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 Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and also quite delighted; he had never thought that the higher-being from Emperor Path College would say such a thing. Out of all of the choices, Emperor Path College was undoubtedly the best choice. He would not sacrifice anything and would not be restricted.

Moreover, he would not have to pass the examination and would be a special student. This would allow him to enter Emperor Path College ahead of time, and he would not have to wait until next year. This would save him a lot of trouble.

This was a stroke of good luck, and after thinking about it, Zhao Fu prepared to agree.

Feng Qianghua could tell what Zhao Fu was thinking. If he joined Emperor Path College, she would not have the ability to snatch him, so she immediately said, "Husband, if you choose the Human Phoenix Empire, you can immediately become the Imperial Concubine and wield great power. This is something countless people can only dream of, but you can obtain it easily. Moreover, This Young Empress promises that you will be my only man."

Jian Yiyue also understood that Zhao Fu would choose the Emperor Path College, so after hearing Feng Qianghua give that offer, she also said, "You possess a terrifying sword intent, and if you don't become a Sword Cultivator, that will be too much of a pity. If you choose the Sword Sect, I can ask the Sect Master to choose you as his Legacy Disciple. No one will dare to touch you."

Hearing the two others give such good conditions, Prince Ziyun hurriedly cried out, "Beloved, if you choose This Prince, everything This Prince has will be yours. Trust This Prince; there's no one in this world who will love you more than This Prince."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu hesitated. Jian Yiyue's offer was quite tempting, but the two others' offers were not even worth thinking about.

The handsome-looking young man slightly frowned as he said, "If you choose Emperor Path College, you will not only be a special student, but This Sovereign will also take you as a disciple and help you experience the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth."

This caused countless people to cry out because becoming the disciple of a higher-being was something that countless people could only dream about. What's more, a higher-being was taking the initiative.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; this option was clearly better. Thinking about having a higher-being protecting him and providing unimaginable benefits, Zhao Fu felt quite tempted. However, it seemed that the higher-being did not truly want to take him as a disciple and had other goals. This caused Zhao Fu to hesitate.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's body trembled and he started to disappear, causing everyone outside to look quite shocked. Only then did they realize that Zhao Fu had only come here through a projection.

Following this, everyone could only watch on as Zhao Fu gradually faded, and because of the restriction blocking them, there was nothing they could do about this.

However, what was good was that Zhao Fu had not been able to make a decision, so he did not belong to any faction. This meant that they still had an opportunity to obtain Zhao Fu.

Within a splendorous palace, a noble and beautiful middle-aged woman giving off a dense Empress' domineeringness sat on a phoenix throne and read through imperial memorials with a serious expression.

"Imperial Mother!" Feng Qianghua came in from outside and called out unhappily.

The beautiful woman lightly laughed and looked at Feng Qianghua as she said, "Who made my daughter unhappy? Was it that man? To be able to make my daughter willingly call him husband, he's quite impressive."

This beautiful woman was naturally Feng Qianghua's mother, the Empress of the Human Phoenix Empire. She was called Feng Qianhuang and had higher-being level power.

She had heard about what had happened at Emperor Path College and was quite shocked at Feng Qianghua publicly announcing that a man would be her Imperial Concubine. She could not understand why her daughter would do such a thing.

Feng Qianghua's face became slightly red as she said, "Imperial Mother, if it wasn't for the fact that he has the highest grade of Dragon Phoenix and a Divine Bloodline, I wouldn't be interested in him!"

"Highest grade of Dragon Phoenix? Divine Bloodline?" Those two things caused the beautiful woman to feel quite shocked and her expression instantly became serious. Ordinarily, Dragon Phoenixes were incredibly rare while the highest grade of Dragon Phoenixes were like legends.

If Feng Qianghua had the highest grade of Dragon Phoenix supporting her, after ascending to the throne, there would be massive benefits for both her and the entire Human Phoenix Empire. It would be tens, if not hundreds, of times more useful than ordinary Phoenix Qi.

Just this was enough to make her incredibly shocked. When she heard of the Divine Bloodline, she became serious.

With the Human Phoenix Empire's strength, it ranked in the top few factions of the Human Race. However, against a Holy Empire, it would be incredibly wary. It was not just the Human Phoenix Empire; all factions would take Holy Empires incredibly seriously.

Divine Bloodlines were something that only the Holy Sons of Holy Empires would have, and they reigned above countless Sovereign Bloodlines. Feng Qianhuang could not help but take this seriously.

"Qianghua! Tell me in detail just what happened." Feng Qianghua expected her mother to act in such a way because a Divine Bloodline was an extraordinary matter, so she told her mother everything.

"This fellow's quite interesting. He only has Stage 9 Cultivation and yet he dares to run over to Emperor Path College and cause so many things. He even caused Emperor Path College to break precedent and want to take him in as a special student. If I met this sort of amazing man, I would also want him as my Imperial Concubine." After hearing Feng Qianghua out, Feng Qianhuang lightly laughed, and her beautiful smile was incredibly radiant, not inferior to Feng Qianghua's at all.

Feng Qianghua lightly harrumphed and said, "Imperial Mother, I'm planning to use the Human Phoenix Empire's power to find him at all costs."

"Mm, I give you permission. However, you have to be careful and try not to hurt him. It's possible that his background is quite complicated," Feng Qianhuang lightly nodded as she reminded Feng Qianghua.

Feng Qianghua smiled and nodded. She thought of something and asked, "Also, Imperial Mother, that man intruded into the Demon Land and an Evil Spirit Abyss Flower appeared in his throat; what does that mean?"

Feng Qianhuang knew about this, and she replied, "It's a kind of legacy, but it's a legacy of power that was taken by force. That's most likely why Emperor Path College's Chancellor sealed that old monster in there. However, it was actually obtained by an outsider. In order to keep that power, the higher-being tried to recruit him as a special student."

"Is that power very terrifying?" Hearing this, Feng Qianghua asked in curiosity.

Feng Qianhuang smiled as she nodded, "That old monster's original body was the first Evil Spirit Abyss Flower, and it has a terrifying power. No one below the Half-Step Celestial realm can suppress him. There's a prophecy in the Demon World: The Evil Spirit flower booms, Demonic Qi becomes chaotic; ten thousand Demons slay each other, a disaster for the Demon Domain."

"After you bring him back, make sure you treat him well; his potential is definitely no lower than yours. Do you understand?"

Feng Qianghua smiled and nodded. She then went to mobilize the Human Phoenix Empire's full force to search for Zhao Fu.

This caused countless people to feel incredibly shocked; even the powerful Human Phoenix Empire was going all out to find a man. It was the first time anyone had seen the Human Phoenix Empire acting like this, and they all felt quite curious about the man the Human Phoenix Empire was searching for.