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 On the ground, Great Qin's army roared as they surged forwards like a black flood, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything as they charged towards the defensive walls.

Massive spiders easily climbed up the walls and used their blade-like legs to cut apart soldiers' bodies, while the enormous Corpse Soul Commanders swung their heavy weapons and smashed the soldiers into meat paste.

Countless Giant Wolves leapt onto the defensive walls and started to madly tear apart the soldiers, while the Illusion Flower Devils released pollen that caused countless soldiers to fall into an illusion.

With the various devil beasts and beasts attacking, Great Qin's soldiers were able to easily scale the defensive walls and start fighting with the enemy soldiers.

A Great Qin soldier hacked down with his black saber, chopping into a Dark Demon soldier's head. Another Great Qin soldier pierced through the chest of a Dark Demon soldier with his black sword, while another stabbed his black spear through the heart of a Dark Demon soldier.

The Dark Demon soldiers desperately resisted and attacked the countless devil beasts, beasts, and soldiers, resulting in an intense battle.

However, it was very evident that the Dark Demon World was not a match for Great Qin. They were suppressed by Great Qin from the very beginning and were unable to defend at all. Most of the people falling were from the Dark Demon World, while Great Qin only suffered small losses.

Under such immense pressure, the Dark Demon World could only use their trump card. They activated magic formations, from which large amounts of demonic qi spread out, and a cold demonic intent caused people's hairs to stand on end.

100 meter tall Demon Generals wearing demonic armor and holding demonic weapons appeared. They had savage faces and gave off ferocious auras. The immense demonic might caused the surrounding atmosphere to become incredibly heavy.

After these Demon Generals were summoned, before they even had time to roar, countless beasts and devil beasts savagely charged over and the two sides clashed together.

A Demon General swung its large saber, sending out a massive saber light that blasted a Corpse Soul Soldier flying. However, a few other beasts leapt over and started to tear it apart.

A few Giant Wolves knocked over a Demon General and they opened their mouths full of sharp teeth and started to maul it. The Demon General turned into demonic qi and disappeared. Elsewhere, a Demon General stabbed its spear through a Spider's body, killing it instantly.

Another Demon General held a large axe and ferociously swung it, chopping a Giant Wolf in half, causing blood to spurt everywhere. A Corpse Soul Soldier holding a large soldier sliced a Demon General into a few pieces.

Even though Great Qin suffered some losses, they were able to quickly kill the summoned Demon Generals and go back to killing the Dark Demon soldiers.

The Dark Demon World's soldiers continuously died, and some people had already started to run in fear. The fate of the Dark Demon World was already decided, and there was no hope.

Seeing this, the Spirit Light people hidden nearby could only retreat. They had come due to the Dark Demon World requesting help to resist Great Qin.

However, Great Qin had attacked so ferociously from the start and had immense numbers. This made it so that the Spirit Light people were not willing to attack like they had agreed on.

Seeing that the Dark Demon World was going to fall, there was no point in them acting, so they could only retreat.

"Arghh!" Mo Qi roared as he sent all of his power into his Clan Armament and Nation Armament, and a demonic light shot into the sky, causing the heavens and earth to continuously tremble.


Zhao Fu coldly smiled as he slashed out with his sword. Countless images of broken corpses appeared around him, giving off a power that seemed to be able to slaughter everything as they surged forwards and inundated Mo QI.

After the images disappeared, countless broken body parts fell from the sky. The Dark Demon World's World Protector had died just like that, and seeing this, everyone else threw down their weapons and knelt as they surrendered.

Zhao Fu coldly looked over them. The other Legatees' faces were pale, and they understood that they were not a match for Zhao Fu at all.

It was not just them who had lost; the army below had also lost, and the entire Dark Demon World had lost.

The Legatees could only choose to submit, or else they would die. Now that the Dark Demon World was going to perish, they could not escape.

After they submitted, everything was much easier to deal with. Great Qin broke through the defensive walls and swarmed into the Eastern Continent and started to conquer City after City. Most of the Dark Demon people could only just submit to Great Qin, but there were some people who resisted.

In response, Great Qin killed those they could and captured those they could and then threw them into the Four Soul Devil World to also turn them into Devils.

Great Qin's soldiers, clad in black armor, walked into Cities, and the commoners all knelt in terror. Sensing the darkness aura coming from Great Qin's soldiers, their hair stood on end. Those people felt even more terrifying than people from the Demon Race; they were true darkness soldiers.

Great Qin's soldiers gathered all of the commoners together before going through the houses and taking anything of value and any food.

Now, food had become an important resource and they could not afford to waste anything. If anything unexpected happened, they had to have a backup stockpile.

At the same time, they also captured some soldiers who were hiding and wanted to resist. These soldiers hid among the commoners and wanted to use the layouts of the Cities to attempt a final resistance. Even though there were not many of them, they were able to slow down Great Qin's soldiers and even cause some casualties and injuries.

During a time like this, they had to use special methods to scare the Dark Demon people who had just surrendered in order to prevent them from resisting. Because they had only just surrendered, they had not been completely settled yet.

Of course, Great Qin would not use a soft approach and offer forgiveness; it would only use a bloody suppression.

For the rebels who had died, their clothes were stripped off and their stomachs were torn open, and they were hung on the City walls.

If they hadn't died, they were brought in front of everyone else to be punished. This applied for everyone, men and women, old and young.

They were tied to pillars and their skin was gradually peeled off starting from their faces, revealing their blood-red flesh. These people would die slowly, and they were hung under the intense sun.

The intense sunlight seared their skinless flesh, and the pain stabbed at them all over their bodies, causing horrific howls to sound out.

"Arghhh..." Those people could not endure the pain and could not stop howling, and their voices filled all of the Cities. It was like a hell on earth.

Countless commoners were gathered together, and looking at the thousands of people on the pillars, even though they did not experience that sensation, they understood how painful it was. They became even more terrified and knelt on the ground, not daring to move even a bit.