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 Now, these people became even more obedient. Great Qin continued to clear out houses and hung some more people up.

They also instituted a system of guilt by association: If anyone resisted, their whole family would be punished. At the same time, anyone who hid would be treated the same way. This was quite effective, and there were fewer people resisting and hiding.

Seeing this scene, the people who had just submitted to Zhao Fu could not take it and tried to persuade him to show more mercy. This included the young man with the bright smile, but Zhao Fu ignored them.

Great Qin needed to do this to suppress the Dark Demon people as quickly as possible; they would not show any mercy to those who resisted.

Finally, Zhao Fu came to the Demon Heaven Sect, the Dark Demon World's number one Sect. It was the most powerful, and because of Mo Qi's death, it had resisted the most. They had activated their Grand Sect Formation and wanted to fight until the end.


Zhao Fu used his Nation Armament and slashed apart the Grand Sect Formation in one strike. He stood in the air and watched as the Dark Demon World's final resisting faction was destroyed.

Great Qin's countless soldiers flooded in and started to kill. Whether they were men or women, elderly or young, they were all killed. In response to the Demon Heaven Sect's stubborn resistance, Zhao Fu did not accept any surrenders.

Countless Demon Heaven Sect disciples died pitifully, and the stench of blood continuously spread out. The cries of pain seemed unceasing, and this place had become a slaughterhouse.

A Great Qin soldier used his spear to pierce through a woman who was shielding a child, and the spear stabbed into the child as well. The child howled in pain, and blood leaked out of the woman's lips as she looked at the soldier pleadingly.

The soldier's expression was cold as he carried out Zhao Fu's orders. The spear in his hand trembled as a powerful energy spread out. Two pained cries sounded out as a large hole appeared in the woman and child's bodies.

A Great Qin soldier looked at a young man running away and vigorously threw his spear. His spear sailed through the air and nailed the young man against a wall, while an elderly man cried and leapt towards the young man, his son.

The Great Qin soldier slowly walked over, and looking at the elderly man holding his son in his arms, his gaze was cold as he drew his saber and chopped the elderly man's head off. Blood gushed out from his neck, spraying all over the wall, and the elderly man's head rolled with an agonized expression on his face.

An elderly woman held a baby as she bitterly pled for mercy, saying that the child's parents had already been killed by Great Qin. She hoped that Great Qin could at least spare the child and only kill her.

However, the Great Qin soldier did not even wait for her to finish and a few sword lights flew out, reducing the elderly woman and baby to bits.

Zhao Fu watched the soldiers coldly carrying out his orders in satisfaction. After fusing with the Darkness Crystals, their souls had become darker as well and did not show any mercy. They were like cold killing machines; that was how powerful soldiers should be.

Mo Yao'Er, who was hugging Zhao Fu, said, "Owner, there are many pretty women below, why not enjoy them? Have a celebration of our victory in the Demon Heaven Sect! I also want it as well. If you don't want to keep those women, you can kill them after playing with them."

After speaking, she then looked at Mo Qianqian and the number one beauty Mo Xianxian, "You two, properly serve Owner later, or this will happen to your Sects as well."

Before, as the top three beauties in the Dark Demon World, there was some enmity between them. Mo Yao'Er's beauty had been eclipsed by theirs, as had her strength, making her feel quite displeased.

Now that she had followed a ruler like Zhao Fu who had conquered the Dark Demon World, she was naturally going to take out her grievances against them.

Mo Qianqian coldly harrumphed. With her temper, she normally would have cursed at Mo Yao'Er, but because she had just been conquered and Mo Yao'Er was favored by Zhao Fu, she did not dare to do anything. Given Zhao Fu's cruel methods, he evidently was not a good person.

"Great Qin's Majesty, the Demon Heaven Sect is willing to submit to Great Qin; please stop the killing! I'm willing to give you the Demon Heaven Sect's supreme treasure!" an elderly man knelt on the ground as he pleaded.

Zhao Fu did not recognize this elderly man, and Mo Yao'Er explained that he was the Demon Heaven Sect's Sect Master.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's expression became cold. These people had resisted so intensely before, and now they were scared after being massacred. However, Zhao Fu was quite interested in this supreme treasure, so he gave the order to stop killing.

The countless soldiers who seemed like they had turned into demons stopped, and the Demon Heaven Sect's disciples felt as if a calamity had passed. They weakly collapsed to the ground, and some people started to loudly cry in fear.

Zhao Fu came to the elderly man's side and asked, "What is that supreme treasure?"

Seeing that Great Qin had stopped its slaughter, the elderly man let out a sigh of relief and looked as if he had aged ten or so years as he said, "It is a finger of the Demon Primogenitor. It is in the depths of the Demon Heaven Sect and provides pure demonic qi for the Demon Heaven Sect."

"Demon Primogenitor?" Hearing these two words Zhao Fu understood somewhat. The Demon Primogenitor was the origin of the countless Demon Races' bloodline, and each Demon Race only had one Demon Primogenitor; each Demon Primogenitor would give birth to a race of Demons.

A Demon Primogenitor's corpse would be incredibly useful, and it was indeed a supreme treasure. However, the elderly man said it was just a finger, making Zhao Fu feel somewhat disappointed.

Zhao Fu followed the elderly man into the depths of the Demon Heaven Sect, which was thousands of meters below the surface. Within a massive stone cave, there was a pinky finger floating within a magic formation.

This finger was as white as jade, and it was as big as a normal person's pinky finger. It gave off a faint black light and gave off an enormous demonic qi as well as a powerful might.

Zhao Fu's body uncontrollably gave off a wave of demonic qi; after obtaining the Sky Demon Sword, he had obtained Sky Demon Qi.

Even though Sky Demon Qi was a high-tier power, it could not compare to the Demon Primogenitor Qi. Under the Demon Primogenitor Qi, Zhao Fu started to somewhat lose control.

At the same time, Zhao Fu felt a wave of hunger. He waved his hand and a formless energy brought the pinky finger over, and after hesitating, he put it in his mouth and ate it.

The Demon Primogenitor finger was surprisingly tasty, and Zhao Fu wanted to have a few more bites. There was still some blood in the finger, and as he chewed, blood squirted out of it. The bones were a bit hard, but Zhao Fu vigorously crunched and ate them as well.

After the finger entered Zhao Fu's stomach, Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline started to digest it. A massive wave of Demon Primogenitor Qi spread out, and his body quickly absorbed it.

Standing by the side, the elderly man was quite shocked as he watched Zhao Fu eat the finger. Even though he was not against eating people, that was the finger of the Demon Primogenitor, and the power it contained was not something that an ordinary person could digest.