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 Zhao Fu waited for a while and no more geniuses appeared. Some others also tried to see if they could enter the Emperor Path College.

After seeing the powerful geniuses easily walk in, they thought that it would not be too hard. However, only after walking into the range of the dragons' might did they realise how terrifying it was.

After countless people took a single step in, they felt as if the sky was collapsing in on them, and their minds became blank. Their bodies crumpled to the ground, unable to move at all.

"So scary!" Seeing a large group of people collapse, those who had not entered the range of the dragons' might cried out in shock, feeling quite afraid and not daring to advance.

Some people thought about it and released all of their power as they walked in. They felt a massive might weigh down on their bodies, but they gritted their teeth and walked forwards step by step, and large beads of sweat gathered on their bodies.

However, most collapsed while some were able to successfully make it in.

This gave many people confidence, and they also stepped into the dragons' might. However, the majority of people failed, and only a small portion passed.

Zhao Fu also decided to go into the Emperor Path College, but the young man next to him laughed and said, "Don't tell me you want to go into Emperor Path College? It's best that you don't bring unnecessary suffering on yourself. I'm sure that you don't even know much about Emperor Path College. I'll tell you what you want to know, so don't go and make a fool of yourself."

The young man did not have any ill-intent, and Zhao Fu looked at Emperor Path College's gate as he lightly laughed and replied, "Don't worry!"

Zhao Fu headed straight for the Emperor Path College and the young man tried to persuade him, but another person cut him off, saying, "Just let him go, maybe he'll be able to get in. Don't you feel that that person isn't simple?"

This caused the young man to feel quite surprised - Zhao Fu wasn't simple? Looking at Zhao Fu's back, the young man did not believe this, and he felt that it would be impossible for Zhao Fu to enter Emperor Path College.

Before Zhao Fu was far away, he was pushed about by the crowd. It was quite dense up ahead, and there was a human wall that seemed like not even the wind could pass through. Seeing how weak Zhao Fu seemed, the young man could not help but loudly laugh.


Suddenly, an unimaginably powerful might pressed down on everyone's bodies, causing everyone's souls to tremble. They felt as if they had fallen into a deep abyss, and boundless darkness swarmed at them. Some people's legs became weak and knelt on the ground.

The young man froze, and the middle-aged man also looked quite shocked as the others looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had released his own power and did not bother covering it up. Everyone within 1,000 meters of him had fallen to the ground, and only Zhao Fu was left standing.

The young man looked incredibly confused. He had never thought that the person who he had just been talking to would have such terrifying power. Even though the middle-aged man had somewhat expected this, he could not help but feel shocked.

This might not only caused the expressions of the crowd to fall, but even the guards standing outside Emperor Path College became quite serious. They felt an incredibly grave sense of danger that gave them a feeling of asphyxiation.

Zhao Fu continued onwards, and now no one dared to get in his way, obediently opening up a path.

Zhao Fu came before the dragons' might and looked at the golden dragons before stepping in.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Terrified dragon roars sounded out as the dragons sensed Zhao Fu's aura and were scared into retreating within the pillars as if they were small snakes. They did not dare to unleash any might towards Zhao Fu, and they acted as if he was their owner.

The guards had never seen such a thing before. Despite meeting incredibly powerful and terrifying people, the golden dragons had never acted in such a way before.

It was the first time the people at the Emperor Path College had seen such a thing. In actuality, the golden dragons' power had not been completely released, and if they went all out, even a higher-being would find it difficult to withstand their might.

However, the dragons were indeed afraid, but not just because of Zhao Fu's power. After all, Zhao Fu definitely was not the most powerful person who had come by before; rather, it was some sort of aura that Zhao Fu had that caused the dragons to instinctively feel fear.

Just who was this person? He had such terrifying power and such shocking abilities.

Zhao Fu sighed; he had not wanted to draw too much attention to himself. He ignored everyone's gazes and walked to the Emperor Path College's gate.

At that moment, one of the guards could not help but ask, "Sir, who are you and where are you from?"

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "I'm just an ordinary person."

Of course, the guard would not believe such a thing; how could someone who made the golden dragons feel fear be an ordinary person? As such, he quickly reported this to the higher-ups.

At first, the higher-ups did not pay much attention to this, as they just thought that it was someone powerful or somewhat special. However, after that person caused even the dragons to feel afraid, they could not help but feel shocked.

After all, the Emperor Path College's dragons were not ordinary dragons. They were fused with the Gatekeeping Magic Formation, and if they released their full power, they could kill even a higher-being.

It could be said that even a higher-being could not scare the dragons. Only something that suppressed their bloodlines and dragon souls could make them react like that.

Such a thing was incredibly rare and was almost impossible to obtain. Even the most noble dragons could not cause these dragons to feel afraid; just how had that cloaked figure done this?

This matter shocked even a higher-being within Emperor Path College. After hearing about this, he felt like meeting Zhao Fu and seeing just what sort of existence Zhao Fu was.

However, another higher-being calmed everything down, making it seem like nothing had happened. The guards received orders to not spread this matter under any circumstances; anyone who disobeyed would be heavily punished!

The guards now all understood just how terrifying this matter was, so they resigned themselves to not talk about this even if they died. However, with so many people crowding around the Emperor Path College, the news about Zhao Fu quickly spread and caused a small uproar.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. After entering the Emperor Path College, he felt as if he had entered another world. It was completely different to what he had expected.

He saw lush grassy fields with all sorts of flowers. The sky was very blue and a light breeze blew gently. The scenery was incredibly beautiful.

There were brick paths going through the grass leading to different places, and there were also valiant-looking statues of soldiers on the side. Each path had a stele that explained where it was going. For visitors and new students, there was only a single path.

Zhao Fu tried to go on the other paths but was stopped by a restrictive force. It seemed that there was only one path to choose.

Zhao Fu walked along the path and calmly arrived before a door of light. The door of light was dozens of meters tall and had two soldier statues guarding it. Zhao Fu walked through it and arrived at a cluster of buildings. There were many people here, and it seemed like a City.