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 This place was about 1,000 meters wide and the ground was made out of black bricks. There was a massive black magic formation at the center, which gave off an intense demonic light, and there was a tall wall surrounding here.

There was an incredibly powerful restriction here. It did not seem to obstruct Zhao Fu, but it blocked everyone else outside. This allowed Zhao Fu to avoid his pursuers for now.

This place had massive amounts of demonic qi, which felt quite cold and evil. At a glance, Zhao Fu could tell it was not a good place, and Zhao Fu did not want to continue making trouble and planned to quickly leave.

"Come over here!" An enormous will flowed into Zhao Fu's head, causing his body to walk towards the black magic formation without his control.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked and inwardly cursed. He had come to another place that he shouldn't be in, and that massive will was something that he could not resist.

"Sir, this lowly one unintentionally intruded; please allow this lowly one to leave." By now, Zhao Fu had lost count of how many times he had said such a thing; how come all of Emperor Path College was so dangerous? Moreover, everyone he encountered was so domineering. Facing this massive will, Zhao Fu could not help but feel afraid and nervous.

This sort of will was something that only a higher-being could give off, making it so that Zhao Fu could not resist at all, so he could only cry out.

"Hmph! Allow you to leave? You must be dreaming. This Old Man sensed that your bloodline is a Divine Bloodline. Not only do you have a terrifying bloodline, but you also have some even more terrifying powers within your body. This Old Man is going to refine you into a clone."

An eerie and twisted voice of an old man sounded out. Only now did Zhao Fu realize that the magic formation was a sealing formation, which sealed an incredibly terrifying old monster.

"What's with this crappy College? It has such a powerful old monster sealed here; can't they tighten the security around it? Set up some more restrictions around it. How can they allow anyone to just enter here?" Zhao Fu felt quite angry and quite unlucky; how could he have come to another place like this? Moreover, his life was yet again in danger. At this point, Zhao Fu did not want to come to Emperor Path College again.

Zhao Fu's body reached the center of the black magic formation without his control and he sat down cross-legged. The black magic formation started to spin as a massive demonic might spread out, causing the surrounding space to seem to space.

The demonic qi in the surroundings started to madly gather, and thick demonic clouds covered the entire sky. Low rumblings to thunder sounded out within the clouds as black clouds giving off lightning appeared. They gave off immense might as they pressed down, making it difficult for people to breathe.

The dark and evil demonic qi caused the temperature to rapidly plummet, making it seem like it was winter, and it gave off an incredibly terrifying feeling.

The abnormal signs from here spread throughout all of Emperor Path College. Sensing this terrifying demonic intent, countless teachers and students' expressions fell as they hurried over.

By now, many people had gathered here as they looked up at the terrifying abnormal signs in the sky. This included Feng Qianghua and Jian Yiyue.

"Did you personally see him enter here?" Feng Qianghua asked a group of people coldly with a serious expression.

One person nodded in fear and said, "We saw him go in with our own eyes, but we were blocked by a restriction when we tried to follow him."

"How can someone enter that place?" Jian Yiyue said as she frowned. She could not understand because even though that place looked quite ordinary, there were powerful restrictions there and no one had entered before. She had never heard of such a thing before.

"What? This Prince's beloved is trapped in there?" A beautiful-looking young man in violet appeared, looking quite worried as he looked into the restriction.

Hearing these words, Feng Qianghua felt quite displeased, and she looked at Prince Ziyun as she said, "Ziyun, he is This Young Empress' Imperial Concubine, so you'd best not have any thoughts. Otherwise, don't blame This Young Empress for not showing any courtesy."


A massive sword hum sounded out as Jian Yiyue slashed out, causing a massive sword light to fly towards the restriction. However, the restriction was completely unaffected.

Feng Qianghua also vigorously slashed out with her saber. A massive saber light bringing with it a ferocious saber wind slashed out, seeming like it could destroy everything. However, when it struck against the restriction, it seemed like cotton hitting against a steel wall, and there was no reaction at all.

Both Jian Yiyue and Feng Qianghua had power that surpassed the Emperor Heaven Realm, yet they were unable to shake the restriction at all; this showed just how terrifying the restriction was.

If even they could not shake it, Prince Ziyun definitely would not be able to. He ignored Feng Qianghua's words and said to the people next to him, "Hurry and call teacher! This isn't something students can destroy."

Just as he finished speaking, the black-robed middle-aged man and the handsome-looking young man from before appeared with serious expressions.

Seeing them appear, Feng Qianghua looked delighted and said, "Teachers, please open the restriction and rescue This Young Empress' Imperial Concubine; This Young Empress will be greatly indebted to you."

The handsome-looking young man shook his head with a grim expression, "This Sovereign cannot open the restriction here either. The restriction here was set down by the old Chancellor?"

Hearing this, everyone gasped. Even though they had never met that mysterious old Chancellor, they knew that he was half a step into the Celestial realm.

A restriction set down by him could not be broken by ordinary higher-beings. After all, at that level, he already had some Celestial power that belonged to true Celestials.

Looking at the ripples coming from within the restriction, it was evident that something terrifying was happening inside. However, since the restriction could not be opened, did that mean Zhao Fu might die inside?

Feng Qianghua and the others felt quite worried, as well as pained and helpless. A person so important to them might die inside so easily; it was such a waste.

Zhao Fu sat cross-legged at the center of the black magic formation and he felt quite terrified. He tried to use all sorts of methods to break free of that will's control, but none of them were effective. Could it be that he really was going to die here?


An enormous wave of demonic power erupted out of the ground like a volcanic eruption, and a pillar of black light shot into the sky, causing the sky to tremble. Countless traces of demonic qi flowed into Zhao Fu's body through the pillar of light.

The massive amount of demonic power also madly flooded into Zhao Fu's body.

"Boy, is it painful to have demonic qi invade your body? Soon, you will become This Old Man's puppet clone; this is your glory," the eerie and twisted voice sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind, accompanied by a wicked laugh.

However, Zhao Fu was quite startled. The demonic qi and demonic power flowing into his body did not cause him any pain, and instead felt quite comfortable, as if he was taking a bath. Zhao Fu did not know if it was because he had eaten the Demon Primogenitor finger or because he had fused with a Demon God Divinity.