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 Any of these people could casually destroy the Dao Cultivation Sect. Putting aside higher-beings, even a few Emperor Heaven Realm experts could take down the Dao Cultivation Sect. After all, they were an outer Domain faction, and their highest cultivation was at the peak of the World Realm.

In front of those existences, the Dao Cultivation Sect was just like a tiny ant that could be casually destroyed at any time.

After receiving news from Bai Shengjun, the Dao Cultivation Sect's higher-ups were incredibly shocked. If it wasn't for the fact that the news was from Bai Shengjun, who was at the Heaven Domain, they would not dare to believe such a thing. How could Zhao Fu be so terrifying and cause such a great matter in the Heaven Domain?

The Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master greatly regretted his actions. If he had known this would happen, he would have disregarded everything to stop the Ancient Sword Sect and done everything he could to make friends with Zhao Fu. It would have been best to rope him in with the Dao Cultivation Sect; that not only would have avoided immense trouble, but it would have also been a great opportunity for the Dao Cultivation Sect.

However, now that things had already happened, perhaps that person hated the Dao Cultivation Sect, causing the Dao Cultivation Sect to feel terror, as they might be destroyed at that person's hands.

In his report, Bai Shengjun had gravely warned not to get involved with that person. Otherwise, even his master would not be able to protect the Dao Cultivation Sect.

Now, that person was so dangerous that even higher-beings felt a trace of fear and did not want to get involved. This caused the Dao Cultivation Sect to feel even more terrified.

They quickly closed the doors of the Sect and called back all of their important disciples. They did not want to cause anything or anger Zhao Fu even more. They prayed that Zhao Fu would let off the Dao Cultivation Sect, or else the Dao Cultivation Sect would be obliterated.

The various factions in the Ancient Stem Domain wondered why the Dao Cultivation Sect seemed so afraid. Could it be that a catastrophe was going to happen in the Ancient Stem Domain?

As such, the other factions had done some investigations, but they could not find anything. They could only feel confused and wonder just what had happened. To the Dao Cultivation Sect, Zhao Fu's appearance was a catastrophe itself.

The Ancient Sword Sect, Bear Mountain Kingdom, and Nether Yin Kingdom had the greatest enmity with Zhao Fu. The Ancient Sword Sect had the greatest grievances with Zhao Fu, and the three factions still had no idea about this and were still looking for Zhao Fu and giving out all kinds of quests to kill Zhao Fu.

In the Dao Cultivation Sect's eyes, they were not far from death and would have no chance of surviving in the future. As such, it did not want anything to do with them.

Half a day later, Great Qin received a message from the Greenwood Kingdom that they wanted to marry the princess to Zhao Fu. If Great Qin agreed to the marriage alliance, the Greenwood Kingdom would fully support Great Qin to become a Royal Kingdom.

The only condition they had was that they heard that Great Qin did not have an Empress. As such, they wanted Great Qin to make Princess Qingmu Great Qin's only Empress.

Even though Princess Qingmu looked like a young girl, she was not very young, and the Greenwood Kingdom had always been searching for an ideal partner for her. Now, Zhao Fu was undoubtedly the best choice; he was the King with the most potential in the Ancient Stem Domain.

Of course, Princess Qingmu was quite reluctant about this. She was going to be married off to a man who she had never met, and that man had countless Concubines. She did not want to go over and be mistreated.

Princess Qingmu slammed her door and refused to go out. However, the Greenwood Kingdom's attitude was quite resolute, making Princess Qingmu feel infuriated. As such, she planned to go out and hide for a few days.

The other large factions were quite shocked and had never thought that the Greenwood Kingdom would be willing to do such a thing, marrying off their most noble princess to Great Qin's Legatee. This would bind Great Qin and the Greenwood Kingdom together; this showed just how highly the Greenwood Kingdom viewed Great Qin.

Even though Great Qin had immense potential, that was only potential. Its current strength was something that Royal Kingdoms could disregard, and any Royal Kingdom could easily destroy it. Marrying a princess to Great Qin was a humiliation.

For the other factions, even if they wanted a marriage alliance, they would only send over an ordinary princess as a gesture. No one would take such a thing so seriously.

What's more, Great Qin only had four worlds, and it was still quite far away from becoming a Royal Kingdom; who knew what could happen during this period of time? If Great Qin was destroyed, the effort they put in would be wasted.

As such, before everything was confirmed, most factions only provided some resources and did not give any substantial help, as they did not know if Great Qin would really become a Royal Kingdom.

Now, the Greenwood Kingdom not only offered their most noble princess to Great Qin but also offered to fully support it. This made everyone incredibly shocked, and they felt that the Greenwood Kingdom was valuing Great Qin too highly, and the price it was paying was too high.

None of them would want to pay such a great price, and they wondered just what the higher-ups of the Greenwood were thinking, to believe that Great Qin would become a Royal Kingdom with such confidence.

Also, Great Qin had a powerful opponent close to it, which was the Devil Horn Empire. The Devil Horn Empire was not much weaker than Great Qin, and it only had a bit less potential than Great Qin. With both of them fighting against each other, it was not yet certain who would win and who would lose.

If Great Qin accepted the Greenwood Kingdom's proposal, the other factions would not be able to continue to support Great Qin, as Great Qin would belong to the Greenwood Kingdom. As such, they would be supporting another Royal Kingdom.

If everyone knew of the things to come, or Zhao Fu's true identity, countless large factions would send their most noble princesses to Great Qin for marriage alliances.

The Greenwood Kingdom did not know that it had made the best decision that it had made in its history.

What countless people did not expect was that Great Qin actually rejected the Greenwood Kingdom's offer, as it did not want to make Princess Qingmu the Empress.

No one had thought that Great Qin would actually reject such a good offer. Were they not afraid of the Greenwood Kingdom being enraged and sending an army to destroy it?

The Greenwood Kingdom was somewhat angry but not to a great extent. They had only made the offer and were not determined to marry Princess Qingmu.

After hearing about this, Princess Qingmu was quite angry as well. She had not wanted to be married, but now it looked like Great Qin did not want her. With her status, marrying into Great Qin was Great Qin's glory.

"Where's your Great Qin Majesty? Call him out! This Princess wants to see if he's worthy of This Princess!" Princess Qingmu ran over to the Great Qin Palace and raised her little head as she called out.

She was met with the cold glares of soldiers. However, with her superior cultivation and the Greenwood Kingdom supporting her, she did not fear them at all.

Otherwise, if it were any ordinary person, facing such cold glares, they would have been scared witless.

Zhao Fu frowned and walked over from the side, looking at Princess Qingmu who was standing in front of the palace. Zhao Fu recognized Princess Qingmu; she was in the top ten of the Ancient Stem Rankings, and they had fought before.