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 Right now, Si Ji only had the qualifications to fight with Great Qin, and winning was not very possible. Si Ji naturally thought about the Devil Horn Empire, who Great Qin was fighting with. If he allied with the Devil Horn Empire, it would be possible to defeat Great Qin and wash away his shame. He would repay Great Qin ten times over for everything in the past.

He had also considered the allied worlds; their overall strength was greater than that of the Great Qin's and the Devil Horn Empire's, they were not unified and did not dare to directly fight with the Devil Horn Empire or Great Qin. As such, Si Ji could only give up working with them.

After becoming the Overlord of the Desolate Crow World, Si Ji had immediately sent an ambassador to the Devil Horn Empire to request an alliance.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming felt delighted. Allying with another world at a time like this would be a massive help to the Devil Horn Empire, allowing the Devil Horn Empire's overall strength to surpass Great Qin's. As such, Yao Ming naturally agreed happily.

After Yao Ming agreed, Si Ji was not too surprised, as he had already expected this. In a situation like this, only an idiot would not ally together.

Both sides had a common goal and they quickly formed a deep partnership. Yao Ming even gifted countless equipment and medicinal pills to the Desolate Crow World to increase its strength and deepen the bond between them. Soon, they began to discuss how to destroy Great Qin.

In the end, both sides were very satisfied and came up with a plan to destroy Great Qin. They all left with smiles and left to make preparations.

Zhao Fu naturally heard about this matter soon, and he was somewhat surprised to hear about Si Ji's appearance. He had never thought that he would meet this old enemy again, or that he would become the Overlord of a world.

However, Zhao Fu did not take Si Ji too seriously. There was a pile of information about the Desolate Crow World in front of him, and he knew much about it.

Si Ji was not the true ruler of a world; he could only lead the large and small factions, and his rule was not absolute. Many factions were not truly loyal to Si Ji.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed; he would show Si Ji what a small world should do when two large worlds were fighting.

A Great Qin ambassador quickly headed to the Desolate Crow World. After much investigation, they found that most people were not very satisfied with an outsider like Si Ji becoming the Overlord. However, because they did not have the strength to resist, they had hidden their resentment.

After hearing that Si Ji was going to ally with the Devil Horn Empire to fight Great Qin, many people were quite resistant. The names of the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin had spread throughout the surrounding ten or so worlds, and they were the two largest Kingdoms in the surroundings.

The Desolate Crow World's people did not want to get involved, even though they had the strength of one world and their fighters were not weak.

However, they were split into countless factions, while the opponent was a unified faction. When fighting, it would be evident that the unified faction would be much stronger in terms of morale, equipment, and coordination.

The Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin were both massive, unified Kingdoms, and their Desolate Crow World evidently did not have enough strength. If they got involved, they would most likely suffer a loss.

However, Si Ji was the Overlord of the Desolate Crow World and he had the power to make this decision, and they had to follow his orders.

In order to pacify the people and quell the resistance, Si Ji announced to everyone that they would not submit to the Devil Horn Empire and would be working as partners. From now on, the Desolate Crow people would conquer other worlds; they would not be afraid of shedding blood or fighting.

This was quite effective, as the Desolate Crow people were a warlike people and did not fear battle. They had never left the Desolate Crow World before, and perhaps under the leadership of this new Overlord, they would be able to conquer other worlds instead of continuing to fight amongst themselves.

Because of the Desolate Crow World's geography, it was quite difficult for the factions to be quite unified, so they did not attack other worlds, while other worlds did not want to make trouble with the Desolate Crow World either.

Now that they were going to conquer other worlds, this was a historic moment, and Si Ji immediately received the support of countless young people.

However, some older Desolate Crow people expressed their worries. They were now old and were not as hot-blooded anymore. They just wanted to live their days in peace. The Desolate Crow World joining the battle between these two large Kingdoms could cause the Desolate Crow World to fall into danger.

Great Qin's ambassador had already contacted the Tribe that was most dissatisfied with Si Ji. This Tribe was quite powerful, and it could rank in the top three in the Desolate Crow World.

This Tribe was called the Silent Tribe and was quite shocked at the sudden arrival of Great Qin's ambassador. They could not understand why Great Qin's ambassador had come to them.

However, as the ambassador of such a big Kingdom, the Silent Tribe still received this ambassador very seriously.

Great Qin's ambassador directly spoke of his purpose here: Great Qin was willing to provide all sorts of aid to help the Silent Tribe become the Overlord of the Desolate Crow World, and also told them of Si Ji's true identity. He was a rebel from Great Qin, and Great Qin had to kill this person.

Now that he had gained control of the Desolate Crow World and wanted to join with the Devil Horn Empire to resist Great Qin, Great Qin's Emperor was very furious and was willing to help the Silent Tribe.

However, if the Silent Tribe refused, Great Qin would choose another tribe to become the Overlord. Great Qin was willing to provide all sorts of equipment and even battle beasts to help with this, and they could even become the true rulers of the Desolate Crow World.

The Silent Tribe was already dissatisfied with Si Ji, and they had wanted to become the Overlord but did not have the power. Now that they heard that Great Qin was willing to support them, they were naturally quite pleased.

After hearing that Great Qin would choose someone else if they did not accept, they did not hesitate to work together with Great Qin.

Following this, Great Qin's ambassador left and came back with a great number of gifts, saying, "Our Majesty is very pleased to work with you and sent over ten million sets of armor, ten million sets of weapons, six million bows, five million bottles of Stage 3 medicinal pills, and 100 war beasts."

The Silent Tribe's people were all dumbfounded; they had never thought that Great Qin would be so generous. Looking at the equipment giving off cold lights, as well as the bottles of medicinal pills, everyone's eyes widened and their breathing became erratic.

With such massive support, everyone in the Silent Tribe felt delirious with joy. Now, they were certain that Great Qin would indeed fully support them to become the Overlord.

They had never suspected Great Qin's motives, as Si Ji was a rebel from Great Qin. They had investigated this and confirmed it.

Even if he wasn't a rebel, given how he had antagonized Great Qin, Great Qin would definitely want to kill him and destroy his faction. As such, it was natural that Great Qin would support them and help them get rid of Si Ji.