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 This was a God Race Stone, something that only a God Race World could create. It was filled with powerful god energy, and Zhao Fu was the most surprised and pleased to obtain this.

This God Race Stone could fuse with the Ten Thousand Origin Stone that he had obtained from the Cosmos Historical Remnant, allowing him to build a war castle that could fly in the sky.

This type of castle was called War God's Fury and could be up to 100,000 square kilometers, which was about as big as a region. Just that size alone showed how terrifying it was. If Zhao Fu rammed the castle into a horde of ferocious beasts, countless beasts would be smashed into meat paste.

Apart from having a massive size, War God's Fury had War God Cannons that used god energy as opposed to gunpowder to fire.

The War God's Fury also had an attack called Termination Light that was its most terrifying attack. It gathered all of its power into a ray of light that could destroy the heavens and earth.

The War God's Fury was incredibly powerful and even most Royal Kingdoms did not have one. Now, Zhao Fu had collected two of the most important materials as well as the blueprint from the golden dragon. However, he still lacked many things before he could build it.

One of the things was various top-tier Talisman Stones. They had to be at least Legendary grade, as well as other core materials. All of them were extremely valuable and it would be a while before Great Qin could build a War God's Fury.

Finally, he also obtained a very precious Divinity. This Divinity was not any ordinary Divinity but the Divinity of a Goddess of Fate.

This 'fate' referred to a person's luck and destiny, and it could determine the path that one would walk in. A Goddess of Fate was not very powerful, but she could have great effects by providing all sorts of blessings.

They were naturally quite rare, and many people in the Heaven Domain tried to capture Goddesses of Fate to provide blessings for their factions. Even in the Heaven Domain, they were incredibly priceless.

This Divinity had belonged to an ancient family in the Spirit Light race, and they had constructed a temple for it. However, because the Spirit Light World had been conquered by Great Qin, this Divinity naturally fell into Great Qin's hands.

Great Qin now had many godly spirits. It had a Water Goddess, Goddess of Life, Goddess of Light, Desolate God, Fallen Angel Goddess, and now a Goddess of Fate, six godly spirits in total.

Great Qin left half of the soldiers to clear out the Spirit Light World; Zhao Fu wanted to make the Spirit Light World Great Qin's as quickly as possible.

Zhao Fu stayed in the Spirit Light World for a few days and did not worry about the battle back at Great Qin. There had been ten billion soldiers from the allied worlds attacking, but they did not actually engage.

Seeing a large number of Great Qin's soldiers withdrawing, the allied worlds had thought that their plan had been successful, so they did not attack. They just wanted to tie down Great Qin, as Great Qin was not to be underestimated and they did not want to suffer great losses.

However, in the end, the Spirit Light World had been destroyed by Great Qin, causing the expressions of the leaders of the allied worlds to fall. They thought that the Spirit Light World was incredibly useless; despite them tying down so much of Great Qin's forces, the Spirit Light World had still been conquered.

In actuality, it was not that the Spirit Light World was weak; as a God Race, they were quite strong, but they were simply inferior to Great Qin. Even worlds that had developed for dozens of years were not a match for Great Qin anymore; how could a new world like the Spirit Light World put up a fight against Great Qin?

Moreover, Great Qin had a trump card against the Spirit Light race, which was the Primogenitor Statue. Zhao Fu did not even use all of the Primogenitor Statue's power, and he had not even used the mirror, Yata no Kagami, or the jewel, Yasakani no Magatama.

The Three Sacred Treasures had perfectly fused with the Primogenitor Statue, and when they were used simultaneously, only then would the Primogenitor Statue's full strength be revealed.

After hearing that the Spirit Light World had been conquered, the allied world army withdrew.

"Let me go, you tyrant, you cold-blooded beast. Kill me if you dare! Even if I die, I'll curse you to suffer eternal agony!" a woman bound with chains looked at Zhao Fu hatefully as she cursed. Zhao Fu was holding the chain and leading the woman forward.

This woman had soft, golden hair and a pair of golden eyes. She was extremely beautiful and wore a golden dress that was now covered with a lot of blood. She had been injured and looked quite wretched.

What was surprising was that there were seven golden rings on her chest, which signified that she had the noblest and purest bloodline in the Spirit Light World.

She was called Athenkali, and she was the number one beauty of the Spirit Light World. She was Kamen's only wife, and the reason she hated Zhao Fu was because he had killed Kamen as well as countless people in the Godly Spirit Palace.

Zhao Fu felt quite annoyed with her and pulled the chain, causing her to stumble and almost fall to the ground. "Hurry up and walk! If you dare to curse again, I'll kill all of the remaining people in the Godly Spirit Palace."

Athenkali felt furious, but thinking about the people who had been captured, she could only hold herself back as she vengefully glared at Zhao Fu.

"Look at you, what methods are you thinking of to torment women?" Arasina walked out and glanced over Athenkali before looking at Zhao Fu in displeasure. She could not get used to seeing Zhao Fu do those things to women.

Zhao Fu rolled his eyes and said, "Didn't you say that those from the God Race were most suitable for becoming Fallen Angels? Great Qin just conquered the Spirit Light World and her bloodline is of the highest grade. I want to see what she becomes like."

"Is that so? Let's start then!" Arasina looked at Athenkali before walking off.

Following this, the three of them arrived at the conversion magic formation. Arasina personally oversaw the process, and after Athenkali stood on a platform, she started the conversion.

The Darkness energy in the surroundings quickly gathered. Because she knew that Athenkali had the highest grade of bloodline in the Spirit Light World, Arasina went all-out in the conversion, causing the sky to be covered by darkness. The light in the surroundings seemed to disappear, and it became dark to the point that people would feel fear.


A massive pillar of darkness slammed into Athenkali's body, causing her to half-kneel on the ground. Boundless Darkness energy started to invade her body, making her feel immense pain and causing her to cry out.

The people in the surroundings were all expressionless and sent even more Darkness energy into Athenkali's body. After absorbing the Darkness energy, the seven golden rings on Athenkali's chest became a black-gold color, and she soon finished absorbing all of the Darkness energy.

The surroundings now quietened down, and the Darkness energy and the black pillar of light disappeared. There was only the pale-faced, wide-eyed Athenkali half-kneeling on the platform as if her body was frozen.