything suitable to be used as a vessel. It was best if it was a sword; the highest-quality swords that Zhao Fu currently had were the Sadistic Killing Sword and the Emperor Killing Sword.

The Sadistic Killing Sword was an Earth Armament and was extremely powerful. It also had the Sadistic Killing Sword Spirit, which Zhao Fu did not want to get rid of. This was because when fusing a King Armament, any item spirits would be destroyed.

However, the Sadistic Killing Sword's attributes were those of a berserk, twisted, and sadistic killing, which was not very suitable for becoming a King Armament. As such, Zhao Fu gave up on the Sadistic Killing Sword.

That left the Emperor Killing Sword. The Emperor Killing Sword was an Origin Weapon and might be of even higher grade than the Sadistic Killing Sword. The Clear Sable Sword had once been a sword of kindness, as well as a king's sword, but it had been turned by Zhao Fu into the Killing Heart Sword, which had the power to destroy souls.

Following this, it had become the core item of the Killing Sword World and had fused with boundless sword intent and killing intent, giving it world-destroying power, and it had even re-forged the Killing Sword World.

The re-forged Killing Sword World had absorbed Zhao Fu's Emperor's Power, and the Killing Sword's power had decreased. However, because it had Emperor's Power, the Killing Sword World had become the Emperor Killing Sword World, and the Clear Sable Sword had become the Emperor Killing Sword.

Even though the Emperor Killing Sword was filled with sword intent and killing intent, it also had Emperor's Power, and it had originally been the Clear Sable Sword, a King's sword. Zhao Fu felt that it would be quite a suitable vessel.

Moreover, the Emperor Killing Sword did not have a sword spirit, so it would be even easier to fuse with the Divine Soldier Souls and become a King Armament.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to use the Emperor Killing Sword as the vessel.

Ordinary General Armaments were already incredibly terrifying, and with how powerful the Emperor Killing Sword was, it would become even more monstrous after becoming a King Armament.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu could not help but feel excited.

"We greet Your Majesty!" Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, and the other Commanders and Generals had come to the palace and called out in unison.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and said, "We called you here to fuse a King Armament. All you have to do is follow Our orders."

The Commanders and Generals all nodded.

The first thing was to make preparations. Zhao Fu led everyone to a mountain range far away from any Cities, and he used his power to slash off the top of a mountain, leaving behind smooth ground.

Zhao Fu led the others to come to the top and handed out the 1,000 Soldier Souls to the Commanders and Generals, giving the most to those with the Seven Murders, Voracious Wolf and Army Destroyer Stars.

The Seven Murders was the bandit who threw the world into disorder!

The Army Destroyer was the general who swept across the world!

The Voracious Wolf was the scholar who created sinister and vicious plots!

Once the three stars gathered, they would form the Murder Destroyer Wolf formation, which would cause great chaos under the heavens. War would erupt all over the world, with battles and disaster happening continuously. Many people would find it difficult to live, and this was something that was irreversible!

The King Star would use these three General Stars as the foundation, so Zhao Fu gave the most Soldier Souls to those with these stars. Their effects would be the most useful and powerful.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Bai Qi and the others threw their General Armaments into the sky. The General Armaments gave off different-colored lights and exploded out with powerful auras as intense General's might spread out.

The Commanders and Generals sat on the ground, holding Soldier Souls. They released their General's Aura, activating their General Armaments in the sky.

Clang! Clang! Clang...

The sound of metal colliding could be heard, tearing through the night, as the 24 General Armaments continuously trembled. A massive wave of Heaven and Earth energy gathered and flowed into the General Armaments as different-colored rays of light shot down, landing on the Soldier Souls.

The Soldier Souls quickly absorbed the General's Power. They originally gave off white light, but as they absorbed the General's Power, they changed into different colors.

The Soldier Souls also started to become corporeal, no longer looking like orbs of light. The Soldier Souls continuously condensed, forming round, translucent pearls.

Ten of these pearls could be fused together, forming an even larger colored pearl. The light and power they gave off were even more powerful, and it was as if stars had appeared within the pearls.

The pearls could only be fused once; this was different then fusing General Armaments.

While the Commanders and Generals were fusing together the Soldier Souls, Zhao Fu did not idle about and instead dug a trough that was two meters wide, two meters long, and two meters deep. He poured all sorts of spirit liquids into it, filling it up completely, before lightly placing the Emperor Killing Sword into it.

This was called Calming the sword. The Emperor Killing Sword's sword intent and killing intent were too strong, so what Zhao Fu was doing was temporarily weakening them and causing the sword's own spirituality to calm down to prepare it for fusing.

Calming a sword was something that was done when a sword was of utmost importance; it could be seen just how seriously Zhao Fu took this.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out a golden orb of light that was as big as a fist, which seemed to have a dragon swimming within it.

This dragon had straight horns and a pair of wings with golden feathers. Its eyes both had two pupils, and it gave off a serious and dangerous aura.

The golden orb of light was the most important item when fusing a King Armament; it was the remnant soul of a King, and without this, even with 1,000 Soldier Souls, it would be impossible to fuse a King Armament.

The instant that Zhao Fu took out the golden orb of light, the golden dragon sleeping within him suddenly opened its eyes and looked at the orb of light. The dragon within the orb of light looked just like the golden dragon, except for a few slight differences.

Those differences were only after it fused with Zhao Fu; before fusing, it looked just like the dragon within the golden orb of light.

Suddenly, the golden dragon gave a slight smile and did not say anything, but its expression became serious with a trace of joy. If Zhao Fu discovered its expression, he would feel quite surprised because the golden dragon rarely reacted like this.

Zhao Fu was now going to refine the remnant soul because it was the core of the King Armament. The dragon would become the King Armament's item spirit, so it had to first be refined before it could be fused.

This was quite simple for Zhao Fu, as he had a Divine Bloodline, which reigned above countless Emperor bloodlines.

However, it actually took Zhao Fu some effort to fully refine the remnant soul. He felt that the King's remnant soul was quite special.

Zhao Fu had investigated the remnant soul but did not find anything strange about it. The Commanders and Generals continued to fuse Soldier Souls, and the Emperor Killing Sword became very calm. Now, it was time to fuse the King Armament.