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 The big man also looked quite shocked because an ordinary Stage 9 Cultivator should have collapsed to the ground under his might and looked at him in terror, not look so casual like Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu slowly turned and his terrifying eyes looked at the big man with a trace of fury, causing the big man's hair to stand on end. He instinctively felt a trace of fear.

The big man's expression changed; he could not believe that a person with Stage 9 Cultivation could make him feel a sense of danger.

However, in the next moment, the big man felt furious; it was the first time he had felt threatened by such a low-level cultivator. This was humiliating to him, and his gaze became cold as he said with a trace of killing intent, "Didn't you hear this granddaddy tell you to kneel down?"


Heaven and Earth Power quickly gathered as the big man exploded out with World Realm power. A might containing the might of the heavens and earth blasted towards Zhao Fu, causing the surroundings to become incredibly heavy and fill with an icy austereness.

Zhao Fu's body once again sank down, and sensing this terrifying might, his legs started to go weak and his waist slightly bent. Beads of sweat started to form on his body - after all, Zhao Fu only had Stage 9 Cultivation, and even though he had a Divine Bloodline, he could not withstand the full might of a World Realm expert.

Seeing Zhao Fu like this, the big man gave a pleased smile and said, "Goddamit, a Stage 9 cultivator dares to be so arrogant in front of a World Realm cultivator? You're simply seeking death!"

Everyone in the surroundings shook their heads; there was an astronomical difference between the World Realm and Stage 9. Everyone believed that Zhao Fu should give in and kneel and apologize in order to keep his life. Otherwise, he would meet a terrible end.

Some people thought that Zhao Fu had brought this on himself for daring to speak to Feng Qiyun like that and not giving him face. Feng Qiyun was a World Realm expert and did not bicker with Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu had been too arrogant.

A weakling should look like a weakling, begging and pleading for mercy. He had brought this on himself.

The young man who had attacked Zhao Fu earlier smiled and felt much better. He felt that Zhao Fu needed to be taught a lesson so that he knew his place.

Feng Qiyun frowned. Even though he felt that Zhao Fu was not simple, the gap between Stage 9 Cultivation and the World Realm was too vast. As such, he said, "Xiong Ye, that's enough. Don't go too far."

However, the big man completely ignored him and did not give Feng Qiyun any face. He was the Imperial Prince of an Empire and was ranked eighth on the Earth Rankings. He was only slightly weaker than Feng Qiyun and could stand up to Feng Qiyun.

Xiong Ye ignored Feng Qiyun and raised his chin, making a condescending expression. Feng Qiyun looked slightly angry and prepared to attack.


A massive aura of killing and conquering exploded out, causing the ground to instantly crack. The air became incredibly cold, and Zhao Fu looked quite angry as he exploded out with the power of his Nation Armament.

Zhao Fu did not fear World Realm experts, as Great Qin now had three worlds. The power that his Nation Armament contained was now stronger than ordinary World Realm experts.

After releasing his Nation Armament's power, the massive might weighing down on his body disappeared as it was resisted by his Nation Armament.

Everyone watched in shock as Zhao Fu stretched out a finger towards Xiong Ye and said coldly, "Kneel!"


Great Qin's Nation Armament, the Twelve Metal Colossi, gathered a massive amount of power from the three worlds, which flowed into Zhao Fu's body. As Zhao Fu pointed out, an enormous might blasted down on Xiong Ye's body, causing his body to sink and his expression to change.

After sensing the Nation Armament's power, everyone understood that Zhao Fu was at least the King of a Kingdom because only the King could use the power of a Nation Armament. Looking at the power he gave off, he had the power of at least three worlds.

The situation had now reversed, and Zhao Fu was now the oppressor while Xiong Ye was the one being oppressed. Xiong Ye gritted his teeth and used all of his strength to resist that might.

Even though Xiong Ye was an imperial Prince, he did not have the Nation Armament of his Empire. In front of Great Qin's Nation Armament, he could not resist at all.

Xiong Ye felt his body sinking down, and he would soon be kneeling. As an Imperial Prince, someone who countless beings looked up to, how could he allow himself to kneel to someone else?


An explosion sounded out as a blue and blood-red flame giving off a boundless Emperor's aura exploded out. Xiong Ye unleashed his Sovereign bloodline, managing to withstand the might.

He looked furious as he glared at Zhao Fu and yelled, "Your grandaddy's the Imperial Prince of the Ferocious Beast Empire; since you dared to act like this, I'll slaughter your entire Kingdom in the future."

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and once again pointed out. He used a trace of his Divine Bloodline's power, and a divine aura that surpassed that of an Emperor's flowed out, blasting towards Xiong Ye.


Xiong Ye's knees heavily crashed into the ground, smashing out two craters. Xiong Ye looked shocked; under Zhao Fu's strength, even his Sovereign Bloodline seemed to feel fear, and he could not resist as he knelt on the ground.

Everyone gasped; that person could actually make an Imperial Prince kneel in front of him - this was an incredible humiliation. They would become archenemies in the future; no one could endure such humiliation, and this would trigger the anger of an Empire.

At the same time, they felt indescribably shocked towards the power that Zhao Fu had unleashed. In just an instant, their bloodlines had all felt immense fear and seemed to howl in hysteria. How could that person's bloodline be so terrifying?

Feng Qiyun also looked at Zhao Fu in shock because Zhao Fu's performance completely exceeded anything he could expect. Despite having a lot of experience, he still felt incredibly shocked.

The young man from before had an unsightly look on his face; he realized that Zhao Fu had not used his full power, yet he could defeat him easily.

The surroundings became completely silent, and Xiong Ye furiously glared at Zhao Fu, wanting to cut him into a thousand pieces.


Zhao Fu casually waved his hand, and a formless palm slapped Xiong Ye's face, causing the right side of his face to become red and swell up. Xiong Ye furiously roared, wanting to resist Zhao Fu's might, but he could not do so at all.

"Angry? You brought this on yourself. I didn't want to make any trouble, so why did you force my hand?" Zhao Fu glared at Xiong Ye as he said coldly.

Now, everyone understood why Zhao Fu did not seem weak at all in front of a World Realm expert. With such a powerful Nation Armament, there was no need to fear a World Realm expert.

No one expected this because those who typically entered the Emperor Path College were all juniors of major factions, such as Imperial Princes or disciples of Sects. They were not the higher-ups who wielded true power, and naturally they would not have Nation Armaments.