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 Within those factions, most of them wanted to support Great Qin. After all, even as a new world, Great Qin had performed spectacularly, which was quite rare. It had much greater potential than the Devil Horn Empire.

However, many big things had happened around Great Qin, and it was likely that those things were related to Great Qin. This made Great Qin seem somewhat mysterious, so most people were willing to support Great Qin.

As such, many factions sent out ambassadors to Great Qin, and this included some people Zhao Fu was familiar with, such as the Ice Origin Kingdom's Bing Qixue, the Heavenly Music Sect's Yin Ruoshi, the Wine Sun Kingdom's Jiu Xiaoyun, the Volcano Sect's Huo Yan, and even the Ancient Sword Sect's people.

In response, Zhao Fu did not dare to show himself - even if he wore his cloak and mask, he would be recognized. Once he was recognized, Great Qin would be in a predicament.

As such, Zhao Fu had Li Si receive them, and this caused a lot of dissatisfaction. After all, these Royal Kingdoms and Sects had sent their Legatees to personally come, showing their sincerity.

And yet, Great Qin's King was not willing to even show himself, and this was unacceptable. Some people suspected that Great Qin was looking down on them, but Li Si explained that Zhao Fu was ill and could not come out, which the ambassadors were barely able to accept.

However, Zhao Fu somewhat did not want to work together with these people. The Ancient Sword Sect was an enemy, and Great Qin would one day destroy it. Also, because of past matters, the Dao Cultivation Sect might stand against Great Qin in the future.

There were some factions that did not have any enmity with Great Qin, but after knowing about Zhao Fu's identity, they might harbour ill-intent towards Great Qin. If they worked together, it would be likely for Zhao Fu's identity to be exposed.

However, if he directly refused, he would offend everyone. If they acted against Great Qin or supported the Devil Horn Empire, Great Qin would fall into an incredibly disadvantageous position.

In the end, Zhao Fu could only endure the discomfort and accept working together with some of the large factions. Zhao Fu did not want the resources offered by the Ancient Sword Sect and Dao Cultivation Sect as he saw them as enemies, but he did not dare to refuse.

Putting aside the Dao Cultivation Sect, which was the most powerful faction in the Ancient Stem Domain, even the Ancient Sword Sect would be able to destroy Great Qin. As such, Zhao Fu felt quite pained.

After the talks concluded, the ambassadors felt quite interested and excited as they went about the Great Qin City. They were all shocked at Great Qin's culture and luxuries.

There were all sorts of things they had never experienced before, such as human plays, poems, delicious food, and wines. What shocked them the most was the scene of all sorts of ideologies clashing together, filling Great Qin with great vitality.

This was something that would not be seen in their Kingdoms and Sects, making them feel quite curious as to how Great Qin had done this to create such an awe-inspiring scene. This was not something that could be done overnight.

It was most likely to do with Great Qin's policies, as Great Qin had been promoting such a thing this entire time. They supported all Sects and Schools, which was completely different to them.

Whenever they destroyed a faction, they would get rid of everything related to it and would not keep anything behind in order to prevent any future troubles. However, Great Qin walked the opposite path, and their results were quite good.

The feeling that Great Qin gave was that of a powerful Empire gradually rising in the wilderness, and it had an unstoppable future.

Looking at the soldiers wearing black armor, holding black weapons, and giving off powerful darkness auras, the ambassadors also felt quite shocked. They felt that all of Great Qin's soldiers were quite exceptional and extremely strong. No wonder Great Qin was able to make such great accomplishments despite being a new world.

Everyone gave Great Qin high praise, and they felt that they had not underestimated Great Qin's potential. It seemed that supporting Great Qin over the Devil Horn Empire was the correct decision.

Everyone felt great interest as they continued to explore the City, appreciating Great Qin's sceneries and luxuries. Some people wanted to scope out Great Qin's true strength.

Bing Qixue felt quite interested in the people holding brushes and writing at tremendous speed on the streets, while Bai Haoran was interested in the various Schools' books on philosophy. Jiu Xiaoyun fell in love with Great Qin's various wines, while Qing Murou held many street foods in both hands.

After half a day of touring around, they had heard a lot about Great Qin's Emperor. Not only was he exceptionally talented, but he was also like a god in Great Qin. He was virtuous, gave rewards and punishments appropriately, and loved his people. He set down clear and fair policies and was an enlightened liege.

At the same time, some licentious rumors were also spread, such as that the Emperor was interested in mothers and mature women.

It was also said that Great Qin's harem had innumerable beauties and all of them were as beautiful as goddesses. It was a place where countless men dreamed to be.

After asking about it, the ambassadors heard that Great Qin's Emperor brought women from various worlds into his harem and it seemed that the rumors were true. However, they were quite shocked at the numbers.

With so many women, Great Qin's Emperor was surely too lustful; could he deal with them all? They soon heard about the Emperor's prowess in the bedroom, making them feel incredibly dumbfounded, and they could not help but think of a dragon in human form.

These were just some stories and rumors that Great Qin allowed to be spread around; the truly important matters would not be allowed to be exposed. As such, the ambassadors were unable to gain any useful information, and they now felt even more curious towards Great Qin's Emperor, who they had not been able to meet.

Some people returned to their own factions with the information they had obtained, while some remained in Great Qin, hoping to see Great Qin's Emperor. Great Qin's Emperor was the ruler of Great Qin and the core, so they wanted to see what he was like.

Only by seeing what he was like could they get to know him and see the nature of Great Qin.

However, how could Zhao Fu allow them to see him? The consequences of his identity being exposed were too severe, so he absolutely could not meet with them, and he could only continue to give excuses.

In the end, everyone could only bitterly return. At the same time, they felt quite curious - why did Great Qin refuse to see them? What sort of person was he?

They did not know, and they would never be able to guess that Great Qin's Emperor was that mysterious Emperor who had shaken many Domains.

After hearing that most factions were supporting Great Qin and only one-seventh of the factions had come to him, Yao Ming felt quite angry. It was evident that those factions looked down on the Devil Horn Empire and thought that Great Qin would win.

This made Yao Ming hate Great Qin even more, and he swore that he would use strength to prove himself and show those people that the Devil Horn Empire was the most powerful faction.