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 Ge Nia participated in a few more battles, and he came out as the victor each time. Now, all of his opponents were Stage 0-5 or above. Anyone below that cultivation level would, without a doubt, die, and after these battles, Ge Nia's status token upgraded to an iron token.

At the same time, more and more people learned about Ge Nia's powerful sword skills, and the name 'Sword Demon' started to spread. Many people heard that an expert skilled in the way of the sword had come to Battle City, and this was only the first day of Ge Nia's Battle City legend. In the future, his name would become more and more famous, making him respected and worshiped by all.

After watching a few battles, Zhao Fu left Ge Nia at the Arena and told him to keep refining his sword skills. Zhao Fu then went alone to one of the lots he had purchased and prepared to set up his restaurant. The building was currently being renovated and decorated, and it would soon be open for business.

Just like before, Zhao Fu hired some players as waitresses, and as for the chefs, Zhao Fu had already nurtured a group of chefs.

In order to prevent his chefs from being lured away, Zhao Fu started to nurture his own chefs. Of course, these chefs were all Great Qin's subjects, so they were much more loyal to Zhao Fu. They would not be as easily lured away by money as player chefs would.

Zhao Fu could accept it if his chefs left to join other restaurants - if it came to that, he would just find new chefs. Rather, what Zhao Fu was worried about the most was his chefs being bribed to sabotage their dishes.

If such a thing happened, the restaurant would be doomed. What's more, this sort of thing now happened quite regularly, so to protect himself, Zhao Fu started to nurture his own chefs.

As for this restaurant, Zhao Fu naturally did not name it Westfall Restaurant. After all, it would be too suspicious for there to be Westfall Restaurants in the Forest of Horrors and in Little Valley as well.

The restaurant already had three managers, who were from the Business Department. All of the managers had business experience, so they would be able to take care of matters here quite well.

Because the advertised salary was quite good, there were already many female players in line to apply as waitresses, and it took Zhao Fu some effort to get past them.

Seeing Zhao Fu walk in, the three managers quickly stood up and bowed, saying, "Young master!"

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "Don't mind me, I'm just here to take a look!"

The three managers continued to do interviews, and when the girls realized that Zhao Fu was the boss, they looked over at him curiously.

Zhao Fu only watched for a short while, and just as he was about to leave, he suddenly saw someone who he knew among the interviewees. She had a delicate, pretty appearance, and she was quite slim. She was also roughly the same age as Zhao Fu.

She was called Sun Qin and one of Zhao Fu's former classmates at university. Zhao Fu never thought that he would meet a former classmate because everyone was sent to random places within the Heaven Awaken World. Even if two people were right next to each other in the real world, they would be split up in the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu thought about it - as he opened up more paths into other regions, he would meet more and more people he knew. Zhao Fu didn't really have an opinion on this, and he was only normal classmates with Sun Qin. They had only spoken a few times, but he had a decent impression of her.

Sun Qin felt Zhao Fu's gaze and looked at the mysterious, cloaked figure, feeling a sense of familiarity. However, considering her low status, how could she have met such a grand figure before?

From what she knew, this was the first player-owned restaurant in Battle City, and just the land alone would have cost 80 or so gold. 80 gold in the real world would be $8 million. Even though currency in the real world was now greatly devalued, $8 million was still a massive figure.

Sun Qin took Zhao Fu to be the young master of a large family, so when facing Zhao Fu's gaze, she did not dare to say anything or hold his gaze. After all, such a large figure could kill anyone he wanted quite easily.

Zhao Fu withdrew his gaze. He remembered that Sun Qin was someone from the countryside, and she had 4 younger brothers and sisters. Her family was most likely in financial trouble for her to be working in the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu went over to one of the managers and told him to accept Sun Qin. The manager respectfully nodded and looked over at Sun Qin, making her feel quite strange. After saying this, Zhao Fu left - when it came to things like this, Zhao Fu would help if he was able to.

After Zhao Fu left, the manager came over to Sun Qin and smiled as he said, "Congratulations, you've been accepted!"

"What?" Sun Qin was shocked - she had not even been interviewed yet, so how had she been accepted? When the manager approached her, she thought that she hadn't been accepted, as there were almost 300 women here. With this sort of competition, Sun Qin did not have much confidence.

However, what she did not expect was that she would be accepted. She felt that this had to do with the mysterious boss looking at her, and she wondered if she really knew that person.

"Miss Sun, you can start work tomorrow," the manager said to Sun Qin in a friendly tone.

Sun Qin came back to her senses and quickly nodded. Even though she didn't know why she had been accepted, working here would earn her a large sum of money. This would go towards her tuition and help out her family, so she naturally felt quite happy.

"Thank you! I'll be going now!"

Sun Qin thanked the manager and left. After going out of the Heaven Awaken World, she told the good news to her family.

Zhao Fu went to another building that was being renovated, which belonged to the Merchant Alliance that Zhao Fu had created. The Merchant Alliance was called Drizzle Merchant Alliance, and it would manage all sorts of businesses. It was directly managed by Great Qin's Business Department.

This Merchant Alliance would own many different businesses, and it would generate massive profits. As such, it would be quite attention-catching. Zhao Fu planned to create four Merchant Alliances that would open up at different places and different times so that people wouldn't suspect that they all belonged to the same person.

At the same time, Zhao Fu wanted to create a few factions that mostly consisted of players. There would be many uses for them, and Zhao Fu would control them from the shadows, never revealing himself. However, Zhao Fu still hadn't met anyone who could help him with this plan, so he could only put this plan on hold for now.

After looking around Battle City, Zhao Fu went to the three other main cities and repeated the same things. Afterwards, he returned to the Great Qin Town feeling satisfied, and he prepared to open up a path to another region.