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 After getting the Divinity, Zhao Fu immediately turned and ran. The fatty also panicked and did not think much as he followed after Zhao Fu.

However, how could the Six Paths Demon Images allow Zhao Fu to escape? They raised their weapons and gave off a massive aura as they prepared to blast towards Zhao Fu.


A saber hum sounded out, causing the sky to tremble. Countless traces of red light burst forth as an enormous saber light, containing enough power to cut apart a world, flew towards the Six Paths Demon Images.


A massive explosion sounded out as the Six Paths Demon Images were slashed into countless traces of ghostly qi, which flooded outwards before disappearing. A red-clothed elder appeared in the sky, cursing furiously, "Which bastard is seeking death, summoning the Six Paths Demon Images in Emperor Path College?"

Everyone looked at the red-clothed elder and their hearts tightened; this was the Head Elder of the Enforcement Department, and his strength was close to higher-being level. As such, he could easily deal with the Six Paths Demon Images.

The summoned Six Paths Demon Images were only 1,000 meters tall and were not very powerful. If the true bodies of the Six Paths Demon Images had descended, even tens of thousands of copies of the red-clothed elder would not have been a match for them.

Some people unhesitatingly reported, "Head Elder, it was a person wearing a cloak. We didn't see his appearance, but he had a pair of terrifying eyes. He opened up a wooden box and summoned the Six Paths Demon Images."

The red-clothed elder coldly harrumphed, "Find that bastard. If he dares to resist, call the Enforcement Department. If you do well, This Elder will reward you with 1,000 Points."

"Thank you, Head Elder!" Everyone in the surroundings were delighted; 1,000 Points could be exchanged for many good things, so they hurriedly chased in the direction that Zhao Fu had gone in.

Luckily, Zhao Fu had run quite quickly, or else he definitely would have been caught by the crowd. He was currently hiding within an alley and did not dare to go out.

Because of the terrifying ripples from here, many people had been attracted over, and they all joined in the hunt for Zhao Fu.

Now, Zhao Fu did not have any interest in taking a tour around Emperor Path College; he just wanted to leave as soon as possible. He had never thought so many things would happen despite wanting to take a look around in a low-profile manner.

Zhao Fu decided that he had to change his appearance; he could not continue wearing his cloak. Zhao Fu used his ghostly qi to turn his black and slightly violet hair gray white, and he hid his terrifying pupils as he also put on a mask.

However, there was a person next to him, which was the fatty from before. Zhao Fu was not afraid of him making any trouble because he was the main culprit for the incident. If Zhao Fu was caught, he would also be heavily punished.

Zhao Fu did not have any plans to make friends with the fatty, but the fatty seemed to be incredibly interested in Zhao Fu. He was mainly curious about how Zhao Fu had opened the box, and he introduced himself, saying, "Brother, I'm called Lin Dapeng, it's nice to meet you."

Zhao Fu's response was quite cold, merely nodding. He snuck onto the street while no one was watching and planned to leave Emperor Path College.

However, Lin Dapeng followed after him, and Zhao Fu felt quite displeased as he asked, "Why are you following me?"

Lin Dapeng laughed and said, "I just want to know how you opened the box because my family has quite a few of those boxes."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, but how could Zhao Fu fell him that he had the Six Paths Bloodline? As such, he said that he did not know either and that he had just casually opened it.

Lin Dapeng evidently did not believe this, and he continued to follow Zhao Fu as he said, "Brother, don't worry; as long as you tell me how you did it, I'll reward you well for it."

Seeing that Lin Dapeng was determined to follow him, Zhao Fu decided to try to find a way to get rid of him. However, a group of bustling women appeared, forcing Zhao Fu to hide himself - those women all wore silver dresses and were Feng Qianghua's female attendants.

Even though he did not know how he had escaped last time, if he was caught by them again, there would be virtually no chance of him getting away again.

After the female attendants passed by, Zhao Fu wanted to leave, but another group of people charged over, forcing Zhao Fu to once again hide within the crowd, not daring to release a bit of his aura. He understood that these people were here for him.

A person to his side felt quite strange and asked, "What's going on? Why are these people all running around so aggressively?"

Someone else replied, "Don't you know? There's news going around Emperor Path College to find a man with terrifying eyes wearing a cloak."

The asker of the question felt even more confused, "Why are so many people looking for a man?"

Seeing that this person really did not know about it, the other person replied, "Right after that person entered the Emperor Path College, he caused a massive ruckus and made the golden dragon pillars incredibly scared. The news has even traveled to the Dragonblood Empire, who has good relations with the Dragon Race, and they want to see that person.

"Some of those people are from the Dragonblood Empire, as they are quite interested in that person, so they want to find him. Also, that person isn't from Emperor Path College; he's just here to visit, so Emperor Path College has no power to interfere.

"Another group is from the Ferocious Beast Empire. I heard that person made the Imperial Prince of the Ferocious Beast Kingdom, the eighth-ranked person on the Earth Rankings, kneel in front of everyone and even slapped him. Such a great humiliation angered the Ferocious Beast Empire and they naturally will not spare him."

Hearing this, the asker of the question said in disbelief, "No way! That person was that strong? Xiong Ye is ranked eighth on the Earth Rankings, is a World Realm expert, and has a Sovereign bloodline. That person really could make him kneel?"

The other person nodded and said, "Yes, by using his Nation Armament!"

Hearing this, the asker of the question understood and laughed as he said, "That Xiong Ye is to arrogant and unreasonable; now, he's been appropriately punished. It's a pity that I wasn't there; I want to see how angry he was. That's right, what about those other people? There also seemed to be a big group of beautiful female attendants looking for him."

Hearing this, the other person laughed and said, "Some people are also after him because he summoned the Six Paths Demon Images at the market, and apparently there's a 1,000 Point reward for capturing him. As for why our College's number one beauty's female attendants are after him, it's because our number one beauty Feng Qianghua wants to make him her Imperial Concubine - not just any Concubine, but Imperial Concubine, the same as an Empress in other Empires."

"No way!" The asker of the question was completely dumbfounded. With Feng Qianghua's personality, she would not deign to be with even the number one ranked Di Junwang, so how could she casually want a man she had just met?

"It's true, I didn't believe it at first, but many people saw this themselves. Feng Qianghua announced this publicly and said that that person's body contains the highest grade Dragon Phoenix and is the best candidate for an Imperial Concubine," the other person explained.

"Then what's going on now? Why are there so many female attendants looking for him? Don't tell me he refused and ran away?" the asker of the question continued to ask.