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 At the start, the Silent Tribe split into three armies and attacked in three directions. They swept across everything in their way because the surrounding factions were not prepared at all.

If it was during a time when there was no Overlord, everyone would still be wary of each other. However, after there was an Overlord, no one would dare to casually attack other Tribes because the Overlord had the power to mobilize all Tribes to attack. No one would have the guts to do such a thing.

If the Silent Tribe did not have Great Qin's support, they definitely would not dare to do such a thing. Only with Great Qin's support did they dare to fight against the Overlord.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Massive Desolate Crow Beasts gave off enormous roars and ferociously tore apart defensive structures. Their auras seemed to be able to shake the heavens and earth, and they were completely unstoppable.

The other factions quickly gathered soldiers to defend, but they had never expected to see a group of massive beasts. Looking at the 100 meter long beasts, they felt immense fear, and the Desolate Crow Beasts ferociously charged at them.

A massive black ape leapt into a group of people and smashed dozens of people into meat paste. It swung its enormous arm, bringing with it an intense wind as it sent soldiers flying away like grains of sand.

An enormous red tiger leapt into a crowd of people and madly bit about, turning soldiers into mangled pieces of flesh. As it spun, its tail sent many soldiers flying; its power was enough to easily destroy the chests of the soldiers.

A mountain-like elephant charged through a group of soldiers. It was completely unstoppable and countless people who were sent flying instantly died, and even more people were squashed by its massive feet.

The enemies had no ways of dealing with the massive beasts, and the countless beasts caused a lot of terror and casualties as they charged into the crowds of soldiers. The soldiers quickly fell into panic and chaos.

Many people charged up to fend off the massive beasts, and some used bows to shoot at them. However, they were too weak and could barely harm the massive beasts. When the beasts were injured, they were only light injuries.

The pain caused the massive beasts to become even more ferocious, spurring them to attack even more savagely, and the enemy's death toll rose even faster.

At the same time, the Silent Tribe's people also attacked. They took advantage of the chaotic scene and shot out arrows, killing soldiers one after another. They also raised the weapons that Great Qin supplied and roared as they charged into the chaotic crowds and killed the enemy soldiers.

The battle exploded out too quickly, and the factions around the Silent Tribe did not have any time to react at all. They had never thought that the Silent Tribe would suddenly explode out with such terrifying battle power, and they were all conquered by the Silent Tribe.

After destroying the surrounding large factions, Moke disregarded the smaller factions and attacked the large factions further away. The surrounding smaller factions all submitted in terror and did not even need Moke to do anything.

Now that the Silent Tribe had suddenly attacked and exploded out with such terrifying battle power, the entire Desolate Crow World was shocked.

What was going on? How did the Silent Tribe suddenly have such strength? How had they obtained those terrifying massive beasts? Also, why did they have the guts to face the entire Desolate Crow World?

Everyone felt incredibly confused and could not understand what was going on. However, they could see that the Silent Tribe was sweeping out like a massive torrent, and the Desolate Crow World was going to be thrown into chaos.

At that moment, the Silent Tribe's arrogant challenge to the Overlord spread. They stated that Si Ji was not part of the Desolate Crow Race and that he was a rebel of Great Qin. This showed that the Silent Tribe was receiving the support of Great Qin and wanted to become the new Overlord; anyone who did not acknowledge them would be killed.

After hearing this, the hearts of everyone in the Desolate Crow World sank. They now understood that a terrifying war had exploded out in the Desolate Crow World.

Now that Great Qin had gotten involved and the Silent Tribe had its support, the Silent Tribe's power had become terrifying and it would be incredibly difficult to destroy. This was especially so given that Great Qin might send soldiers to support the Silent Tribe.

With Great Qin's terrifying power as support, no wonder the Silent Tribe dared to act so arrogantly and directly challenged the Overlord and all the other Tribes.

However, now that the Silent Tribe had Great Qin's support, many Tribe would not want to get involved out of fear of suffering great losses.

Now, it was unknown how many people stood on Si Ji's side. Even though the Overlord had the authority to mobilize all Tribes, most Tribes would not 100% follow orders, and they would occasionally resist or ignore orders.

If the Silent Tribe did not have Great Qin's support, they would naturally stand with Si Ji. After all, if they gathered together, they could easily crush the Silent Tribe. However, now that the silent Tribe had Great Qin's support, they would have to pay a great price to destroy them and they themselves might be destroyed.

Facing such a great price, how could everyone completely obey Si Ji? Si Ji's position of Overlord suddenly became an empty title.

Everyone also understood that the Silent Tribe's massive war beasts were also most likely provided by Great Qin.

Hearing that Great Qin was supporting the Silent Tribe, Si Ji's eyes became filled with anger and hatred, and he despised Zhao Fu even more.

Following this, Si Ji held an Overlord Meeting and invited the Chiefs of various Tribes to discuss how to deal the Silent Tribe. However, only 78 Chiefs came; these were the Chiefs of the factions on the best terms with Si Ji, and they were the more reliable allies. Apart from them, no one else came.

This made Si Ji so angry that he slammed his palm onto the table and he angrily left the Desolate Crow World. With his current strength, it would be difficult to resist the Silent Tribe, which was being backed by Great Qin. He had to ask the Devil Horn Empire to help him.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming realized Great Qin's plan, and he naturally would not allow Great Qin to do as it wished. He had to continue to support Si Ji and help him resist the Silent Tribe.

Of course, Yao Ming did not want to waste his resources, so he signed a Contract with Si Ji. If Si Ji kept his position of Overlord, he would cede half of the Desolate Crow World's territory to the Devil Horn Empire.

Despite the Devil Horn Empire being so greedy, Si Ji still didn't hesitate to agree. Right now, he did not have any other option.

Yao Ming was quite satisfied and mobilized a large number of devil beasts, and he also sent over equipment and other resources to Si Ji. Si Ji returned with these things to the Desolate Crow World. The first thing he had to do was gather his Tribe's forces as well as the factions he was on good terms with before attacking the surrounding Tribes.

Indeed, Si Ji chose not to attack the Silent Tribe but the surrounding Tribes because he realized the weakness of his forces not being unified.

He was unable to truly mobilize the strength of one world, and most Tribes could simply ignore him and not give him any face, making him just an Overlord in name.

If he brought those devil beasts and soldiers to directly attack the Silent Tribe, at most they would fight to a draw. That would not be very beneficial to him.