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 Now, the Devil Horn Empire had three worlds, and Great Qin had four worlds. Adding on the three worlds that they jointly occupied, they had a total of 10 worlds between them, while the allied worlds only had eight worlds. Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire's power combined could indeed resist the alliance.

Just like that, the alliance no longer had a great advantage. Some people suggested roping in even more worlds, while others suggested directly attacking these two factions to get rid of any future problems.

However, the alliance did not want to suffer any losses from fighting. The alliance was made up of countless factions from various worlds, and with so many people, there were all sorts of opinions. It was difficult to focus all of their power, and no one wanted to take a massive loss.

In the end, the alliance decided to not make a move against the two factions. They could only watch as the two factions devoured two more worlds and continued to grow.

The alliance was weak and cowardly. Some people in the alliance started to lose faith in the alliance and started to make peace with the two factions.

Great Qin welcomed in dozens of ambassadors; they had all come from various large factions, and Zhao Fu naturally did not have the time to meet with all of them. However, he was quite interested in one of the things that a faction had brought, which was the method for creating Spirit Destruction Crystals.

Spirit Destruction Crystals were not for dealing with people in the Heaven Awaken World but creatures outside the Heaven Awaken World.

If a Kingdom rose to a Royal Kingdom, they would inevitably have to go to the Outer World Battlefield; only from there could a Royal Kingdom gain the qualifications to continue to upgrade. At the same time, there were massive benefits to be gained from there, but this also meant that it was quite dangerous.

The Outer World Battles had gone on for tens of thousands of years, almost 100,000 years. The number of experts who had fallen there were simply innumerable, and even Celestials had died there.

With such danger, how could an ordinary person dare to go there? If not for the massive rewards given, as well as the treasures and historical remnants left by fallen experts, most people would not want to go.

Factions who did not want to go would be forcefully given quests by the Heaven Awaken World to go; in the end, it was somewhere they had to go.

Outer World creatures were split into five types. The first type were mainly insects and were quite big, and there were many of them. However, they had the lowest intelligence. The second type were aquatic creatures, and they had average intelligence. The third type were beasts, the fourth type were flying creatures, and the fifth type were humanoids.

They were not like wild insects and beasts; all of them had their own races and cultures, and they were almost like the Heaven Awaken World's major races.

After fighting for so long, both sides knew a lot about the other side. The Spirit Destruction Crystals had been created after countless years of research, and they were very effective against Outer World creatures.

Of course, the Spirit Destruction Crystals were split into different types. Because they had been modified by various large factions and families, they had gone through many changes. The recipe that had been delivered was the most basic one.

However, Zhao Fu could tell that it was incredibly valuable. Great Qin already had four worlds, and it was six worlds away from rising to a Royal Kingdom. When the time came, it would definitely head to the Outer World Battlefield, so it should research Spirit Destruction Crystals ahead of time to make preparations for the future.

Zhao Fu naturally did not know much about these things, so he had people from the specific Departments take care of them. In the future, these Spirit Destruction Crystals would be incredibly useful.

Zhao Fu naturally did not refuse the goodwill of these factions; having an extra friend was always better than having an extra enemy. In the future, when the allied worlds wanted to do anything, they would be quite useful.

It was not just Great Qin that did this; the Devil Horn Empire did the same. The two factions secretly dismantled the alliance, making it so that it was no longer a threat.

At the same time, the things that happened here caught the attention of many large factions. Many of them supported Great Qin or the Devil Horn Empire, and they naturally cared a lot about this.

Neither side was an ordinary faction, and they had become so powerful in such a short period of time. This shocked all of the large factions, and they were most surprised at Great Qin's Legatee - despite being part of a new world, he had conquered four worlds and three additional Continents. No one else had done such a thing before.

Zhao Fu would be a powerful King in the future, and a mighty Kingdom was rising up. Many factions in the inner Domains wanted to come and make friends with Great Qin.

Even though some people went to the Devil Horn Empire, the number that came to Great Qin was double that, making Yao Ming extremely furious. It had been like this every time; they all considered Great Qin superior to the Devil Horn Empire.

This undoubtedly made Yao Ming hate Great Qin even more. He swore that he would surpass Great Qin and destroy it, showing all those who doubted him.

Zhao Fu was quite famous even within the inner Domains, and he was called a miracle. He had single handedly brought Great Qin to its current state, and many people praised his ideologies. Rumors also spread that he was incredibly handsome, but very few people had seen him.

This undoubtedly interested countless women, filling them with immense curiosity towards this famous King. Many factions considered sending their daughters over to form a marriage alliance with Great Qin.

If Great Qin became a Royal Kingdom, the benefits would be unimaginable, and they would have a Royal Kingdom supporting them.

However, rumors of Great Qin's Legatee's licentiousness caused many factions to hesitate, but some other people became even more interested. With so many beauties, Great Qin's Legatee definitely was not ordinary.

Fortunately, Zhao Fu had only revealed his appearance once, and because it was from quite far away, many people nearby did not see. Otherwise, they would have known that Zhao Fu was that mysterious Emperor.

If Zhao Fu's true identity was exposed, it would definitely shock everyone in the Ancient Stem Domain. It would be dumbfounding to find out that such a terrifying person was from the Ancient Stem Domain and had been in the Ancient Stem Domain this whole time.

Now, many factions in the Ancient Stem Domain were still looking for that mysterious Emperor. That person was simply too dangerous and terrifying, and the various factions had to find him to be at ease.

There was only one faction that was not searching, and it was instead holed up inside their territory. That was the Ancient Stem Domain's most powerful faction, the Dao Cultivation Sect.

Bai Shengjun had already sent back news about Zhao Fu at Emperor Path College. The Human Domain's most powerful factions were all searching for him and wanted him, and some wanted to marry him.

Even a higher-being had personally appeared to invite him to Emperor Path College and take him as a disciple. News about him had shaken the Human Domain, and countless people were filled with curiosity towards him, trying to find more information about him.