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 Zhao Fu shook his head, indicating that it was nothing. He looked at the Flower Fairy's beautiful face and evilly smiled as he pressed her below him and asked, "Flower Fairy, do you want to do it again?"

In response, the Flower Fairy embarrassedly nodded.

However, just as Zhao Fu was about to start, there were some movements around them, and the Flower Fairy said, "Husband, I think Flower Spirits are about to be born."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could only stop, and the two of them put on their clothes and went towards where the movement was coming from, which was a few hundred meters away.

A little red flower that was a few centimeters tall and had four petals absorbed the surrounding flower energy and quickly grew.

It gave off an intense red light, and a figure gradually condensed within the red light, and the red light gradually dissipated.

Soon, a Flower Spirit appeared before Zhao Fu. She had a slim, elegant figure and snow-white skin. She was quite beautiful and had long, red hair, and she had a red flower on top of her head. She wore clothes made of flower petals, which only covered her important parts. She also had a pair of transparent wings that looked like leaves.

What was surprising was that she was as big as a regular human, while Roserose and the others who were only as big as a palm.

Zhao Fu asked the Flower Fairy about it, and her reply was that there were many types of Flower Spirits and they were all different. Some had special abilities, but they were mostly quite similar.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu examined the strength and abilities of the newly-born Flower Spirit. It was like an ordinary Flower Spirit, and Zhao Fu felt at ease.

They could spawn ten or so of these Flower Spirits every day, and Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with this. Now, he wanted to bring the Flower Fairy back to the palace and make her a Concubine. He imagined that she would have unimaginable amounts of Phoenix Qi and would not have any less than Tuoba Qing.

"Husband, the Flower World here requires me to regularly come here to maintain it. I also want to stay here and absorb flower energy to recover my power and memories," the Flower Fairy said.

Zhao Fu thought about it; this was undoubtedly the best place for the Flower Fairy, so he said, "Alright, you stay here then. I'll order people to build a palace for you here, and I'll give all of the Flower Spirits to you to manage."

The Flower Fairy gave a happy smile. "Thank you husband! I forgot to say, I left a trace of Celestial Flower Energy within your body, so make sure you hide that. Also, you can now absorb all kinds of flower energy and can fully use the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower in your throat."

Zhao Fu spread his senses through his body and found that there was a new flower within him. It was very small, about as big as a mung bean. It had eight petals and gave off eight different-colored lights, and it gave off an extremely strong power.

Zhao Fu felt quite touched; this was evidently very important to the Flower Fairy, yet she gave it to him. He could not help but cuddle with her for a bit longer.

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to the palace and made the Flower Fairy a Concubine; she indeed had a massive amount of Phoenix Qi. If he had made her a Concubine earlier, just from the Phoenix Qi she contained, he would have understood that her identity was not simple.

However, back then Zhao Fu really did not have any thoughts of laying his hands on the Flower Fairy. If it wasn't for that misunderstanding, given that she was his benefactor, he definitely would not have laid his hands on her.

Right now, there was a massive war going on in the Desolate Crow World, which was the world next to the White God World. It was a battle to be the overlord.

The Desolate Crow World was quite special, as they did not have any Sects or Kingdoms; everything was organized into Tribes. The race here was called the Desolate Crow Race and they were all tall and well-built and had powerful muscles. They were natural-born warriors.

However, the culture and traditions here seemed to have stayed at a primitive level. They all wore beast skins and beast fangs, held crude weapons, and gave off barbaric auras.

The Desolate Bird World's geography was also quite special. They had 68 Continents and most of them were quite small. A few regions could even form a Continent, and they were occupied by different Tribes.

The biggest of the 68 Continents was at the center, so it was called the Overlord Continent. If anyone could conquer this Continent, they would become the Desolate Crow Overlord and receive the loyalty of the other Continents and be able to command them.

This battle was a massive battle for the Overlord Continent, and the winner would be the Overlord who would unify the 68 Continents.


A valiant-looking young man in purple held a sharp sword with nine violet dragons around him. He gave off an intense King's aura, and he slashed out with his full strength, causing an enormous violet sword light to tear through the heavens and earth.

His opponent was a muscular young man who held a massive stone hammer. He exploded out with terrifying power, and he roared like a wild beast and gave off an unstoppable aura as he rushed towards the violet-clothed young man.


The violet sword light gave off terrifying power as it shot over, and the muscular young man swung his hammer with all his might, giving off immense destructive power as it smashed towards the violet sword light. However, in the end, he was blasted back by the sword light and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

The violet-clothed young man appeared beside him and pointed his sword at him, saying coldly, "You've already lost, not just in battle power but also in terms of Tribe strength. You only have two choices: submit or die."

The muscular young man did not hesitate because he was indeed weaker, so he acknowledged the other young man. He half-knelt and said loudly, "I, Yewu Yuanyin, am willing to submit to the Is Tribe!"

The violet-clothed young man was Si Ji, the Legatee of Great Xia.

After escaping from the human world, Si Ji came to the Desolate Crow World. In order to regain power, he used everything at his disposal; he married the daughter of a leader of a large Tribe and received the baptism of the Desolate Crow Race, becoming half a Desolate Crow person.

Following this, he took over the Tribe and developed it. The primitive power that the Nine Province Cauldrons contained had been very beneficial to him because the Xia Dynasty had also been established during a primitive time. The primitive power that it hid gave him enough strength here.

In the end, Si Ji triggered the Overlord battle and became the Tenth Overlord of the Desolate Crow World.

During this time, Si Ji had gone through many hardships and his aura had changed. It had become steadier and sharper, and it had a valiantness to it. He had endured a lot of bitterness and condescension from others just to take revenge on Great Qin someday.

Now, this day had finally come. He was now the Tenth Overlord of the Desolate Crow World, and he had become an existence looked up to by countless.

Si Ji had never thought that he would be in such a position. Even though he was not the true ruler of this world, he could use this world's power. Now, he barely had the qualifications to fight with Great Qin.

Because they were only separated by a few worlds, Si Ji had been keeping an eye on Great Qin's activities, and he knew that Great Qin had conquered three worlds.