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 Zhao Fu smiled as he nodded and said, "Of course! How do we do it? What do you need Us to do?"

The Flower Fairy's face became slightly red as she brought Zhao Fu to the flower region. This was the place for nurturing Flower Devils, as well as where the World Flower was planted. There were flowers all over the place, which seemed to dress the ground with colorful clothes.

Moreover, because of various buffs, the flowers here would never wither and would bloom in all seasons, causing there to be a dense fragrance of flowers here.

This was undoubtedly the most suitable place to create the Flower World. By now, the World Flower had grown to 5,000 meters tall, but it still had not bloomed. The flower bud was still a jade-green color, and it would still be a while before it would bloom.

The Flower Fairy shyly started to set up a colorful magic formation of light within the flower region.

After the magic formation was set up, every single flower in the surroundings started to give off traces of different-colored auras, which flooded into the magic formation, and a powerful aura spread out from the magic formation.

The light from the magic formation dyed the sky all sorts of colors. The entire sky over the flower region became like this, creating a beautiful and fantastical scene.

The two of them stood at the center of the magic formation, and the Flower Fairy's face became red as she said nervously, "Your Majesty, we need to unify. My flower energy will enter your body, and your powerful flower energy will enter my body, which will create a flower development energy.

"At the same time, the combining of our flower energy will bring great benefits for both of us. You will be able to obtain flower source energy, while I can use your flower energy to recover my memories and power."

"Unify?" Zhao Fu looked at the embarrassed Flower Fairy's face and realized something as he looked at the Flower Fairy's delicate and beautiful face and her slim figure.

Sensing Zhao Fu's gaze, the Flower Fairy embarrassedly lowered her head and did not dare to meet Zhao Fu's gaze.

Zhao Fu naturally understood, and he smiled as he went up, hugged the Flower Fairy, and took off her clothes. At first, the Flower Fairy did not resist and shyly cooperated, but during the most important moment, she panicked. However, the two of them started to go about it within the flowers soon.

As the two of them united, the massive amount of flower energy that the magic formation gathered flowed into their bodies.

The Flower Fairy gave off an intense light and countless images of flowers appeared around her. There were cape jasmines, peach blossoms, sakura blossoms, etc. There were countless of them, and the area seemed to contain all the flowers of the world.

There seemed to be a sea of flowers in the surroundings, and within the sea of flowers, there were eight flowers that were quite hazy and gave off an ephemeral aura that was in the eight cardinal directions.

Based off the auras they were giving off, Zhao Fu could tell that one was the World Flower's aura, and another was the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's aura.

The two flowers were of the Seven Wondrous Flowers, and Zhao Fu was startled to find that the hazy flowers within the sea of flowers corresponded to the Seven Wondrous Flowers. However, there was an eighth one - could it be that there was an eighth Wondrous Flower that no one knew about?

Before Zhao Fu could work out what was happening, his body started to become hot as the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower in his throat gave off a black and violet light, seeming to come alive.

Countless demon women with seductive figures and beautiful appearances appeared, who twisted their bodies as they danced.

Zhao Fu's eyes became blood-red and his pupils all disappeared as two black Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers appeared within them. They gave off a chilling evil aura as if they had the power to bewitch countless creatures.

Zhao Fu's face also went through some changes; his face became more angled and handsome, and he gave off a dense evil aura and seemed slightly more feminine.


Suddenly, Zhao Fu's body trembled - the Six Desires Demonic Crystals within his body exploded out with enormous amounts of Six Desires Demonic Qi, and six rays of black light giving off sharp auras flew towards the sky.

The Six Desires Demon Gods appeared in the sky; Zhao Fu's Six Desires Celestial Art had broken through, and countless traces of Heaven and Earth Demonic Qi flowed into the Six Desires Demon Gods' bodies. The sky was covered with demonic clouds and a massive might spread out.

Now that the Art had broken through, Zhao Fu gained the ability to summon the Six Desires Demon Gods. However, things were not over just yet.

The Six Desires Demon Gods in the sky raised their hands, and a massive power blasted down and entered Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu's body seemed to be filled by that Six Desires Power, and his eyes once again went through changes.

Within the two Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, six small black runes appeared, and demonic qi circled around the flowers. Them gave off an attractive force, and it was as if looking into Zhao Fu's eyes would cause one to be sucked into darkness.

The Six Desires Power and the Evil Spirit Demon Abyss' power actually combined, which made Zhao Fu feel quite shocked. He had never thought that the two powers could fuse together.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Sensing the Six Desire Demonic Qi, the six statues within the Six Desires Celestial Sect gave off intense ripples, which passed through a few worlds, causing countless people to be shocked as a heaven-toppling aura spread out.

The six statues within the Six Desires Celestial Sect seemed to come to life. Their eyes were filled with dense killing intent, causing the people in the Six Desires Celestial Sect to be greatly shocked. They had never seen the Six Desires Celestials react so strongly before.

The various higher-beings were greatly dismayed, and one person sighed as he said, "That person's Six Desires Demonic Art has once again progressed; looks like he has harmed countless women. We should kill him before the situation gets beyond our control!"

Another higher-being nodded as he said in approval, "This Sovereign also feels that we should kill him as soon as possible. The reaction from the Six Desires Celestial Statues is dozens of times more intense from before, all because of that person's threat. I'm afraid that that person has encountered some heaven-defying opportunities in recent years."

The other higher-beings also agreed with this and decided to temporarily leave the Sect to find that legatee of the Six Desires Demonic Art and put an end to this matter.

This shocked many people - the six higher-beings personally acting to hunt down a single person was incredibly rare.

However, they knew that there was a lot of enmity between the Six Desires Celestial Sect and the Six Desires Demonic Art, so they could understand. Countless Sects expressed their support, wanting that scourge to be eliminated as soon as possible. However, all sorts of evil sects supported the legatee of the Six Desires Demonic Art.

Zhao Fu did not know about this, while the true legatee of the Six Desires Demonic Qi had tens of peerless beauties with him. Before, he had been traveling around and having fun as he conquered more beauties because the Six Desires Demonic Art required a large number of peerless beauties.

However, after hearing about this, he could only run about hiding, not understanding why this was happening. He had not done anything big, so why was the Six Desires Celestial Sect reacting so intensely, with the six higher-beings personally coming to kill him.