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 After eating the Demon Primogenitor finger, Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline easily digested it so that not even a speck remained. Zhao Fu now had some Demon Primogenitor Power, and even though it was quite weak, Zhao Fu was still quite satisfied.

"Let's go!" Zhao Fu glanced over at the dumbfounded elderly man and spoke calmly as he walked out, and the elderly man hurried after him.

After coming outside, Great Qin's soldiers had finished taking over the Demon Heaven Sect, and all of the people from the Demon Heaven Sect had been gathered together.

Zhao Fu sat above and considered how to deal with these people. He had planned to punish them, but considering that their attitude in making up for their offences was not bad, he spared them this time.

Mo Yao'Er flirtatiously sat within Zhao Fu's embrace and said, "Owner, I helped you find ten or so beauties from the Demon Heaven Sect!"

Zhao Fu looked over and saw ten or so women walk over. They all had graceful figures and snow-white skin. They were all extremely beautiful and had outstanding demeanors.

Of the women, there was a woman in green robes who stood out the most. She had a voluptuous figure and a proud aura. She was quite strong and not much inferior to Mo Yao'Er in terms of looks either.

Mo Yao'Er noticed Zhao Fu's gaze falling on the green-robed woman, and she smiled as she introduced her, "Owner, she's called Tian Ling'Er, and she is the daughter of the Demon Heaven Sect. She's ranked fourth in the Dark Demon Beauty Rankings and was Mo Qi's fiancée. She's still a virgin; Owner, do you want to do her?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and lifted Mo Yao'Er's chin and asked, "Is it me who wants it or you who wants it?"

Mo Yao'Er giggled and kissed Zhao Fu as she said, "I like Owner doing me every day!"

Zhao Fu stopped Mo Yao'Er from pressing things further. Great Qin's invasion of the two other Continents in the Dark Demon World were also quite successful. Now that the most powerful Eastern Continent had been conquered, it was no surprise that the other Continents had been conquered as well.

Bai Qi and Wang Jian were currently tidying up the two Continents and Zhao Fu awaited the results. Soon, Bai Qi and Wang Jian sent detailed reports, and Zhao Fu gave the order to build a defensive wall on the border with the Spirit Light World.

Zhao Fu knew that the Spirit Light World had tried to interfere, but they did not dare to act after seeing how ferocious Great Qin was. They also had the ability to move a large number of soldiers to other worlds.

Now, their task was to calculate their gains. Because it was difficult for the Dark Demon people to escape from their own world, they had gained enormously in terms of population and Cities.

They gained four billion people, 70,000 Cities, countless treasures, and an endless amount of money. At the same time, Great Qin also obtained an ocean of food.

Great Qin's soldiers started to clear out the Dark Demon World and conquered the Cities that were in the wilderness or hidden away in order to avoid future troubles. However, they left 100 or so regions unconquered to maintain the Heaven Domain Boundary.

Within the Demon Heaven Sect, Zhao Fu started to go at it with Tian Ling'Er, Mo Qianqian, Mo Xianxian, and the others. Looking at them moaning and breathing raggedly underneath him, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied and felt a grand feeling. He could see Great Qin sweeping across the heavens with unstoppable momentum and conquering everything in its path.

He would become an Emperor who would establish an unending reign and conquer all of the major Races and enjoy the most beautiful woman. This was undoubtedly something that countless people dreamed of and wanted to pursue.

"Hubby, I want more!" The originally cold Mo Xianxian, the number one beauty of the Dark Demon World, tightly hugged Zhao Fu with a reddened face.

After unrestrainedly enjoying himself, Zhao Fu led the army back to Great Qin, and the invasion of the Dark Demon World officially concluded. Great Qin had conquered the Dark Demon World and was now a force with three worlds.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu enfeoffed new Concubines and the Emperor Phoenix Statue's power now surpassed that of an ordinary Clan Armament. The Great Qin Palace now not only gathered massive amounts of Phoenix Qi from Great Qin's three worlds but also from the Grassi World, Half-Beast World, and Elf World.

The ocean of Phoenix Qi made the Emperor Phoenix incredibly powerful, and its power definitely surpassed that of a Clan Armament.

After clearing out the Dark Demon World, their next target would be the Spirit Light World.

At the same time, Zhao Fu received news that the Devil Horn Empire had successfully conquered the Lantong World, and the other worlds wanted to ally with Great Qin to suppress the Devil Horn Empire.

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased - before, Great Qin had sent out countless ambassadors to ask the other worlds to join together to suppress the Devil Horn Empire, but no one had replied. Now that they felt the Devil Horn Empire's pressure, they wanted to ally with Great Qin.

However, Zhao Fu held back his displeasure; if he could ally with the others to suppress the Devil Horn Empire, it would be possible for Great Qin to destroy the Devil Horn Empire. Without the big obstacle that was the Devil Horn Empire, Great Qin's path in the future would be much smoother.

However, news of Great Qin conquering the Dark Demon World quickly spread - such a big matter could not be concealed.

After hearing about this, the various factions were shocked. The Devil Horn Empire was enough to terrify them, and now there was Great Qin. This news caused their faces to all become incredibly pale; there was danger everywhere.

The factions were now unwilling to ally with Great Qin. Great Qin now had three worlds and three additional Continents, and it was only a bit weaker than the Devil Horn Empire.

In the end, the other worlds formed an alliance to resist the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin. The area was now split in three.

Zhao Fu could only inwardly curse at them. He had expected the others to go back on their word at their own convenience.

After hearing that the Lantong World had been conquered, Zhao Fu sent a large number of soldiers to the Grassi World. Now that the Lantong World had fallen, the Continent that the Lantong World occupied in the Grassi World naturally also fell into the Devil Horn Empire's hands. The Devil Horn Empire already had four Continents there, and it now had five.

If they conquered the Continent that Great Qin occupied, the Devil Horn Empire would have three worlds. Zhao Fu could not allow such a thing to happen, no matter what. As such, he needed to stoutly guard the Grassi Continent that Great Qin occupied.

Now that two big factions had risen up, this caught the attention of the surrounding 100 worlds. Even some of the factions in the inner Domains were interested in these two factions, particularly those from the Ancient Stem Domain.

After all, these two factions held a total of almost seven worlds and had risen powerfully. If one of them won out, the twenty first Royal Kingdom would appear in the Ancient Stem Domain.

Because the two factions were both in the remote boundary region, they could not threaten the various Royal Kingdoms and powerful Sects, so none of them held any ill intent. Instead, they were interested in supporting one of the sides, hoping to gain a reliable ally in the future.

The Devil Horn Empire naturally greatly welcomed this, and Zhao Fu also welcomed this. After all, anyone providing Great Qin with resources was a good thing. However, Great Qin demanded equality and did not want to be bullied by others.