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 Zhao Fu was expressionless. The allied worlds' ten billion soldiers were forces from the outside world, and whether it was in terms of cultivation or equipment, they were naturally stronger than the Spirit Light World and would not be so easy to deal with.

Soon, Zhao Fu made a decision, and after receiving orders, the various Commanders started to retreat to Great Qin.

"We won!" Countless joyous cries sounded out as the Spirit Light people saw Great Qin retreat. They had won this battle without fighting.

Facing the ferocious aura of Great Qin, the Spirit Light people had been quite afraid. No one thought that they would be able to defeat Great Qin without sacrificing a single soldier, and they could not help but feel extremely happy and excited.

However, their smiles soon froze. Only a portion of Great Qin's soldiers had withdrawn, and many soldiers had not moved.

Zhao Fu had given the order for three billion soldiers to defend Great Qin's border, leaving seven billion soldiers to attack the Spirit Light World instead of ordering a full retreat.

"Attack!" Zhao Fu ordered, and Great Qin's army started to officially attack. Arrows flew through the air, causing the air to explode, and a dangerous aura caused people's hairs to stand on end.

Even though they were low on Talisman Bolts and Arrows, Great Qin's ballistae and Stage 2 Archers still had immense destructive force, and a dark mass of arrows descended like rain towards the Spirit Light people.

The Spirit Light people had been on their guard against Great Qin the entire time and had made great preparations. As the countless arrows and bolts closed in, a massive defensive barrier expanded out and blocked them.

Kamen and the World Legatees did not come out to fight with Zhao Fu. Even though Kamen also had a Clan Armament, it did not have the power of a world, so how could it defend against Zhao Fu, who had the power of three worlds?

The Spirit Light people were quite clear about this. They did not hope to defeat Great Qin and could only hope to defend against Great Qin. As such, they had set up countless defenses.

As a result, the arrows and bolts did not have any effect on that defensive barrier.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Great Qin's beasts roared and gave off terrifying auras as they charged up and ferociously attacked the defensive barrier, resulting in muffled explosions.

Countless soldiers also charged up and exploded out with their power as they attacked the defensive barrier. Countless saber lights and sword lights slashed onto the defensive barrier, and with the charging from the beasts, the defensive barrier started to tremble and looked like it would soon be destroyed.

Of course, the Spirit Light people could not just watch and allow Great Qin to destroy the defensive barrier. They also unleashed attacks, and arrows shot towards the beasts and soldiers. Some of the beasts and soldiers were able to defend, but many people were still hit.

Now, Great Qin's side became the more passive side. They could not attack the Spirit Light people while they were attacked by the Spirit Light people.

Zhao Fu did not want to watch this go on, so he unleashed his Nation Armament's power. A massive blood-red sword light bringing with it a berserk sword wind flew out, seeming to be able to split apart the heavens and earth.


The sword light ferociously slammed onto the defensive barrier. With the attacks from the beasts and soldiers, the defensive barrier violently trembled and a crack appeared.

This caused the Spirit Light people to be greatly startled; they had paid a great price to set up this defensive barrier, yet it had been cracked so easily. They did not hesitate to prepare their other methods.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Countless magic formations were activated, and pillars of light rushed into the sky and gave off intense lights. It looked like there were thousands of pillars of light standing between the heavens and earth, creating an awe-inspiring aura.

These magic formations were all supporting magic formations that sent all kinds of power into the defensive barrier, causing the trembling defensive barrier to gradually stabilize.

Many white-robed Spirit Light Priests appeared on the defensive walls. They closed their eyes and lightly spread out their hands and started to chant. The chant was somewhat like a poem and a mantra. Their bodies gave off intense white lights before disappearing.

The sky gave off boundless white light that covered the ground, and it was somewhat blinding. The light gave off an intense might, and everyone felt a great amount of pressure.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive pillars of white light descended and powerful auras exploded out as 100 meter tall figures appeared within the pillars of light.

These figures were all men who had no hair, and they were muscular and naked from the waist up. They had solemn expressions and there was a ring of light on their chests. They were like Spirit Light people who had been magnified by countless times, and they gave off terrifying power.

There were tens of thousands of them, and they stretched out their hands towards Great Qin's soldiers and beasts. A ring of light shined on their palms, and countless rays of light shot out.

Chi! Chi! Chi...

The rays of light easily tore through the beasts' and soldiers' bodies, causing cries to sound out and blood to spurt everywhere. Many beasts and soldiers instantly died.

Great Qin used their Corps Formations to summon enormous beasts that were over 1,000 meters tall, which attacked the Spirit Light God Emissaries. The beasts and soldiers continued to madly attack the defensive barrier, while the Commanders also attacked as well.

The ones with General Armaments drew on their General Stars' power, and pillars of starlight smashed towards the defensive barrier, causing it to once again tremble.

"Arghhh..." The Spirit Light soldiers roared, exploding out with their auras, which flowed towards a magic formation in the sky, seeming to be summoning or gathering something.

The massive magic formation absorbed the auras of more than ten billion people, and the power was immense. Incredibly destructive power spread out, and white arcs of lightning appeared around the magic formation.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to use his trump card against the Spirit Light race. He came to the ground and pressed a hand against the ground. The golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun as a formless energy spread out.


A shocking explosion sounded out as a massive black light shot out from the ground and gave off a terrifying power as it shot into the sky, causing the sky to tremble and clouds to swirl.

The ground violently trembled as countless cracks appeared. A terrifying aura flooded out of the ground, causing the Spirit Light people's expressions to fall, and their bodies automatically trembled.

The ground rose up as a massive creature slowly began to rise up. First was its head, then its torso, before its entire body was revealed to everyone. It gave off a terrifying aura that covered the heavens and earth, causing everything to fall silent.

It was 100,000 meters tall and had dark skin. It had long black hair that looked like strands of metal, and it had a cold expression. Its eyes each had three black pupils, and it had two fangs coming out of its mouth. Its body was covered with muscles and its hands were like claws.