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 This was most likely the gathering place for visitors, and Zhao Fu looked around and found that it was not much different than outside. However, the auras of everyone here were much more powerful than the ordinary people outside.

Zhao Fu saw that there were many people gathered in front of a tall stone stele, so he walked over and took a look. He found that there were over 1,000 names recorded there.

After listening to the people around him, Zhao Fu understood that this was the Emperor Path College's Rankings.

The person in first place was called Di Junwang, the legatee of the Human Race Empire, one of the most powerful Empires. He had a peak level Sovereign bloodline and his power was Emperor Heaven Realm.

The second-ranked person was called Tai Lingjun, and he was one of the disciples of one of the strongest Sects, the Heavenly Dao Sect. Even though he did not have a Sovereign bloodline, he had a Heavenly Dao Constitution which was not weaker than a peak level Sovereign bloodline. His strength was also past the Emperor Heaven Realm.

The third-ranked person was called Jian Yiyue, and she was the young miss of the Sword Sect, as well as the older sister of Jian Liuyue. She was born with an Extreme Sword Constitution and her cultivation was also past the Emperor Heaven Realm. She had also been ranked third on the beauty rankings previously.

Zhao Fu looked at these people's names in shock because they were all experts who were past the Emperor Heaven Realm. They would be able to sweep across everything within the inner Domains, and no one would be able to stop them in the outer Domains.

The stone stele was also split into three rankings: the Heaven Rankings, Earth Rankings, and Mortal Rankings. Zhao Fu had been looking at the Heaven Rankings, which had the Emperor Path College's oldest students; the Mortal Rankings were for the newest students; and the Earth Rankings were for the ones in between.

These people were most likely the most powerful people in the younger generation in the Human Domain. They were true geniuses and were existences that countless beings looked up to, and behind each of them stood a massive faction.

Zhao Fu understood why the Emperor Path College did not have any restrictions for accepting students, regardless of race or faction. Anyone who could pass the exam could become a student of the Emperor Path College.

The various large factions seemed very happy to send off their own people to the Emperor Path College; after all, it was said that there were secrets to becoming a Celestial here.

With Zhao Fu's strength, he naturally would not be a match for these people because the gap between them was simply too big. Zhao Fu clearly knew that he was inferior to them.

"Little friend, you're quite interesting; you're here through a projection. That's quite rare." A handsome young man in white smiled as he put his hand on Zhao Fu's shoulder.

Zhao Fu frowned and looked at the young man, who he did not know at all. This person's actions seemed a bit too chummy.

This young man's strength was not weak at all, and he was even stronger than Zhao Fu. He was already a World Realm expert, and such a powerful person would not be coming to him to chat for no reason; he definitely had his intentions, causing Zhao Fu to be on his guard.

Zhao Fu did not reply to the young man in white and removed his hand as he walked away.

The young man looked quite startled before lightly laughing, saying, "Little friend, my name is Feng Qiyun and I don't have any ill intent. I just thought that you were quite interesting and wanted to become friends with you. You're here to take a look around the Emperor Path College, right? I'm familiar with Emperor Path College and can lead you around."

"What? He's Feng Qiyun? He's ranked seventh on the Earth Rankings!" The people around the stone stele called out, and countless people's gazes fell onto Feng Qiyun's body. They had never thought that they would be able to personally see such a famous person from the Earth Rankings so quickly.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious; he had never thought that he would draw attention to himself right after entering. He wanted to keep a low profile and did not want to attract too much attention, so he refused, saying, "No need, I'll walk around by myself."

"Woah! This person's so brave - he dares to reject someone from the Earth Rankings showing him around? Does he not want to live anymore?"

"He's not giving him any face at all. If it were me, I'd want to slaughter that guy."

The people in their surroundings were sent into an uproar. After hearing Feng Qiyun's name, they all looked at him in admiration, feeling lucky to be able to see an expert like him. After hearing Zhao Fu's words, they felt that he was too arrogant and overconfident.

"Hmph! I'm going to teach you a lesson on behalf of Senior Feng!" A green-clothed young man gave off a powerful aura as he shot out and attacked Zhao Fu. A green aura flowed out, forming an enormous green tiger, which leapt towards Zhao Fu.

Feng Qiyun wanted to stop him, but he was too late. Zhao Fu did not even bother moving as a massive black aura flooded out of him, forming a savage and domineering black dragon which rushed towards the green tiger.

The two beasts clashed with massive auras and in an instant, the green tiger instantly dissipated intro green aura, while the black dragon continued on towards the young man in green with terrifying power.

The young man's expression fell and a green energy barrier appeared around him.


The black dragon gave off a powerful aura as it slammed into the azure barrier. A wild gale blew out and the energy barrier shattered. The young man flew backwards, but because Zhao Fu had held back, he had not been injured.

However, the young man stood up, looking quite unconvinced, and he wanted to attack again. Feng Qiyun quickly stopped the young man, looking quite serious. Looking at the black aura around Zhao Fu's body that had automatically formed a dragon shape, only powerful people from the Dragon Race could do such a thing.

"Thank you for showing mercy!" Feng Qiyun lightly laughed as he cupped his hands. He knew that Zhao Fu had shown mercy, or else the young man definitely would have been injured.

Zhao Fu calmly nodded but he did not plan on staying, and he turned and started to walk away.

The people in the surroundings were somewhat shocked at finding out how powerful Zhao Fu was. That young man was a student of Emperor Path College, yet he had lost so easily. It seemed that this person was not simple at all.

"Hahaha... Feng Qiyun, you're quite good at enduring. If it was me, I would have long since taught that boy a lesson; you're really losing face for our Earth Rankings. That boy only has Stage 9 Cultivation," a well-built red-faced big man laughed as he walked out.

Feng Qiyun slightly frowned. Now that that big man had come, things had become much more complicated. He and that big man did not have a good relationship.

Zhao Fu ignored the big man's words and walked to the side.

The big man's expression was cold as a World Realm might blasted towards Zhao Fu, "Boy, didn't you hear your grandaddy's words? Even though you didn't offend me, I don't like looking at you. Kneel and apologize."

If it was before, Zhao Fu would not have been able to withstand a World Realm might. However, now that he had his Divine Bloodline, he had great resistance to it. Moreover, the big man had underestimated Zhao Fu and did not use his full power.

Zhao Fu's body only slightly sank down and nothing much else happened. Everyone around him looked shocked; it was the first time they had a Stage 9 Cultivator look so at ease under the might of a World Realm expert.