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 The golden dragon watched on as Zhao Fu continuously ravaged Xueru and suddenly said, "Zhao Fu, how about making her your Emperss?"

"Eh?" Zhao Fu felt quite startled and could not understand why the golden dragon said this, so he asked, "Why's that?"

The golden dragon replied, "Her constitution is quite special and might be able to bear your children. With your Divine Bloodline, it is almost impossible for other women to have your child."

Zhao Fu could not help but stop and think about this.

However, Xueru was quite displeased and looked at Zhao Fu flirtatiously as she pleaded, "Husband, hurry up and do me!"

A while later, Xueru's face was red as she affectionately hugged Zhao Fu's arm and they walked towards the main camp.

Zhao Fu decided not to make Xueru his Empress, not because she was too lewd, but because he did not have any plans of having an Empress for now. He felt that he should treat all of his women equally.

"Mother!" Moyue gave an excited smile as he looked at his mother who had a reddened face and was giving off an enticing aura. She had most likely been just done by Zhao Fu; she was indeed a lewd woman who wanted to be done wherever and whenever. Thankfully Zhao Fu could satisfy her; otherwise, how many men would it take to satisfy her?

The previous Overlord had needed over 1,000 men until she was satisfied; did his mother need over 1,000 as well? Thinking about that, Moyue could not help but feel weirdly excited.

Xueru's face was red as she hid her head in Zhao Fu's embrace. After beginning her relationship with Zhao Fu, she had become even more desperate and lewder. There were all sorts of rumors about her, and most of them were true; now, she could not face Moyue as a mother.

She did not know about her son's twisted desires and never would have guessed that he harbored such thoughts.

Zhao Fu calmly spoke a few words with Moyue before walking into a tent with Xueru. The people within the tent were discussing important matters, and seeing Zhao Fu arrive, they all rose and smiled at him.

It could be said that the Silent Tribe was in its current position because of Great Qin's support. Without Great Qin's support, none of this would have been possible.

Xueru let go of Zhao Fu and no longer hugged him. Now, Moke was the first Desolate Crow King and her ex-husband, so she still had to give him some face.

Otherwise, she would not want to leave Zhao Fu for even a minute. Even though they had just done it, Xueru wanted to do it again after the meeting. Thinking about that, she could not help but think of Moyue; he definitely wouldn't be able to forgive such a lewd mother.

The Desolate Crow Kingdom had now obtained half of the regions in the Desolate Crow World. However, the other half was being conquered by Si Ji's Great Xia Dynasty; they had also won against the allied Tribes.

Now, the Desolate Crow World was not as complicated with so many Tribes; it was split into two large factions, the Desolate Crow Kingdom and the Great Xia Dynasty. The other Tribes had either surrendered or had been destroyed, without a single one remaining.

This civil war not only caused countless Desolate Crow people to die but also for countless Tribes to disappear. Battles raged on everywhere, and no one was able to escape. The Desolate Crow World had suffered a terrible disaster.

Now, the two factions were each supported by an empire. This world had now been split in two.

All of this could be said to have been caused by Si Ji; if he hadn't allied with the Devil Horn Empire to try to destroy Great Qin, Great Qin would not have gotten involved, and there would not have been such a terrifying result.

This was a warning to the surrounding worlds not to get involved between this battle between empires. The Desolate Crow World was the best example of this.

The allied worlds all felt quite grave and took this matter seriously. They had never thought that these two factions would have the power to cause a world to split apart. If they tried to do the same thing to do, what would they do?

In order to resolve this matter, they immediately gathered special armies and people to prevent this. If any worlds or Kingdoms got involved with the two factions, they had to be immediately dealt with, or else the entire alliance could be threatened.

These measures caused the surrounding ten or so worlds to become quite nervous. Countless spies and scouts moved through the worlds, collecting information and preventing the two factions from infiltrating.

The war in the Desolate Crow World was not over yet. It was not just the Desolate Crow Kingdom that wanted to unify the world; the Great Xia Dynasty wanted to unify the world as well. A final battle was inevitable.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The Desolate Crow Kingdom's countless war beasts gave off roars and auras that could shake the heavens and earth as they thunderously charged towards the Great Xia Dynasty's forces.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The Great Xia Dynasty's devil beasts also gave off massive roars and gave off an aura that could cause people to fall into despair as they charged towards the Desolate Crow Kingdom's forces. It was as if nothing could stop them.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The massive beasts ferociously clashed together and muffled explosions sounded out as shockwaves blasted out. The massive beasts started to kill each other, and blood continuously flew out as cries sounded out. The scene of the battle was incredibly shocking.

The battle between the soldiers of both sides was also quite intense. The soldiers ferociously attacked; it was kill or be killed. The sounds of weapons clashing could be continuously heard, and the roars of the soldiers were simply deafening. The stench of blood could make people vomit.

The battle lasted for an entire day, and both sides suffered great losses. Neither side could gain an advantage, so they could only temporarily stop fighting.

Both sides were surprised at the strength of the other side. After all, both sides had been easily sweeping through the Desolate Crow World, yet they had now been stopped. This was primarily because they were both relying on the power of powerful Kingdoms, and neither Great Qin nor the Devil Horn Empire could deal with the other.

Si Ji understood that if he wanted to defeat the Desolate Crow Kingdom, he needed more power, so he sent a request to Yao Ming for reinforcements.

Yao Ming did not refuse, and he sent over one billion soldiers to help Si Ji unify the Desolate Crow World. That way, he would be able to obtain half a world.

After hearing about this, the Desolate Crow Kingdom's people were greatly shocked. The strength of the two sides had been roughly equal, but if the Devil Horn Empire sent reinforcements, the Desolate Crow Kingdom would definitely lose. As such, they could only look to Zhao Fu. Right now, only Great Qin could help them.

"Husband!" Xueru lightly called out; she wanted to help the Desolate Crow Kingdom.

Moke looked at this woman trying to help him, and he felt immense gratitude and guilt. If his body was stronger, he would not have wanted to give her to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded and agreed to send reinforcements. In actuality, even without them asking, he would have sent reinforcements. He would not allow the Desolate Crow World to fall into Si Ji's hands.

In the end, another battle did not explode out. Both sides knew that the two Kingdoms had sent reinforcements, and fighting would not benefit anyone. The Desolate Crow World welcomed in a brief period of piece as both sides began to digest the regions that they had conquered.