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 Zhao Fu's surroundings blurred and he arrived at a desolate area. He looked around and did not see any danger.

Following this, Zhao Fu directly headed to the Emperor Path College. There were already a multitude of people there, and all of them gave off powerful auras. There was not a single weakling among them, and all of them had extraordinary identities.

After all, the Emperor Path College was one of the Seven Great Colleges of the Heaven Awaken World. Not only was it incredibly powerful, but its history and foundation were also enough to make people feel terror. It was a holy land for Emperors to many people.

Countless Emperors who had shocked the world had been nurtured here; the Heaven Murder Empire's Emperor had once been a student here, so the golden dragon also highly recommended for Zhao Fu to come here.

Even for real Emperors, if they could not pass the examination, they would not be able to enter through connections. From this, the Emperor Path College's strength could be seen; they could even refuse to give face to Emperors, and even some Emperors would not be able to make it in.

There were normally countless terrifying restrictions protecting this place, and even a higher-being would not dare to charge in. The Emperor Path College was mysterious, yet it had opened its doors for a tour to allow outsiders to see what it was like.

Countless people had excitedly come, and even though the Emperor Path College did not explicitly set restrictions for who could come, not just anyone could come in.

If the Emperor Path College was greedy for money, even if they sold tickets for 100 million gold coins each, there would be countless people fighting for the tickets. However, the Emperor Path College did not care for money at all; one needed to have a certain amount of strength to qualify to go in to visit.

There were two domineering and austere dragon pillars at the gate, and the golden dragons seemed as if they were alive. They gave off an enormous dragon's might that was like a corporeal barrier that covered the 1,000 meters in front of the gate.

Those who were powerful could directly ignore the golden dragons' might and enter the Emperor Path College without any obstructions, while those who were weak would be forced onto the ground.

Most of the people here had been blocked outside and there were some who were observing from outside. They wanted to see some peerless geniuses; now that the Emperor Path College was open for visiting, many major figures would come, and they were not people ordinary people would be able to normally see.

Zhao Fu came to the outside of the crowd and could not squeeze through. However, he was not in a rush to enter, and he started to look over at some major figures like the ordinary people.

Zhao Fu was quite curious how big the gap between himself and the Heaven Domain's peerless geniuses was. This was a good opportunity to take a look so that he would be prepared. If he was too lacking, he would have to work harder after going back.

Suddenly, the crowd became quite lively, and Zhao Fu looked over. The crowd automatically made way as five people with extraordinary bearings and calm smiles walked over.

"Heavens! The River Basin Five Heroes have come! Are they also planning on entering Emperor Path College?"

"I'm so excited! Just as I got here I was able to see the River Basin Five Heroes. To be able to see them, everything was worth it. I didn't come for nothing."

"If even the five of them are joining Emperor Path College, this cohort of students will definitely be worth paying attention to!"

"That's right! Recently, they've been quite eye-catching; the five of them destroyed a Dukedom Kingdom."

Zhao Fu was quite curious about these five people's identities, and he looked at the young man yelling out excitedly beside him and asked, "Who are they? Are they famous in the Heaven Domain?"

The young man smirked as he replied, "Those five aren't just famous, they're extremely famous. That white-clothed guy is called Nong Ye, and he is the Imperial Prince of the Tian Imperial Kingdom. That guy with the folding fan is Dun Houzhi, the son of the Heaven Domain's Dun family. That muscular guy is the Divine Martial Sect's Young Sect Master.

"That goddess-like beauty is Bai Ruolin from the Heavenly Mountain Hundred Kingdoms, and that last guy is the Demon-Seeking Dynasty's young master.

"Do you feel shocked? They have the backing of the Heaven Domain's largest factions, and the five of them have extraordinary power. They are all World Realm experts and are definitely within the top 50 of their generation."

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward and did not look shocked at all as he did not know of any of those factions. He asked, "Only the top 50?"

The young man chuckled, "What do you mean 'only the top 50?' To be able to enter the top 50 within the Human Domain means that you have to stand above trillions of people. All of them are peerless geniuses; just one of their fingers would be enough to crush you to death."

The Heaven Domain was incredibly big and was split into eight sub-Domains for the eight major races. Emperor Path College was in the Human Domain, and it was the top College in the Human Domain. No other College could compare to it in the Human Domain.

A friendly-looking middle-aged man next to Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "Young man, you're not from the Heaven Domain, right? Otherwise, you definitely would know them. They're the most talented five from the river basin area, so they're called the River Basin Five Heroes.

"They've done many shocking things in recent times, and if you ask around, you'll know how terrifying they are. Also, I should let you know that no matter what your status is in your Domain, in the Heaven Domain you need to go about with your head lowered. Ordinary people shouldn't lightly offend people from the Heaven Domain because this might mean your death. Don't say those things in the future."

The middle-aged man had thought that Zhao Fu was from an inner Domain and did not know the situation, so he gave him a reminder. He did not know that Zhao Fu was from the outer Domain.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and thanked the middle-aged man.

The five people faced the enormous dragon's might and their expressions slightly changed because they could feel some pressure. However, they were still able to easily pass through, causing the crowd to exclaim.


A gale-like aura blew out and everyone hurriedly retreated as a well-built young man with beard stubble appeared.

"It's the Beast Empire's Imperial Prince!" a cry sounded out as everyone's gazes fell on that person. Another famous genius had descended.

The young man next to Zhao Fu knew that a country bumpkin like Zhao Fu wouldn't know him, so he excitedly explained, "This is the Beast Empire's Third Imperial Prince, and he should be in the top 40. Even such a powerful Imperial Prince would only be ranked in the top 40; now you know how terrifying the people on the Human Domain Rankings are, right?"

"I see." Zhao Fu calmly nodded because Zhao Fu was not very interested in the people in the top 50 or top 40.

The young man felt quite dissatisfied and said, "This is an Imperial Prince! An Imperial Prince who stands above countless people! He's a terrifying figure you'd never be able to see in the inner Domains, and that's all you have to say? You sound as if you're more powerful than him."

Zhao Fu laughed and shook his head. He naturally would not reveal his identity.

The young man self-mockingly laughed; how could this cloaked figure be more powerful than that Imperial Prince? If that was the case, he would not be standing here talking to him. Even if that cloaked figure said he was more powerful than the Imperial Prince, he would not believe it and take it as boasting.