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 In the end, Si Ji decided to develop his faction just like the Silent Tribe and obtain as many benefits as possible. He would not stupidly choose to block them; after all, the factions that the Silent Tribe conquered had nothing to do with him, and he did not care about their life or death.

The factions around the Si Tribe also had never thought that Si Ji would lay his hands on them rather than suppress the arrogant Silent Tribe. With the help from the Devil Horn Empire's devil beasts, they were unable to resist at all and were quickly conquered by Si Ji.

Countless devil beasts roared and massive amounts of devil qi filled the heavens and earth. The massive aura was unstoppable, causing countless people to fall into terror.

Similarly, the ones that Si Ji conquered were all the larger Tribes, and the smaller Tribes automatically surrendered in fear. Such small Tribes had no way of resisting at all, so they could only submit.

Facing the sudden attacks from Si Ji, all of the Desolate Crow Tribes were incredibly shocked and had never thought that he would do such a thing. This caused their hearts to all tighten.

Before, they did not want to get involved as they did not want to suffer any losses. After all, with two large Kingdoms fighting, the injuries and casualties would be unimaginable. They just wanted to stay neutral to avoid this.

However, Si Ji had made a move against them, forcing them into battle. Things were now unavoidable.

Ahead of them was Si Ji's attack, while behind them was the Silent Tribe's relentless expansion. The remaining factions hurriedly gathered together to defend against Si Ji and the Silent Tribe, but things were not looking good.

These two factions had already been the Desolate Crow World's most powerful factions, and with Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire's support, they had become even more powerful. The allied Tribes were continuously beaten back by the two of them, and countless people died.

The battles went on for seven days, and they were still not over. This was now the most crucial time; all of the Tribes gathered all of their forces and split into two groups, defending two directions, wanting to stop the advance of Si Ji and the Silent Tribe.

The Silent Tribe had swept across countless Tribes and devoured their strength. It had become an incredibly massive force and now had two billion soldiers. What was important was that its power was unified; the soldiers and Commanders all listened to the orders of a single person and there was no resistance anymore.

Looking at the ocean of soldiers giving off a boundless and terrifying aura, Moke's blood surged and he felt an incredibly grand feeling.

He did not want to become an Overlord but the first King in the history of the Desolate Crow people. He would unify the Desolate Crow World, start a new era, and have his name recorded in history forever.

Thinking about that, Moke loudly laughed. Now that he did not need to satisfy his wife's cravings, Moke's body had recovered and he became strong and vigorous again, and his ambition was restored.

Facing the final resistance of the allied Tribes, and in order to raise morale, Moke proclaimed himself King ahead of time, becoming the first Desolate Crow King, and he changed the Silent Tribe's name to the Desolate Crow Kingdom.

The Silent Tribe had done something that had never been done before, establishing a Kingdom and proclaiming a King. Everyone was incredibly excited and their blood boiled as they roared, welcoming the establishment of the Desolate Crow Kingdom.

Moke used this momentum and high morale to attack the allied Tribes.

Si Ji did not fall behind either, and he also wanted to fulfill the Si family's dream of establishing its own Kingdom. Hearing that the Silent Tribe had openly established a Kingdom, he did the same, and the Great Xia Dynasty once again appeared.

Countless people in the Si Tribe excitedly celebrated. They had ended the era of Tribes and had entered the era of Dynasties.

Si Ji also took this opportunity to continue to attack.

The allied Tribes were now filled with worry and despair. Facing the high morale of the two sides, they felt even less confident to defend against them.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The Desolate Crow Kingdom's war beasts loudly roared and gave off incredibly ferocious auras as they savagely charged towards the allied Tribes' soldiers. Their aura seemed to be able to suffocate people.

Now, the Desolate Crow Kingdom had 30,000 war beasts, and they charged together with unstoppable momentum. They easily destroyed the defenses that the allied Tribes had hurriedly set up, and countless Desolate Crow Kingdom soldiers loudly roared as they charged.

Facing such a terrifying attack, the allied Tribes were struck with fear and were unable to defend. The two sides only fought for a short while before the allied Tribes' soldiers turned and ran.

The Desolate Crow Kingdom's soldiers ferociously gave chase and cruelly killed the soldiers before taking their spoils of war.

The Desolate Crow Kingdom soldiers savagely laughed as they ran into a Tribe. Looking at the women, they did not even care if they were beautiful or ugly, and they directly pressed them onto the ground and took off their clothes before ravaging them.

Women with ordinary looks would not be fought over, so those who took them could take their time. However, prettier women often had multiple soldiers surrounding them.

They continuously struggled and cried but could not resist at all, and they could only be ravaged in despair.

Not all of the soldiers were interested in women. After charging into a Tribe, some soldiers killed anyone they saw. Some killed children or elderly people, enjoying the feeling of slaughtering.

Some charged into tents to take valuables; those who were hiding in there naturally did not have a good end.

Most people were killed in one chop, but some people who could not find any valuables vented their anger on the people inside the tents, chopping off large pieces of flesh before using flames to burn the wounds, causing those people to die from pain.

Zhao Fu hugged Xueru as he flew through the sky. He glanced over the horrific scenes and his expression did not change much. He had become used to this and showed no signs of stopping them.

Looking at the bloody and savage killing, Xueru did not react much either because this kind of thing happened a lot in Tribes.

The two of them landed on the ground. Zhao Fu mainly came to look over the situation; he had always received reports and had not personally seen the situation himself, so he wanted to personally take a look and make plans for the future.

Seeing that there was no one around, Xueru pressed herself against a tree and raised her plump bottom as she said with a reddened face and lustful eyes, "Husband, you've had a look over the situation already; hurry and do me."

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless; this beautiful woman was truly licentious to the extreme and wanted it wherever and whenever. No wonder Moke had given her to him. If he was an ordinary man, he would definitely die at her hands.

However, she could have become the first Queen of the Desolate Crow Kingdom. Even though she had been given to him, her status was still quite special. Everyone knew that she was Moke's only woman and the Young Chief's mother.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu gave a trace of an evil smile and he started to go about it with her. Xueru reacted intensely, and her lewd cries could be heard even from far away.