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 The aura in the sky disappeared, and Feng Qianghua coldly harrumphed as she looked at Lin Dapeng and Xiang Qianqian.

Lin Dapeng was given a big fright and he hurriedly explained that he did not know Zhao Fu and that he had only bumped into Zhao Fu.

There was no friendship between him and Zhao Fu, so he naturally could not help Zhao Fu. Facing Feng Qianghua, if she wanted to kill him, even his family would not dare to say anything because Feng Qianghua's identity was simply too terrifying.

Feng Qianghua then turned her gaze to Xiang Qianqian. Xiang Qianqian did not dare to hide anything, and she told her about what had happened between her and Zhao Fu before.

"What a licentious bastard; he has such abilities to seduce women." after hearing Xiang Qianqian's explanation and looking at her damp skirt, Feng Qianghua angrily cursed before flying away.

At the same time, the power restricting the two people disappeared, and Lin Dapeng hurriedly left, not daring to stay for an extra moment.

Xiang Qianqian also left while thinking about what Zhao Fu had just done to her, causing her face to turn red and making her seem quite enticing. At the same time, she felt quite angry and unresigned, wanting Zhao Fu to ferociously do her.

Zhao Fu teleported 10,000 meters away, and before he could react, he was dragged by a formless power over to a woman who was sitting cross-legged.

This woman's looks were essentially perfect, and they were not much inferior to that of Feng Qianghua's. She had a pair of sword-like eyebrows, making her seem quite valiant. She looked somewhat like Jian Liuyue, especially the almost-corporeal sword intent that she gave off.

Before Zhao Fu could react, his body started to fall towards her, making it look like he was leaping towards her. The woman suddenly opened her eyes and a sword light shot out as a massive sword qi sent Zhao Fu flying backwards, crashing into a wall a few hundred meters away. The wall collapsed, causing Zhao Fu to cough up a large mouthful of blood.

Zhao Fu was already injured, and after taking such an immense blow, he was now hurt quite badly.

This woman was the third-ranked Jian Yiyue on the Heaven Rankings, and she had once been third-ranked on the beauty rankings. She was Jian Liuyue's older sister.

"Who are you? Why have you come to my courtyard?" Jian Yiyue coldly looked at Zhao Fu as she spoke with a voice that seemed to be filled with sword intent that could cut people's skin.

Zhao Fu inwardly cursed; how did he run into another powerful person. Zhao Fu did not know who this woman was, but sensing her aura, he could tell that she was actually slightly stronger than even Feng Qianghua.

"I apologize, I accidentally came here. I'll depart immediately." Zhao Fu got up from the ground with great difficulty. Because he was the one who had intruded and seemingly attacked by leaping at her, he did not dare to say much.

Jian Yiyue coldly looked at Zhao Fu and did not do anything, allowing him to leave as she slowly closed her eyes.

However, Zhao Fu suddenly felt quite uncomfortable because that sword energy that had hit him was invading his body, making it seem like there was a sword cutting apart his body.


A sword hum tore through the sky as a blood-red sword mark appeared on Zhao Fu's forehead. An incredibly terrifying, berserk and murderous black and blood-red sword intent flooded out.

Under the influence of Jian Yiyue's sword energy, the Killing Sword Intent within Zhao Fu's body went out of control, bursting out and resisting that terrifying sword energy's invasion.

Sensing this massive wave of sword intent, Jian Yiyue once again opened her eyes. Her body erupted out with a white sword intent, which rushed out to meet Zhao Fu's Killing Sword Intent.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu's Killing Sword Intent was dispersed by the white sword intent. Even though Zhao Fu's Killing Sword Intent was not weak, his cultivation was pitifully low, so it was not a match for the white sword intent.

The flood-like white sword intent coldly rushed towards Zhao Fu. However, how could the Killing Sword Intent that could kill gods be taken down so easily?


Zhao Fu's body gave off an intense black and blood-red light as he turned into a ray of powerful sword light and gave off a sharp aura and shot into the sky.

An explosion sounded out as the Emperor Killing Sword World trembled. Massive amounts of Killing Sword Intent madly gathered, causing the sky to be gradually dyed red. An enormous wave of Killing Sword Intent bringing with it world-destroying power poured down, shaking the surroundings.

The white sword intent was instantly inundated by the black and blood-red sword intent, which then surged towards Jian Yiyue like an unrestrained beast.

Jian Yiyue's expression was quite serious, and she felt a trace of fear. She did not fear the sword intent coming at her, as that kind of attack could not harm her. What she feared was the nature of the sword intent itself, which was a terrifying and extreme kind of sword intent.


Jian Yiyue slashed out with her finger and a white arc of light containing unimaginable power slashed out, destroying the incoming black and blood-red sword intent.

By now, Zhao Fu had forcefully suppressed the Killing Sword Intent, and his expression was quite grim, as he had offended yet another powerful figure.

The Nothingness Cloak could teleport three times per day, and he had already used it twice today. Facing this kind of situation, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and used the third teleportation.


A white sword light shot over, containing incredibly sharp power. It tore apart the space, causing Zhao Fu's teleportation to fail.

"Why are you running?" Jian Yiyue said as she coldly looked at Zhao Fu.

Those words felt quite familiar, and Zhao Fu bitterly smiled. He inwardly sighed at how unlucky he was, and he replied, "Just then this lowly one was unable to control his power. I deeply apologize!"

Jian Yiyue coldly spoke, "I can let go of that matter, but you have to tell me just who you are and how you have such terrifying sword intent. What is the name of that sword intent?"

Zhao Fu felt quite troubled because his identity and the matter of the Killing Sword Intent could not be leaked, or else it would be quite dangerous. Great Qin might even be dragged in.

Zhao Fu could only apologize and say, "I apologize, but this lowly one cannot say."

Jian Yiyue's expression did not change and she lightly nodded as she said with a tone that allowed for no negotiation, "Then you can stay here. After I've seen through your sword intent, you may leave."

"Fudge, are all the people in Emperor Path College so domineering? So annoying!" Hearing that Jian Yiyue wanted to force him to stay here, Zhao Fu could not help but inwardly curse. How could Zhao Fu's Killing Sword Intent be something that could be seen through easily? Didn't that mean he would have to stay here forever?