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 The other women were also like this, and they had a trace of wildness to them and a forthright and strong aura. Most Desolate Crow women were like this: Because their people were quite valiant and warlike, they naturally did not have a weak, soft aura.

Moyue pointed at the most beautiful woman and smiled as he said, "This is my little sister; she's called Moli. She and these other women are all famed beauties from our Silent Tribe, and now they belong to Your Majesty. This is a small gift from our Silent Tribe."

Zhao Fu could tell the Silent Tribe's intentions; the Chief sending even his daughter here showed just how seriously the Silent Tribe took this matter; they were showing their attitude about the matter.

At the same time, they wanted to solidify the relationship between the two parties, mainly through Moli. She would be able to help the Silent Tribe in various ways and help the Silent Tribe collect information about Great Qin.

As such, when offering people, most factions would choose people close to them they could rely on, as they could bring all sorts of advantages.

"Your Majesty, enjoy yourself. We'll talk about official matters after." Moyue laughed as he left the tent.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised; he had prepared to bring them back to the palace and did not expect to be doing it with them here.

Moli gave a confident smile and walked over to Zhao Fu and sat on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at him enticingly as she said, "Great Qin's Majesty, I've heard a lot about you. Now, I want you to do me!"

Zhao Fu could not help but laugh; it was rare to see such daring women, who were so confident and wild.

What followed next did not need to be described nor could it be described, and intense sounds came out of the tent.

At first, Moli teased Zhao Fu a bit, but soon, she started to plead for mercy. The other women had long since collapsed, so Zhao Fu could only go at it with Moli. He wanted to see if she would still be so arrogant in the future.

There were about five or six female guards outside, who were Moli's personal bodyguards. Moli led an army in the Silent Tribe, and she was quite strong herself. If it wasn't for an incredibly important matter, the Silent Tribe definitely would not give Moli away.

These female guards all had decent looks, mature figures, and savage auras. Hearing their mistress moaning as if she was in great pain, they quickly entered the tent, and their moans soon sounded out.

Moyue waited in the distance, but the sounds were too loud and hearing them, he could not help but react.

He then heard his little sister's voice, and he could not help but imagine her being pressed under that man being ferociously ravaged. Hearing his little sister pleading for mercy, he could only sigh in amazement at Zhao Fu's abilities. Even with the female guards, it was not enough for him.

It seemed that Great Qin's Emperor was just as the rumors said, extremely licentious. With this downfall, it would be quite easy to control Zhao Fu and obtain what he wanted.

Moyue immediately ordered people to bring another 30 beauties here so that Zhao Fu could enjoy himself.

Right after the 30 beauties were sent in, their voices could be heard. Moyue listened from a distance away and could not take it anymore, and he decided to find a woman. However, soon, he once again heard his little sister's voice.

Moyue inwardly cursed and just as he was about to send in more women, his body froze as he saw a peerlessly beautiful middle-aged woman walk towards the tent.

This middle-aged woman was not only incredibly beautiful, she had snow-white skin and an incredibly voluptuous figure. She wore clothes made of fox fur and gave off a trace of a noble and mature aura. Anyone would want to press her down and ferociously do her.

She was his mother, and his father's only woman. She was called Xueru and was from the Snow Tribe. Why had she come here? Moyue felt incredibly shocked and had a bad feeling; he hurriedly went over and blocked his mother, saying, "Mother, why did you come here?"

Xueru looked angry as she said, "Your bastard father gave me to that person in the tent and told me to properly service him."

Moyue felt as if his head had exploded, and his mind went blank. With how free the Desolate Crow people were, there would be men who invited friends to do their wives or had wives serve important guests. However, Moyue never would have thought that his father would give his mother to someone else.

However, Moyue quickly realized that his father was also most likely quite reluctant and only did so for the grand scheme of things.

Xueru's constitution was that of a Desolate Crow Woman Constitution, which had a unique charm, and it could make any man like her and go mad for her. With how lewd Great Qin's Emperor was, he would definitely be controlled by his mother.

Even if they were unable to obtain the Great Qin Empire, they would be able to obtain massive help from Great Qin. The benefits would be unimaginable.

Also, people with this kind of constitution had immense desires, and the previous Overlord had a Desolate Crow Woman Constitution. She needed over 1,000 men every day to satisfy her.

This was the reason why his father was so skinny; when he was younger, he had been a young hero who had countless beauties. However, he could barely deal with his mother, so she was his only woman.

However, as his father aged, he became more and more incapable; if this went on, his father would die because of his mother's body.

In actuality, Moyue hoped that his father would die sooner so he could receive the position of Chief and obtain his mother. He had deeply loved his mother since he was young, but he had hidden this and did not dare to let his father know.

That was the reason why he was so shocked and infuriated when he heard that his father was gifting his mother to someone else.

Moyue said furiously, "Mother, wait here; I'll go talk to father. I definitely won't allow such a thing."

Xueru lightly smiled and hugged Moyue, saying, "As expected from my good son. However, remember not to fight with your father too much; it's enough that he retracts this order. The only ones in my heart are you all, and I don't want to go and serve another man."

Moyue greedily breathed in his mother's scent and tightly hugged his mother as he resolutely nodded. He definitely would not allow such a thing to happen; his mother was his, and he would not allow anyone else to have her.

Moyue quickly ran to his father's tent, and just as he was about to yell at his father, Moke threw out a pile of clothes that caused Moyue to collapse to the ground. He looked at his father dumbly because those clothes were the underwear he had stolen from his mother since he was young.

Moke did not have any intention of blaming Moyue, and he could only sigh as he said, "I knew of your thoughts since a long time ago. Even though our race does not forbid such a thing, this is the best outcome for me, for you, for your mother, and for your little sister."