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 After sending off the ambassadors, Zhao Fu heaved a sigh of relief. The Devil Horn Empire was currently digesting the Lantong World while Great Qin was digesting the Dark Demon World. The allied worlds did not want to start anything, so their region went into a period of peace.

Now, there were a few important things to take care of. The first was the purple peach pit from the Celestial Peach that Zhao Fu had consumed.

This purple peach pit had come from a 9,000 year old Celestial Peach and would have shocking effects. Zhao Fu did not know if he would be able to grow it during his lifetime, but at the very least it would be one of Great Qin's powerful trump cards in the future.

However, Zhao Fu did not know if he would be able to grow it. After all, Celestial Peaches were incredibly valuable and he did not know if he could raise a Celestial Peach Tree.

Zhao Fu planned to construct a Fountain of Life just for the Celestial Peach Tree to provide it with a large amount of life force to help it grow.

The water in this Fountain of Life would be ordinary Fountain of Life Water, as opposed to the special Fountain of Life Water. The special kind required a continuous supply of corpses, while the ordinary kind condensed a large amount of life aura to create Fountain of Life Water.

Zhao Fu planned to directly plant the Celestial Peach pit within the Fountain of Life as opposed to on the side because only then would it be able to receive the most life force.

Because Celestial Peach Trees were an incredibly high-grade existence, Zhao Fu was worried that it would not grow. Moreover, he only had one, and it would be unlikely for him to obtain another one, so he had to be careful.

Because Great Qin had a large number of Elves, they had the ability to construct an ordinary Fountain of Life. Under Zhao Fu's command, a beautiful Fountain of Life was quickly constructed.

A ten or so meter wide fountain made out of white bricks was constructed. There were many flowers and leaves carved onto it, and it gave off a faint green light, gathering a large amount of life energy. There was a magic formation on the bottom, and under Zhao Fu's orders, there were not any bricks there.

Zhao Fu went to the center of the magic formation and dug a shallow hole where he placed the purple peach pit, and he then covered it up.

After activating the magic formation, countless traces of life energy entered the peach pit but it did not react at all. Zhao Fu expected this, and he understood that the peach pit was extremely high-grade and that it would take a while to see if there was any success.

Zhao Fu left some people here to look after the peach pit to avoid anything unexpected from happening.

Zhao Fu then went to the weapons research workshop. They had successfully finished researching a terrifying weapon, which was the upgraded version of the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae. Early on, Zhao Fu had ordered his subordinates to modify the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae.

One type simplified the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae and reduced its power but allowed it to be mass-produced. This was quite easy to do, but making the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae more powerful was quite difficult. As such, the simplified version had been quickly researched, but the more advanced version had only just been completed.

The reason Zhao Fu came here was to test the advanced Dragon-Slaying Ballistae's power. Zhao Fu stood in the center of an open area, and 500 to 600 soldiers dragged out an enormous and terrifying-looking ballista out with great difficulty.

This Dragon-Slaying Ballista was 100 meters long and looked incredibly ferocious. It was a pale white color and there were countless runes on it. It gave off a might by itself, and even without doing anything, it could make people feel an immense pressure.

The materials used to craft it were all at least Saint grade materials. The ballista was made out of a massive beast's bones, and the six bowstrings were all transparent - they had all been made from high-quality dragon tendons. The front of the ballista also had seven massive crystals, which represented the Five Elements and Yin and Yang.

Zhao Fu looked at the enormous ballista and felt quite shocked. The power that this ballista gave off would definitely be monstrous.

Bai Shan gave a pleased smile as he said, "What do you think, Your Majesty? Are you satisfied with our research?"

Zhao Fu looked at him and nodded as he said, "Test its power. We want to see how terrifying it is."

"Watch carefully, Your Majesty!" Bai Shan laughed as he gave the order, and six Corpse Soul Soldiers that were 100 meters tall walked over, loading a 130 meter long Talisman Bolt onto the ballista.

The Talisman Bolt was completely black and was also made of Saint grade materials. There were countless runes on it and had ten or so Gold Talisman Stones socketed into it. There was also a violet-colored Talisman Stone, which gave off an incredible destructive power.

The six Corpse Soul Soldiers roared as they drew the ballista. Even with how powerful they were, with six of them at that, it was very difficult for them to draw it.

The seven massive crystals on the ballista were activated and countless runes lit up with a rainbow-colored light. An enormous wave of energy entered the Talisman Bolt, and a massive aura spread out.


The Talisman bolt turned into a ray of rainbow-colored light as it flew out, accompanied by a deafening explosion. Space itself seemed to explode, and a shockwave blasted out, causing the ground to crack.

The ray of light contained immense power as it tore through space and caused cracks to appear in the space that it passed through. It flashed through the air and slammed into a large mountain that was dozens of kilometres away.


A muffled explosion sounded out as rocks were blasted out. A large hole that was hundreds of meters wide had actually appeared in the large mountain that was thousands of meters tall.

This power was enough to instantly kill a Devil Beast King, like the azure dragon that Zhao Fu had encountered in the Devil Horn Empire. Even if it did not die, it would be heavily injured. Even for Zhao Fu, he would not dare to directly block it and would be forced to dodge.

Beside Zhao Fu, Bai Shan laughed as he asked, "How is it, Your Majesty? Are you satisfied with it?"

Zhao Fu nodded his head in delight and had Bai Shan produce as many of these ballistae as possible. If they could have dozens of these ballistae, even a World Realm expert would be easily killable, and they would be able to instantly wipe out all of the Devil Horn Empire's most powerful devil beasts.

However, Bai Shan felt quite troubled because it was simply too difficult to make this kind of ballistae. They also needed many Saint grade materials, making it difficult for Great Qin to mass produce them.

Zhao Fu understood this, so he had Bai Shan produce as many as possible; they would be incredibly useful in the future.

Following this, Zhao Fu had wanted to continue dealing with other important matters, such as agriculture. However, he suddenly received a few messages from the Heaven Spirit Stele.

The messages were from the higher-being, who said that the Emperor Path College was starting its recruitment for new students next year. It was currently holding a tour of the College, which was the only opportunity for an outsider to enter the Emperor Path College and have a look. The higher-being encouraged him to go and learn more about the Emperor Path College and find out some information about his competitors.

Zhao Fu thought about it and felt quite interested in the Emperor Path College. Perhaps he would become a student there next time, so it would be good to take a look and make preparations for the examination next year.

That place was the Heaven Domain, the center of the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu had only been there once before, and he wanted to obtain more information about the Heaven Domain and learn more about the things there, so he made some preparations and sent his projection there.