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 With his experience from the first time, Zhao Fu didn't take that many people this time. In total, he took five Scholars, who now specialised in building teleportation channels, and three normal soldiers.

This path was to Hundred Bamboo, and the method used was essentially the same as before: teleporting 20 or so times and finding a cave before using a City Creation Stone and connecting to Hundred Bamboo's four main cities.

Hundred Bamboo was, of course, named after its bamboo trees. There were lush, jade-green bamboo forests everywhere, making it seem as if there was a massive green ocean. It was both beautiful and majestic.

There were also many different types of bamboo, and some even grew tens of meters tall and were as wide as buckets. Here, bamboo had replaced normal wood materials, and most structures were built from bamboo, giving the place an elegant feeling.

Zhao Fu went to the four main cities and started to look for land to buy. After doing this, Zhao Fu had some time to walk around the main cities, and he saw what specialty products there were.

After walking for a while, Zhao Fu indeed found something. The bamboo rats here were incredibly big and tasted abnormally delicious, and many dishes used bamboo rats. Because there were countless bamboo trees here, there was also an abundance of bamboo rats. There was never a lack of bamboo rats, and they were quite cheap. A 2 or 3-kilogram bamboo rat cost only 30 copper coins.

Zhao Fu decided to buy some and take them back to make some dishes with. As time passed and factions grew, more and more people would rise to the rank of Baron, and they would be able to purchase properties in main cities. If they also started restaurants, Zhao Fu's restaurants would be greatly affected.

If he could make special dishes that no one else could make, he would have an advantage over the others. This was how restaurants competed against each other.

After this, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and found that Li Wen was waiting for him with a strange look of joy on his face.

There were now two teams exploring the underground passages, and because they had so little information, it was quite dangerous. As such, Zhao Fu had ordered Li Wen and the teams to be especially careful. Even though this meant that they had to slow down, Zhao Fu's priority was their safety and lives.

Li Wen was normally in the underground passages, so Zhao Fu would rarely see him. When Zhao Fu saw that Li Wen was waiting for him, he curiously asked, "What is it, Li Wen?"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Li Wen first paid his respects to Zhao Fu before smiling and taking out 10 orbs from his spatial ring. These orbs all gave off a faint white light, and they had a soldier's image within them. Indeed, they were all Soldier Souls!

Seeing so many Soldier Souls, Zhao Fu was quite happy because with the Soldier Souls that he already had, he now had 103 Soldier Souls. This meant that he could now form a General Armament!

Zhao Fu had wanted a General Armament for a long time, so now that he could finally form one, he was especially happy.

"Owner! I want it!" the Sky Demon's voice said in his mind. Such a large number of soul-type items would be great nourishment for it.

However, Zhao Fu immediately refused because Soldier Souls were quite rare. Zhao Fu wanted to obtain 24 General Armaments as soon as possible to form a King Armament.

Zhao Fu's King's Ring had been formed using the ancient King Armament Shard, which contained only a fragment of a King Armament's power. How powerful would a true King Armament be?

The Sky Demon immediately became quite unhappy, and it retreated within the sword to sulk.

Following this, Zhao Fu took out Soldier Souls and started to fuse them together. He started off by fusing two Soldier Souls together; however, the resulting Soldier Soul wasn't much different. The image became clearer and the energy it gave off became stronger, but that was it.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to fuse the Soldier Souls - a third, a fourth, a fifth... as Zhao Fu fused more and more Soldier Souls together, the image of the soldier within the orb seemed to become corporeal, and it gave off a mighty power. This was after Zhao Fu had added a tenth Soldier Soul.

Zhao Fu looked at the orb's stats and found that there were changes.

[Divine Soldier Soul]: An item combined by fusing many Soldier Souls. It can enhance equipment or can be used as a summoning item. It can also be fused with a formation or structure to become a guardian spirit.

Divine Soldier Souls were much more useful than Soldier Souls. It had a summoning ability, and Zhao Fu guessed that it was similar to a Soul Crystal in that regard, such as the Soul Crystal Zhao Fu had used to summon the Ironback Demon Bear.

However, the Divine Soldier Soul did not seem to have summoning restrictions, so it could most likely be reused.

After looking at the Divine Soldier Soul's stats, Zhao Fu tried to continue fusing Soldier Souls into it, but he received a system announcement that he could not do so!

"What's going on? Didn't it say that fusing 100 Solider Souls could form a General Armament? How come it won't let me fuse anymore?"

Zhao Fu stared at the Divine Soldier Soul before coming to a sudden realization. Rather than fusing 100 Soldier Souls together, he needed to fuse them into 10 Divine Soldier Souls and then fuse the Divine Soldier Souls together. Finally, someone with a General profession would have to do the actual fusing.

Realizing this, Zhao Fu asked someone to bring Bai Qi over. Many people heard that a General Armament was going to be formed, so they came over to watch, curiosity written all over their faces. Their first encounter with a Soldier Soul was after they took down a Skeleton Captain, which had seemed quite powerful back then. They could all tell that it was something extraordinary, and all of them had been eagerly awaiting the day that the Soldier Souls could be fused into a General Armament.

"Your Majesty!" Bai Qi hurried over and cupped his fists respectfully.

Zhao Fu looked over and smiled. He handed the 10 Divine Soldier Souls to Bai Qi, allowing him to do the final fusing.

Bai Qi knew why Zhao Fu had called him over, so he was not too surprised. He was also curious about General Armaments, and he eagerly started to fuse them.

The 10 Divine Soldier Souls gave off a brilliant light and floated in the air, forming a circle of orbs around Bai Qi.

The light coming from them became brighter and brighter until they became 10 massive orbs of light in the air.


An explosion sounded out as the 10 massive orbs of light exploded out with energy, seeming to cause the heavens to quake. In that instant, the clouds swirled, and a massive storm gathered with Bai Qi at the center.

At this moment, the 10 corporeal images of the soldiers within the orbs of light melted like ice and became traces of violet air as the 10 orbs of light started to spin.


Another shocking explosion sounded out as a massive violet star, which gave off a noble light and a boundless aura, appeared above the Great Qin Town.

In that instant, countless espers and ability-users seemed to detect something, including He Xianru. They looked towards the violet star that had appeared in broad daylight, and they couldn't help but say to themselves, "A General Star has returned!"