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 "Old man, are you sure you're not doing something wrong? It doesn't feel painful at all. Instead, it feels quite comfortable." Now that Zhao Fu knew that the old man was not going to let him off and wanted to kill him, Zhao Fu's tone was no longer courteous, and he was instead mocking him.

This caused the old monster to feel quite furious, and he exploded out with even more intense demonic qi that berserkly flooded into Zhao Fu's body. He no longer wasted any words with Zhao Fu and focused on refining Zhao Fu into a puppet clone.

The sky was affected by the old monster, and demonic power poured down, entering Zhao Fu's body.

Shockwaves continuously rippled out from here, each one more powerful than the previous one. The terrifying power caused countless people's hands and feet to feel cold, and their bodies uncontrollably shivered as they felt immense terror.

Jian Yiyue and the others had grim expressions. From these shockwaves, it seemed that Zhao Fu's chances of surviving were quite low, and he might already be dead.

A wave of demonic qi flowed into Zhao Fu's body from below while another flowed into him from above. Even though the demonic qi was incredibly ferocious and seemed quite terrifying, after entering Zhao Fu's body, it became abnormally gentle and gave Zhao Fu a comfortable feeling.

"Old man, how come you're so trash? I don't feel any pain at all, and it feels great! Don't tell me you're too weak, wanting to use this bit of power to try to take over my body?" Zhao Fu continued to mock.

By now, the old monster sensed that something was off and quickly tried to stop, but he found that he could not stop. It was not because of Zhao Fu but because of the magic formation.

The old monster thought of something and cursed angrily, "Jiulou, you plotted against This Old Man. If This Old Man makes it out, I'll definitely make you suffer a terrible end."

Hearing the old monster's cursing, he felt that the situation was different than what he expected. However, given that they were enemies, the angrier the old monster was, the more pleased Zhao Fu was.

In an underground space, there was a bald-headed old man whose skin looked like plant matter. His hands continuously performed hand seals, wanting to stop his power from leaking out. It was as if someone had cut open a hole in his body and his power was forcefully being sucked out.

Seeing that there was no way to stop this, the old man's expression became savage and he tried to use his will to kill Zhao Fu to prevent anything unexpected from happening.


The magic formation on the ground rapidly spun to the point that it could not be seen by the naked eye. A massive amount of power blasted onto the old man's body, causing it to tremble. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and he fell onto the ground.

A formless hand grabbed the old man's body, sucking out traces of blood from his body. The old man's face instantly became pale and despite how much he struggled, he could not break free at all.

The traces of blood floated upwards and floated out of the black magic formation and entered Zhao Fu's body. Now, Zhao Fu's body felt a sting of pain. However, this pain was not very strong and subsided after a short while.

However, Zhao Fu now felt a burning sensation in his throat as a black flower appeared there. This black flower was completely black and looked somewhat like a rose, and it gave off an intense demonic qi.

What was shocking was that on every black petal, there were countless bewitching demon women dancing. The black flower also had a bewitching effect that could easily control other people's souls.

This was one of the world's Seven Wondrous Flowers, the 'Evil Spirit Abyss Flower!'

After the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower appeared in Zhao Fu's throat, the black magic formation on the ground gradually stopped, and the demonic qi in the surroundings disappeared, as did the abnormal signs. The old man in the underground space fell unconscious and seemed much weaker.

Zhao Fu regained control of his body, but looking at the large number of people outside the restriction, he could not help but gulp in shock. There was an ocean of people outside, and it would be impossible for him to escape.

There was Jian Yiyue, Feng Qianghua, Prince Ziyun, and two higher-beings. Zhao Fu could not resist any of them. After having survived this ordeal, Zhao Fu had been quite happy, but after looking outside, those feelings immediately disappeared.

After the demonic qi within the restriction disappeared, everyone could see inside the restriction and felt quite shocked to see that Zhao Fu was unharmed.

Feng Qianghua let out a sigh of relief and smiled as she said, "Husband, hurry up and come out; I'll take you back to the Human Phoenix Empire."

Hearing how affectionately Feng Qianghua called out to Zhao Fu, even calling him husband, everyone's hearts became numb and felt immense admiration. Many furious and envious gazes fell onto Zhao Fu's body.

If looks could kill, Zhao Fu would have died over 100,000 times, and there would be nothing remaining.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu felt goosebumps all over his body and he felt quite disgusted. He remembered how she had treated him, and seeing that they could not come in, he let out a sigh of relief.

Jian Yiyue said coldly, "Come out and come back with me to the Sword Sect. I promise I won't harm you and there won't be anyone who will be able to harm you."

Prince Ziyun also shouted loudly, "Beloved, you should know how This Prince feels towards you; I'm definitely more devoted than those two. This Prince will also do his best to protect you and won't let anyone harm you."

Those words caused countless people to feel quite disgusted, and they imagined that something definitely had happened between them.

Now, Zhao Fu faced three choices, none of which were good. The best out of them was choosing Jian Yiyue, as he would not have to give up his body.

"Cough, cough!" The handsome-looking young man in white saw the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower in Zhao Fu's throat and lightly coughed before saying, "This young man is connected to Emperor Path College by destiny, how about joining Emperor Path College? This Sovereign has the authority to make this decision, and you can join without passing the examination as a special student."

This immediately sent the surroundings into an uproar. It was not just Feng Qianghua and the others who wanted this man, even Emperor Path College's higher-beings personally invited him to join Emperor Path College. This was incredibly rare, and anyone who wasn't present would not believe such a thing.

Feng Qianghua and the others' faces became pale; they had never thought that Emperor Path College would get involved as well. The situation had become quite complicated, and they had no idea how Zhao Fu would choose.

There were three people within the crowd who were incredibly shocked. The first was Zang Mingyue - he recognized Zhao Fu and had never thought that they would meet again here. He told Zang Wuyue about this, causing Zang Wuyue to feel quite shocked as well.

Now that this person had received invitations from Emperor Path College, Human Phoenix Empire, and Sword Sect, all of which were more powerful than their own faction, they understood why Zhao Fu had such powerful Heaven's Secrets and why he had the Emperor Killer Curse. Everything had a reason.

The third person was naturally Bai Haoran. It was the first time he felt such despair in his heart, due to being left so far behind. No matter where it was, that person was extraordinary and shined like a brilliant sun.