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 The reason Zhao Fu rejected the Greenwood Kingdom's offer was quite simple; he did not want another faction to gradually take over Great Qin. The Royal Kingdoms primarily had Stage 2 soldiers, so how could Great Qin stop them from gradually taking over?

Moreover, after making Princess Qingmu the Empress, in terms of Fate, Great Qin and the Greenwood Kingdom would have an intimate relationship. He could not confer the title of Empress so easily.

In actuality, Princess Qingmu was quite pretty and could be ranked in the top ten in the Ancient Stem Domain. However, she was somewhat unruly and arrogant.

Zhao Fu somewhat changed his aura as he walked out and asked, "What business do you have with Us? Also, this isn't the Greenwood Kingdom, so it's best that you show some respect."

Princess Qingmu looked at the cloaked and masked figure walking over, and she understood that this was Great Qin's famous Legatee.

At the same time, Princess Qingmu could sense an incredibly extraordinary and dangerous aura from his body. Without even thinking about it, she could tell that he was no ordinary person. In front of him, Princess Qingmu could not help but feel slightly inferior. She pouted and said unhappily, "What were you doing, refusing the Greenwood Kingdom and causing This Princess to lose face."

Seeing how easily Princess Qingmu backed down, Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh, saying, "You can be an ordinary Concubine, and We don't want the Greenwood Kingdom interfering with Great Qin."

"What? Just an ordinary Concubine? Do you know who This Princess is? Also, with This Princess' beauty, don't you think that's humiliating to This Princess?" Princess Qingmu glared at him and said loudly.

"Husband, what's going on?" Nü Lü walked over and looked at Zhao Fu lovingly as she spoke gently.

Apart from Nü Lü, many of Zhao Fu's other women walked out, such as Wu Qingniang, Su Dafei, Wu Zetian, Binoche, Kerache, Mo Yao'Er, and Syndra. All of them were extremely beautiful, and they were not inferior to Princess Qingmu at all.

Their faces were all red after being taken care of by Zhao Fu, making them seem incredibly alluring. They had not seen Zhao Fu for a few days, and whenever Zhao Fu was done with taking care of his matters, they always wanted to do it with him.

Zhao Fu had just finished tasting the women he had brought back from the Cosmos Historical Remnant, which included Sejuani, Akali, Diana, Shyvana, Sivir, Fiora, Ahri, Zyra, and Syndra.

The ones he liked the most were the queenly Syndra, valiant Shyvana, seductive Ahri, and wild Sejuani.

Before, Zhao Fu had not planned on touching them, but as he did it with Wu Zetian and the others, Syndra had dragged them all in. The eight women who had been controlled by the Sadistic Killing Sword had been especially lewd.

Before Zhao Fu had a chance to wonder why this was, the Sadistic Killing Sword's sword spirit had excitedly told him how it had trained them; this was all to prepare for serving Zhao Fu.

Fortunately, Zhao Fu had obtained the Sadistic Killing Sword, or they would be panting under another man's body and enjoying the pleasure from another man.

Before Zhao Fu could say anything, Princess Qingmu looked at the large number of beautiful women. Some of the women gave off auras much more powerful than hers, and they seemed quite dangerous.

"You..." Princess Qingmu had been quite confident in her looks, but seeing so many beautiful women around Zhao Fu, her confidence took a big blow. Tears welled up in her eyes and she angrily pointed at Zhao Fu, unable to say anything. In the end, she could only cry out in anger and storm off.

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless as he watched Princess Qingmu walk off. Because she was the most noble princess from the Greenwood Kingdom, he could not do anything to her.

However, rejecting the Greenwood Kingdom's marriage alliance might cause some trouble. Great Qin did not have the strength to fight back against a Royal Kingdom, so he felt slightly worried.

Wu Zetian walked over and hugged Zhao Fu with her arms as she said flirtatiously, "Alright, it's time to enjoy; take care of the official matters later. I haven't had enough yet, and you know how much my body needs you."

"That's right! I haven't fully served master yet!" Ahri leapt at Zhao Fu and hugged him as she said coquettishly.

Following this, Zhao Fu was dragged by the women into a room, and moans started to sound out.

Soon, it was night time, and a round moon appeared in the sky. Looking at the women sleeping soundly on the bed, Zhao Fu felt quite energized. It was mainly because of the Six Desires Demonic Qi; as his mastery of the Six Desires Celestial Art became deeper, Zhao Fu seemed to have less and less resistance towards women.

Even though the feeling of giving in to his desires felt quite good, it could cause one to lose themselves. Now, Zhao Fu felt a trace of regret; perhaps back then he should have chosen the route of suppressing his desires. Then, he would not be in a situation like this.

After returning to the palace, Zhao Fu started to read through imperial memorials and take care of other matters.

"I greet Your Majesty!" Li Wen looked quite delighted and excited as he walked in and paid his respects.

Seeing Li Wen come in, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. Li Wen had been clearing out the underground region this entire time, and now the underground region had nearly been cleared out.

Because Great Qin now had 24 General Armaments, they only needed 1,000 Soldier Souls to fuse a King Armament. However, collecting 1,000 Soldier Souls was not easy; that would be equivalent to ten General Armaments.

After Li Wen walked in, Zhao Fu saw his excited expression and realized something. He asked happily, "Have you gathered 1,000 Soldier Souls?"

Li Wen smiled as he replied, "Indeed, Your Majesty! I discovered a place with a large number of Skeletons, and after destroying them, we obtained many Soldier Souls. Now, we have more than 1,000 of them."

Now that his guess had been confirmed, Zhao Fu could not help but laugh. This was one of Great Qin's goals since the beginning, and Zhao Fu had been waiting for a long time. Ever since discovering the underground region, it had been around eight years.

Today, this goal was finally going to be achieved. Zhao Fu grinned as he had Li Wen present the Soldier Souls, then gave the order to assemble everyone with General Armaments.

Fusing a King Armament was much more troublesome than fusing a General Armament. It could only be done with the cooperation of 24 General Armaments, so Zhao Fu ordered the 24 Commanders and Generals to quickly come. Zhao Fu wanted to fuse together the King Armament right away.

However, there was the issue of the most important item, the vessel for the King Armament. Fusing a General Armament required a vessel, as did fusing a King Armament.