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An explosion sounded out as a wave of Darkness energy exploded out from the half-kneeling Arasina. It spread out like a black ring of light and seemed almost corporeal.

Zhao Fu waved his hand as his Saint Realm Domains appeared, easily blocking the ring of light.


A black light flashed on Athenkali's back as her dress was torn into pieces, revealing her pristine white back. Four rows of light shot out from her back, turning into four pairs of enormous black wings.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked; they were not ordinary feathered wings but black wings of light, and there were eight of them.

Athenkali's strength had been at around Stage 9, but now she had broken through Saint Realm and reached the Earth Realm. This was quite a big jump, and Zhao Fu was still at Stage 9 and found it more and more difficult to increase his cultivation.

Even Arasina was slightly shocked. She flew down from the sky and said, "Her bloodline and constitution are both the highest in the God Race, and because she is also a Light type God Race, she developed wings of light."

Athenkali's holy and noble aura disappeared, and it was replaced by a dark and cold aura. Her eyes had become a black and gold color, and she stood up from the ground. She used her hands to cover her chest, and she looked at Zhao Fu with intense hatred and fury to the point that it felt like she could drill through him with her eyes.

She had been converted harbouring immense anger and hatred, and after being affected by the Darkness energy, those two emotions became even more amplified.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty; you've obtained yet another beautiful and powerful Concubine." The 24 Fallen Angels flirtatiously smiled as they came around Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled, walked over to Athenkali, and said with a commanding tone, "You're quite good, I will make you a Concubine and allow you to command some of the Fallen Light Angels. Your family will also become one of the top families in Great Qin."

Athenkali was extremely angry and glared at Zhao Fu as she coldly laughed and said, "Is there something wrong with your head? You want me to serve you? Do you really think I'd agree?"

Zhao Fu grabbed her throat and lifted her up as he said expressionlessly, "Is that so? Don't forget that your friends and relatives are in my hands. Also, do you have the power to disobey me?"

Athenkali felt that her neck was going to be broken, and she started to struggle. Zhao Fu casually threw her to the side and planned to convert a few more ordinary Spirit Light people.

Athenkali crashed to the ground. Despite having Earth Realm strength, she could not resist at all. She felt incredibly wronged and helpless, and she started to cry.

The 24 God Emissaries looked slightly sympathetic but did not go to comfort her because Zhao Fu did not like Athenkali acting like this.

Arasina felt quite interested in her and stroked her beautiful, tear-stained face as she lightly smiled and said, "Just give up! Even This God can't resist that bastard, so you have even less of a chance. However, This God can give you great power so that you will no longer be weak. You won't be powerless and unable to protect your family anymore. Trust in This God!"

Facing Athenkali, who had such a good aptitude, Arasina wanted to take her in and turn her into the most powerful Fallen Angel. She trusted that Athenkali had this potential.

Athenkali's power originated from Arasina, and those from the God Race naturally had affinity with godly spirits. Moreover, there was no one who could comfort her, and there was no one for her to rely on.

Athenkali could not help but trust Arasina. She had indeed gained power, and she stopped crying as her gaze became resolute.

Arasina smiled and kissed Athenkali's lips, causing Athenkali's body to stiffen. However, she did not fight against this and instead started to respond to Arasina.

When Zhao Fu returned with a Spirit Light people, he saw Athenkali next to Arasina with a reddened face. Arasina was looking at him with a flirtatious gaze; she only showed this expression when she wanted to do it with him. She had been aroused by Athenkali just then.

Zhao Fu ignored her and had the Spirit Light people converted. These people were ordinary Spirit Light people, but they became much more powerful, even more powerful than Great Qin's soldiers.

After Great Qin's ordinary soldiers were converted, they would grow a pair of black feathered wings and reach Stage 3 strength. The Spirit Light people grew a pair of black wings of light and reached the peak of Stage 3, only a trace away from breaking through to Stage 4.

Thinking about having an army of 10,000 Fallen Light Angels at the peak of Stage 3, Zhao Fu grinned and decided to exclusively have Spirit Light people become Fallen Angels and no longer use other races.

After dealing with this matter, Zhao Fu left, as he had many other things to take care of.

Arasina, who had been waiting for a while, coldly harrumphed and returned to her own palace. The 24 God Emissaries also looked quite disappointed; because of all the fighting, it had been almost a week since Zhao Fu had done it with them.

Over at the Rock Spirit World, with the Woodleaf Spirit Kingdom's help, Yao Ming had conquered the Rock Spirit World smoothly. What he had been worried about did not happen.

Because Kamen had sent for help, the allied worlds' attention had been drawn over by Great Qin, making it easier for the Devil Horn Empire to act.

Even though the allied worlds had sent out eight billion soldiers to try to tie down the Devil Horn Empire, the Devil Horn Empire had completely ignored them. It had sent out soldiers to the border to defend, but with how cowardly the allied worlds' people were, they did not attack.

Adding on the internal chaos in the Rock Spirit World and the techniques that the Woodleaf Spirit Kingdom had given them, Yao Ming won quite easily without having to pay a great price.

The technique that the Wooldleaf Spirit Kingdom provided was of great use. The Rock Spirit people's corpses grew countless plants that easily killed Rock Spirit people. Otherwise, with the Rock Spirit people's defenses, it would have been quite difficult to kill them.

Now, Yao Ming prepared to send these Rock Spirit corpses to the Woodleaf Spirit Kingdom.

After receiving so many Rock Spirit corpses, the Woodleaf Spirit Kingdom and the Devil Horn Empire's relationship became much closer, and the Woodleaf Spirit Kingdom gave the Devil Horn Empire even more help.

What delighted Yao Ming was that he obtained a method to create Rock Giants, which could greatly increase the Devil Horn Empire's strength.

The Devil Horn Empire now had three worlds and nine Continents. With such great strength, Yao Ming felt incredibly high-spirited and grand. However, after hearing that Great Qin had also conquered a world, his mood plummeted.

Now, the most nervous ones were the allied worlds. Both of the two powerful Kingdoms had become even more powerful. Together, they almost had the strength of a Royal Kingdom, and now things were truly quite dangerous for them.