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 After disappearing, Zhao Fu reappeared in a busy market. There were people with stalls on both sides, and after asking around, Zhao Fu found that this was a trade market for Emperor Path College's students.

Ordinary students who gained things from outside could sell them here. As students of the Emperor Path College, the things they found naturally would not be simple, and all of them were quite valuable.

Zhao Fu had a look around and found that there were many things he was interested in, such as spirit liquids that could nurture high-grade plants, materials for constructing a Sky City, and even Agriculture God blessings that had massive benefits for the growth of crops.

It was a pity that Zhao Fu was here through a projection, so he could not take things back to Great Qin. Moreover, the things here could not be bought with gold coins.

As the students of one of the Seven Great Colleges, no one here lacked money. The things here were either exchanged through bartering or using Emperor Path College's Points.

Emperor Path College also had a point system, and points were extremely important. Almost everything requiredoints, and without points, doing anything was difficult.

"Come over and have a look! If anyone can help me open this box, I'll give this Agriculture Goddess' Divinity to them. Now that the production stat has disappeared, the Agriculture Goddess' Divinity can give massive boosts and is a priceless treasure!"

A loud voice sounded out, drawing Zhao Fu's attention. He was quite interested in the Agriculture Goddess' Divinity; with the current situation, the Agriculture Goddess' Divinity was important to any Kingdom.

Even though Zhao Fu could not bring things back through his projection, it was an incredibly important item. Perhaps there would be a way to bring it back in the future, so Zhao Fu was still quite interested in it.

At the same time, even ordinary Divinities were top-tier items. Hearing that one could obtain a Divinity just for opening a box, many people gathered here.

Zhao Fu went over and saw a person trying to open a box. The box was as big as a fist and seemed to be made out of wood. It had six sides and there was a black diagram on each side that looked like ghostly monsters.

This box gave off an eerie, cold aura, and it seemed to be a Ghost Treasure. Zhao Fu felt a reaction from it and found that the box could only be opened by someone with a Six Paths Bloodline.

Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to act because a Six Paths Bloodline was incredibly rare. When Zhao Fu had awakened the Nether Emperor Star, under the effects of the massive amounts of Fate, he had drawn some of the Six Paths Demon Images' bloodline into himself. Otherwise, it would have been almost impossible to obtain this bloodline.

Zhao Fu was confident that no one present would be able to open the box. Zhao Fu was also somewhat curious about how that person had obtained the box.

The owner of the box was a round fatty who had slightly dark skin, and he looked like a simple and honest person.

A person went up and tried twisting the box, then sent his power into it, and then tried using his hand to smash it, but he was unsuccessful. Another person went up, thinking that opening the box had to do with the six diagrams and that using force would be pointless. However, even after trying for a long time, he could not figure it out.

A few more people tried, but no one was able to open the box, making the fatty feel quite disappointed. It seemed that no one could open it.

The people in the surroundings felt that no one could open the box because brute force and all kinds of tricks had no effect. Some people asked the fatty how he had obtained this box, and he did not hide it. He said that he had found it in an ancient tomb, and perhaps there would be a treasure inside.

"I'll try!" A voice suddenly sounded out. Everyone looked over, and saw that it was a cloaked figure.

There were not many people wearing cloaks here. Most people had high statuses and did not bother with such a thing unless it was during important times.

Even though this person looked quite mysterious, wasn't he too weak? He only had Stage 9 Cultivation; how could Emperor Path College have someone with such low cultivation? Could he really open the box? No one believed that Zhao Fu would be able to open the box, and they believed that he was going to try to run away with the box.

The fatty held onto a trace of hope and passed the box to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu took the box and looked at it before testingly sending some Six Paths Power into it.


An enormous cold and eerie aura instantly blasted out, causing people's hairs to stand on end. Everyone in the market looked shocked and turned their gazes towards Zhao Fu.

The box automatically floated into the air and gave off an intense black light. Terrifying ripples came from the box, accompanied by an intense might. Everyone in the surroundings could not help but quickly retreat.

The box continuously trembled in the air before opening up like a flower, and a black light shot into the sky.


A massive explosion sounded out as the sky shook, and an enormous cold and eerie aura gathered. A ghostly wind blew as the temperature of the surroundings plummeted, and an icy feeling spread out.

Zhao Fu had a bad feeling, not sure what he had just done. He hurriedly said to the fatty, "I've opened the box, please give the Agriculture Goddess' Divinity to me."

The fatty was staring at the sky in shock and did not hear Zhao Fu's words at all. Zhao Fu somewhat wanted to just snatch the Divinity from him.

Suddenly, six massive explosions sounded out as six enormous Yin Qi vortexes appeared in the sky, giving off massive mights.

Six terrifying figures giving off heaven-toppling ghostly qi also slowly appeared in the sky.

One had a muscular body and three heads, one had a pair of wings and held a spear, one had a bulging belly and an ugly face, one wore a robe and looked like a human, one looked like an asura and gave off killing intent, and one looked like a demon that was filled with evilness.

Zhao Fu was startled and found that this box was for summoning the Six Paths Demon Images. Perhaps it could be opened using some secret technique, but Zhao Fu directly used his Six Paths Bloodline to open it.

Everyone in the surroundings cried out; they had heard of the Six Paths Demon Images before, and today they had personally seen them for themselves.

The Six Paths Demon Images gave off an enormous might that covered the surroundings, causing the air to become incredibly heavy and making it difficult for people to breathe. The ghostly qi in the sky caused the entire world to become a deathly gray-white.

The instant the Six Paths Demon Images appeared, their gazes fell on Zhao Fu. The main bodies knew what Zhao Fu had done to the Six Paths Demon Images, and they were determined to crush him and kill him.

As such, when looking at Zhao Fu, they were like looking at an enemy. Their eyes were filled with killing intent, causing the heavens and earth to become even colder.

"Hurry! Give me the Agriculture Goddess' Divinity!" facing the six terrifying gazes, Zhao Fu did not dare to stay here, and he yelled at the fatty.

Hearing Zhao Fu's yell, the fatty came back to his senses and gave a green Divinity to Zhao Fu. He understood that he had caused some trouble.