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 After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu looked quite shocked and did not understand what had happened. His body seemed to have been forcefully summoned back and the projection had failed, causing Zhao Fu's body to return.

What was going on? Zhao Fu could not understand because once he sent out a 100% projection, it would be extremely difficult to cancel. Ordinarily, it could only be canceled if Zhao Fu returned to his original location. However, it seemed that his projection had been forcefully canceled.

After examining himself, Zhao Fu found that the Projection Jade on his chest had been permeated by another power, which was incredibly powerful.

What made Zhao Fu feel quite pleased was that he had actually somehow brought back the Agriculture Goddess' Divinity that he had obtained from Lin Dapeng. After all, projections could not bring anything back.

Zhao Fu thought to himself and remembered the power that had helped him many times in Emperor Path College, which was quite similar to the power in the Projection Jade. Zhao Fu thought of something and headed to the Heaven Spirit Stele.

Just as expected, there were many messages from the higher-being, who Zhao Fu guessed was a teacher at Emperor Path College.

It was this higher-being who had forcefully canceled Zhao Fu's projection and allowed Zhao Fu to escape. The aura left in the Projection Jade was the same as the aura that had helped him in Emperor Path College.

"Boy, you've really impressed This Sovereign. You've made so much trouble right after going to Emperor Path College, and now This Sovereign somewhat regrets introducing you to Emperor Path College."

Reading the messages from the higher-being, Zhao Fu felt quite awkward. He had indeed caused a lot of trouble at Emperor Path College, but it was all completely unintentional. Who knew that Emperor Path College was so dangerous and had so many people who could easily crush him?

At the same time, there was no one else in the world who could make an expert who stood at the top of the world say such things.

Zhao Fu naturally knew that he had made trouble for the higher-being, so he apologized and said, "I'm sorry for troubling you!"

The higher-being had been waiting for Zhao Fu's reply, and seeing that he seemed quite apologetic, the higher-being felt less annoyed and reminded him, saying, "Now, you know how terrifying the top geniuses of the Heaven Domain are. You still have one year, so you need to quickly increase your power and enter Emperor Path College with the best core."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu asked, "Um, Senior, do you still want me to join Emperor Path College?"

Now, Zhao Fu did not quite want to join Emperor Path College anymore because he had caused so much trouble there. How could Zhao Fu dare to go there again? If he wasn't careful, he would be captured by Feng Qianghua.

It would also be possible for him to be caught by Prince Ziyun. If that happened, Zhao Fu would not have a chance at running, and he did not want to go with either of them. As such, Zhao Fu was somewhat unwilling to go to Emperor Path College.

After all, with his power, that place was not somewhere he could go unless he obtained massive strength.

After reading Zhao Fu's message, the higher-being guessed what Zhao Fu was thinking and said, "Yes, you should still come. At the very least, This Sovereign will be able to keep an eye out for you. You now have many top-tier factions after you, so if you don't have a faction protecting you, you won't be able to protect yourself.

"There are many curses similar to the Emperor Killer Curse, and you haven't even rid yourself of the Emperor Killer Curse. If more curses are cast on you, do you think you have any chance of surviving?"

This caused Zhao Fu to feel a chill in his heart. The dark shadow of the Emperor Killer Curse had been hanging over Zhao Fu this entire time, and he had almost given up before.

Zhao Fu had reduced the power of the Emperor Killer Curse through various methods, and if he was afflicted by a few more similar curses, he would not have any hope in surviving. Zhao Fu indeed needed a large faction to protect him.

The faction naturally could not be Great Qin. With Great Qin's strength, in front of the truly powerful factions, it would have a difficult time even protecting itself, and it would not be able to protect Zhao Fu at all. As such, Zhao Fu could only rely on another faction.

Even though there were Seven Great Colleges in total, meaning there were six other Colleges similar to Emperor Path College, they were simply too far away, and with his status as a Human, no one would give him protection. It would actually be more than 10 times more dangerous than the Emperor Path College.

As such, Zhao Fu's only option was Emperor Path College. Moreover, the higher-being from before said he could enter without even taking the examination.

If Zhao Fu agreed to him, would he not immediately become a student of Emperor Path College?

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu grinned and felt that he would not have to wait a whole year, and he was relieved that a big weight had been taken off his mind.

However, that higher-being immediately poured a bucket of cold water over Zhao Fu. "Emperor Path College's Chancellor has taken notice of you and told the teachers not to interfere. The offer that teacher made to you has been made void."

Emperor Path College's Chancellor was a Half-Step Celestial expert, and hearing that he had taken notice of him, Zhao Fu felt as if he had fallen into icy water. Zhao Fu felt goosebumps all over his body, and he felt that there were eyes staring at him from everywhere.

Facing such an existence, Zhao Fu did not dare to have any thoughts of resisting; even an Emperor Heaven Realm expert would not dare. That sort of existence had heaven-defying power.

How had he drawn the attention of such an existence? Zhao Fu felt incredibly shocked and had never thought that such a thing would happen. He wondered if it was because of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower.

"Senior, what does the Chancellor think of me?" Zhao Fu hesitantly asked.

The higher-being could immediately tell what Zhao Fu was thinking and laughed, "Don't worry, this is a good thing for you. If the Chancellor wanted to do anything to you, would you even have the right to resist?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt relieved. That was indeed the case - if an existence like that wanted to do something to him, he would not be able to resist at all.

"You should go to the Demon Domain in the future; when that time comes, you'll know the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's true effects."

Seeing this, Zhao Fu could not help but think about the Four Guardian Beasts and President of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group who had suggested for him to visit the Devil Domain.

Zhao Fu committed this to memory and once again thanked the higher-being.

Following this, Zhao Fu and the higher-being chatted for a bit longer before ending their talk.

Zhao Fu then ordered people to construct a temple for the Agriculture Goddess. He used the Divinity to summon a plain, simple, well-tempered, and beautiful woman. She was only an image right now and her intellect was not very developed, and she had a stiff expression.

Zhao Fu ordered people to sculpt a sculpture based on her looks and fused the Divinity into it. As long as she absorbed a large amount of faith energy, she would be able to regain her intellect and power.

This would be a massive help to Great Qin. In the future, Great Qin's agriculture would be relying on this Agriculture Goddess. With her protection, Great Qin's agriculture would have some protection; only then would they have a large amount of food.