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A thud echoed as Evil Tyrant's body half-kneeled before collapsing to the ground, and blood started to flow out from him. His expression before he had died was one of disbelief - he had died at the hands of someone who had cultivated for only a few days.

Everyone present also looked incredibly shocked. All they saw was Ge Nia raise his hand, and an arc of sword light flashed before everything had ended. It was just that simple, just that fast.

"Is this really possible for someone who has only cultivated for a few days?" The audience could not believe their eyes. The feeling that Ge Nia gave them was one of an extremely strong expert, not that of a newbie.

Some who were perceptive could tell that Ge Nia had indeed only cultivated for a few days, and after they saw the sword light he had unleashed, they could tell that his power came from his sword techniques. From a single glance, they could tell that he was on the level of a master, and he could even start his own sect.

Indeed, Ge Nia was this powerful because of his sword skills. Back then, Ge Nia was one of the most famous swordsmen under the heavens, and he pursued the way of the sword his entire life. That experience seemed to have passed on to this life.

"What powerful sword skills!" the MC said. Even the MC couldn't help but gasp when he saw those sword skills.

The big man in charge of registrations stared at Ge Nia with wide eyes, and he was incredibly shocked. He had never expected Ge Nia to be so powerful, and he had thought that Ge Nia was doomed. Hearing the MC's words, he couldn't help but nod.

All of the spectators' attitudes immediately changed upon seeing how powerful Ge Nia was. After a brief spell of silence, all of the spectators started to shout his name, "Sword Training! Sword Training! Sword Training..."

It was extremely lively within the Arena, and Zhao Fu stood with his hands behind his back as he looked at Ge Nia and smiled. He wasn't shocked at all that Ge Nia could kill Evil Tyrant so easily - this was all within his expectations.

The MC walked to the stage and yelled, "As everyone can tell, the victor... is Sword Training!"

However, what came next left most people feeling quite bitter. Almost everyone had bet on Evil Tyrant, and since Ge Nia had won, most of them had lost quite a bit of money.

However, Zhao Fu had made quite a large sum. Because the odds were 30 times for Ge Nia, Zhao Fu's 1,000 gold coins had turned onto 30,000 gold coins.

Since the battle had ended quite quickly and the spectators were still quite excited, the big man and the MC quickly talked between themselves. The big man ran to Zhao Fu's side and asked, "Brother, do you want your subordinate to fight a few more rounds?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it. That match could not even serve as a warmup for Ge Nia, so he nodded as he said, "Find five Stage 0-4 people and get them to fight him together!"

Hearing this, the big man was quite shocked, but he still agreed nonetheless. After all, he realized that he could not gauge Ge Nia's true strength at all.

Following this, the second match started. Ge Nia's opponents all looked quite different: some were tall; some were short; some were decent-looking; and some were quite ugly. However, they all had one thing in common, which was that they had extremely savage and evil looks in their eyes. None of them were good people.

Some of them had only just broken through to Stage 0-4, while others were at the peak of Stage 0-4 and were incredibly close to stepping into Stage 0-5. Originally, when the big man had asked them if they would like to fight Ge Nia, they had refused. However, after finding out that it would be the five of them fighting him together, they readily agreed.

With five of them, they felt quite confident. No matter how powerful Ge Nia's sword skills were, he was still a newbie who had only cultivated for a few days. They thought that Evil Tyrant had been too careless, and they were certain that they would not make the same mistake.

If it was before, the spectators would have cursed angrily if they saw five Stage 0-4 people fighting against someone who was not even at Stage 0-1. They would have said that the match was rigged or that the fighters were being shameless.

However, all of them stared at Ge Nia and wanted to see just how strong this mysterious, cloaked person was. All of them were filled with hope and expectation.

As the MC announced that the battle had begun, the five people turned into black blurs and charged at Ge Nia, immediately surrounding him.

Despite being surrounded, Ge Nia continued to stand his ground, holding his sword by his side and looking like a block of wood.

The five people looked at Ge Nia seriously, walking around him and looking for an opening, but they could not find anything.

The spectators also watched seriously, and they did not say anything because they knew how amazing this fight was going to be.

After a short while, one of the people finally acted. He raised his large saber and chopped at Ge Nia from behind.

At this moment, Ge Nia also moved. He spun and slashed out with his sword, creating an icy sword light. The person who had attacked Ge Nia felt a chill in his heart and his hairs stood on end, and before he was able to hit Ge Nia, his head flew high into the air.

Another person grasped this opportunity, and he tried to stab Ge Nia with his sword.

In response, Ge Nia turned his body, causing the sword to stab past him. He then swung his sword downwards, causing that person's body to be split from his left arm to his waist. Blood flew into the air as the two halves of that person's body separated and fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, a third person attacked, driving his spear towards Ge Nia. The spear shot out as fast as lightning towards Ge Nia's heart.

This was the person who was incredibly close to breaking through to Stage 0-5, and his gaze was incredibly vicious. He had attacked the instant that Ge Nia had started to retaliate against the second person, and he had attacked incredibly quickly. Seeing this, the spectators couldn't help but gasp.

However, just as the spear was going to drive into Ge Nia, he flipped backwards. Not only did he dodge the attack, but he also slashed out with his sword in mid-air.


A sword light flashed, and a bloody line appeared across that person's face as he fell to the ground.

Another one of the fighters also rushed up, but in the next second, Ge Nia landed and did not even bother looking at him before thrusting his sword into the person's neck. That person held his neck with his hands and struggled on the ground in pain for a little while before dying. Finally, Ge Nia coldly looked at the last person.

This person was a relatively skinny youth who had only just broken through to Stage 0-4. He had joined for an easy victory, and he hadn't expected Ge Nia to be so powerful.

Feeling Ge Nia's icy gaze fall on him, a wave of terror spread through his body, and he started to tremble. He threw down his weapon, knelt on the ground, and begged for his life, screaming 'surrender.' Seeing this, Ge Nia did not make a move against him.

In the blink of an eye, yet another battle had concluded. The Arena once again fell completely silent, and the spectators stared wide-eyed at the cloaked, mysterious person, who was holding a sword dripping with blood and giving off a cold and murderous aura.

The spectators now no longer called him Sword Training but Sword Demon!