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 This was the refined Primogenitor Statue. It should have taken hundreds of years to refine, but after providing an ocean of blood, it had only take Great Qin a few years to refine the Primogenitor Statue.

Before, Zhao Fu had gone to look at the Primogenitor Statue. Because it was so big, there was nothing that could contain it, so Zhao Fu put it in the sealed space. Only when he needed it did he summon it.

Countless Spirit Light people looked at the Primogenitor Statue in terror and their hearts plummeted. Their bloodlines felt an immense fear, and their power seemed to vanish.

This was the biggest function of the Primogenitor Statue; it could weaken the Spirit Light race's power and could suppress them.

"Hurry! Gather all of your power and send it into the Spirit Light God World Formation!" Kamen's expression was extremely unsightly as he shouted to the people around him. The other people came to their senses and released their power, sending it into the magic formation in the sky. That was their last hope.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and sat on the head of the 100,000 meter tall Primogenitor Statue. He grabbed at the air and a massive sword qi exploded out, bringing about an enormous sword wind as a blood-red sword appeared.

This blood-red sword was gigantic and there were black runes on it. There was an engraving of a large snake at where the blade and hilt met, looking like it was biting the sword. There were snake scales on the hilt as well.

The sword gave off an incredibly cold and eerie aura, like a massive snake, causing people to feel terror. This sword was Kusanagi, one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan.

The Primogenitor Statue grabbed the Kusanagi sword and sent enormous amounts of power into it. Kusanagi gave off a faint sword light, and the Primogenitor Statue slashed out.


A sword hum tore through the air as the heavens and earth seemed to be split apart. A blood-red light shot through the air and smashed into the magic formation.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the magic formation was exploded by the sword light. It gave off intense light that covered the heavens and earth, and an enormous shockwave rippled out like a cyclone. Countless trees were uprooted and countless people were blown into the sky.

This scene left everyone dumbfounded, as it was simply too terrifying. Just a single strike from the Primogenitor Statue seemed like it could destroy the world.

The Spirit Light people fell into despair because that magic formation was their last hope. Now that the magic formation had been destroyed, their final hope was gone.

Zhao Fu looked at the despairing Spirit Light people and did not feel any sympathy. His gaze was cold as he controlled the Primogenitor Statue to raise Kusanagi in its hand, and a massive amount of power entered it. The Kusanagi sword gave off an intense blood-red light that dyed the entire sky blood-red, and an even more terrifying aura of destruction spread out.


The Primogenitor Statue slashed down, and the heavens and earth seemed to explode. A massive, vertical blood-red crescent instantly flashed out, tearing through the Spirit Light people's defensive barrier and turning countless soldiers on the defensive walls into meat paste.

The defensive barrier had finally been broken through, and Great Qin's beasts and soldiers, who had been waiting this entire time, swarmed forwards.

Countless massive flying beasts leapt to the defensive walls and started to massacre, using their sharp claws to tear apart Spirit Light people. They opened their large mouths to devour soldiers, or used their enormous bodies to smack countless soldiers flying.

The Wyverns continuously spewed out fire and icy blasts, incinerating or freezing Spirit Light people.

The enormous Corpse Soul Soldiers rushed forwards and vigorously smashed at the defensive walls. Some used their heavy weapons to madly smash at the walls and smash people to death, and soon, cracks appeared on the defensive walls.

The ones most suitable for sieging were the Spiders; they could climb up the tall defensive walls as if they were walking on the ground, and as their sharp, blade-like legs slashed out, countless Spirit Light people's bodies would be torn apart, causing limbs and organs to fly everywhere.

Great Qin's soldiers also easily climbed up the defensive walls and started to kill the Spirit Light people. A Great Qin soldier used his spear to pierce through a Spirit Light person's head, another soldier used his axe to split a Spirit Light person in two, and another soldier tore apart a Spirit Light person's body.

With the Primogenitor Statue present, the Spirit Light people's power had been greatly reduced. Normally, they would not have been able to defend so many beasts and soldiers from Great Qin, much less now.

Under Great Qin's mad attacks, countless Spirit Light people started to retreat in terror, not daring to stay here anymore. If they stayed, they would definitely be killed by Great Qin; they had lost, and the Spirit Light race was finished.

Seeing this, the Spirit Light Commanders could only sigh. They understood that there was no recovering from this, so they started to withdraw.

Kamen's expression was quite unsightly and he hatefully looked at Zhao Fu before turning and running. Ordinary people could not escape the Spirit Light World, but he had something that would allow him to leave the world.

Looking at Kamen running away, Zhao Fu's gaze was cold and he stood up on the Primogenitor Statue's head. The six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun and he lightly cried out, "Ghost Summoning!"

A massive wave of ghostly qi spread out as a 1,000 meter tall ghost appeared behind Zhao Fu, giving off immense might. The atmosphere around it became incredibly cold and eerie.

Zhao Fu grabbed out with his hand and lightly cried out, "Ghostgod Soldiers!"

The massive ghost behind him turned into countless rays of light and gathered in Zhao Fu's hand, forming a gray ghost spear with countless ghostly runes on it, and it gave off an eerie feeling.

Zhao Fu gripped the ghost spear and sent a massive amount of Six Paths of Reincarnation Power into it, causing countless ghostly images to appear around the ghost spear.


Zhao Fu vigorously threw out the ghost spear, which flew out with terrifying power. It was accompanied by the howling of ghosts, and as it tore through the air, the heavens and earth seemed to fall dim.


In the next instant, the ghost spear pierced through Kamen's body, and the immense power nailed him to the ground. Kamen's face became gray-white as his body was corroded by a large amount of ghostly qi. His expression was one of confusion as he was already dead. No one could expect that Kamen, the World Protector of the Spirit Light World, would die just like that.

After killing Kamen, Zhao Fu looked at the other World Legatees, who had been preparing to run. Their hearts chilled, and expressions of terror appeared on their faces as they stopped and knelt, lowering their proud heads as they expressed their willingness to submit.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and did not continue attacking. He controlled the Primogenitor Statue to slash apart the defensive walls, and Great Qin broke through the Spirit Light World's defenses, pouring through like a black flood as they started to ravage the Spirit Light World.