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 "That's right, that guy ran away, forcing Feng Qianghua to order her female attendants to catch him. Honestly, that guy is so stupid; Feng Qianghua is the number one beauty in the Human Domain, and she is the Young Empress of the Human Phoenix Empire. In the future, she'll rule the Empire."

"She's not just peerlessly beautiful but also has extraordinary bearings as well, and she wields great power. Countless people would dream of being hers, yet that guy refused; it's simply ridiculous," another person said bitterly.

The asker of the question said in envy and admiration, "That's so infuriating! I wish that chance was given to me. As long as I could have her, I'd do anything and would even accept all of her other Concubines."

Another person also nodded in agreement. It was because Feng Qianghua was simply too beautiful and was the Legatee of her Empire. What's more, it was one of the most powerful Empires in the Human Domain.

As the number one beauty in the Emperor Path College, just her suffocating beauty was enough to make countless men and women fall for her, and a single sentence from her would be enough for people to even die for her.

However, hearing that she had chosen a man to be her Imperial Concubine, countless people felt that their worlds were collapsing, and they felt as if their hearts were being torn apart.

"Brother, they seem to all be talking about you." Lin Dapeng looked incredibly shocked as he whispered to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu replied resolutely, "They're not, you've got the wrong person."

Lin Dapeng laughed, "Then I'll just talk a bit louder and see if you're that person or not!"

Zhao Fu glared at him and said, "Do you want me to silence you?"

Lin Dapeng smiled confidently, saying, "Brother, you don't want to make a scene right? If you tell me how you opened the box, I'll help you leave Emperor Path College. Let me remind you that the College is incredibly big, and it's easy to get lost!"

Zhao Fu sighed and realized that he had no idea where he was, so he said helplessly, "I have a special bloodline that allowed me to open the box. The box was something for summoning the Six Paths Demon Images."

"What kind of bloodline is that?" Lin Dapeng continued to ask in curiosity.

Zhao Fu restored the appearance of his right eye, and the six gray dots within it quickly spun as a Six Paths of Reincarnation Power spread out like a gray vortex.

Lin Dapeng's hairs stood on end as a massive eerie aura covered him. He felt as if his soul was going to be sucked into Zhao Fu's eyes.

"It's this bloodline, something that's impossible for you to have," Zhao Fu said calmly as his right eye once again became a normal-looking eye.

Lin Dapeng looked incredibly shocked, "That's... a Six Paths... of Reincarnation... Bloodline?"

Zhao Fu lightly harrumphed, acknowledging it.

Lin Dapeng continued to ask in shock, "Just who are you? How could you have the supreme bloodline of the Underworld?"

Zhao Fu did not reply and said, "Now, you should fulfil your promise and take me to leave the Emperor Path College."

Lin Dapeng thought about it and nodded, saying, "Then follow me. Also, you're here to visit, so does that mean you're planning to participate in the examination next year and become a student?"

Zhao Fu followed Lin Dapeng and nodded.

Lin Dapeng smiled and his tone became slightly more courteous, "In that case, please take care of me in the future, brother."

"Hurry up and take me out of the College; I don't want to be caught by those people," Zhao Fu said.

Only then did Lin Dapeng remember that Zhao Fu was being hunted down by a few groups of people, so he nodded and quickly led Zhao Fu forwards.

However, before they were able to get very far, they were forced to stop again. It was a bewitching and peerlessly beautiful woman; it was the Ten Thousand Desire Palace's Xiang Qianqian.

"You, don't you know I've been looking for you for so long?" Xiang Qianqian said as she looked at Zhao Fu with discontent.

Looking at this incredibly enticing woman, Lin Dapeng instinctively stared with wide eyes and gulped. He assumed that this was Zhao Fu's woman, and he immediately retreated to the side.

Zhao Fu frowned and said to Lin Dapeng, "I don't know this woman, just ignore her and take me out."

Lin Dapeng felt quite surprised and looked at Xiang Qianqian.

Xiang Qianqian angrily pouted and said, "You heartless rat, even though we knew from our gazes that I want you and you want me, you're acting like this. It was so hard for me to slip away from my husband to find you."

Lin Dapeng currently felt quite dumbfounded. This woman had a husband? This situation seemed quite complicated.

Zhao Fu was expressionless, and he knew that she was a big headache so he said coldly, "You're wrong; I don't have any interest in you."

"Is that so?" Xiang Qianqian was quite displeased with Zhao Fu's attitude and she leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace. Zhao Fu's Six Desires Demonic Qi lost control, causing him to lose control and hug her, and his hands started to roam.

Xiang Qianqian tightly hugged Zhao Fu as she looked quite pleased, sensing Zhao Fu's body's reaction. She happily whispered, "Alright, you bastard, I won't be angry anymore. Just hurry up and do me."

Lin Dapeng was too embarrassed to watch on any further and planned to leave. Zhao Fu could not understand why Xiang Qianqian elicited such a reaction from him - no, the Six Desires Demonic Qi.

Zhao Fu bit his tongue, and the immense pain caused Zhao Fu's mind to become clear, and he tried to push away Xiang Qianqian.


An enormous aura descended, and the sky was covered by golden light. There seemed to be countless phoenixes flying in the air, and a figure appeared - it was Feng Qianghua.

Seeing this scene, Feng Qianghua's peerlessly beautiful face became cold. She stretched out a finger, and just as Zhao Fu pushed Xiang Qianqian away, a massive force slammed into him, causing him to fall to the ground and cough up a large mouthful of blood.

Xiang Qianqian felt incredibly touched, thinking that Zhao Fu had pushed her away to save her.

"You bastard, you dare to be so licentious and betray This Young Empress to act cosy with another woman? Do you acknowledge that you deserve to die a thousand times?" a bone-chillingly cold voice sounded out as Feng Qianghua looked at Zhao Fu coldly.

Feng Qianghua was acting as if she was a man who had seen his wife having an affair with another person. Even though Zhao Fu was not married to her, she had already claimed him as her own and had announced that he would be her Imperial Concubine.

Lin Dapeng and Xiang Qianqian's faces both became pale. They could sense that Feng Qianghua's aura was beyond the Emperor Heaven Realm, and she could casually kill them.

Zhao Fu fell to the ground, feeling incredibly angry. He glared at Feng Qianghua as he cursed, "Are you crazy, you madwoman? I don't belong to you. This Emperor's harem has countless beauties; you think you're good enough for me?"

"Trash!" A cold voice sounded out, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet, and Zhao Fu was once again sent flying.