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 After hearing that the Devil Horn Empire was attacking the Lantong World, Zhao Fu and his subordinates discussed whether they should attack the Devil Horn Empire. However, if they did that, they would at most only be able to stall the Devil Horn Empire, and Great Qin would not be able to benefit in any way. As such, it was best to attack the Dark Demon World while the Devil Horn Empire was attacking the Lantong World.

Now that the Devil Horn Empire was attacking the Lantong World, they naturally would not be able to stop Great Qin. That way, Great Qin would have three worlds.

Ever since the Grassi World, Half-Beast World, and Elf World had been conquered, the Dark Demon World had gone into high alert. Without the three worlds, they would not be able to stop Great Qin at all. As such, they would be the next world to be destroyed.

Moreover, Great Qin had already conquered a Continent in the Dark Demon World, and their world only had three Continents left.

It could be said that Great Qin could easily destroy them, and they were so terrified that they could only defend. They were truly united, which was quite rare, or else they would be destroyed.

However, even if they were united, they could only defend their own Continents and could not gather all of their forces to fight a final battle against Great Qin.

After all, Great Qin had already conquered one Continent and could simultaneously attack three Continents. As such, they naturally could not gather together. Great Qin split into three armies and attacked the three Continents in order to conquer the Dark Demon World as quickly as possible.

The most powerful Continent, the Eastern Continent, had around 15,000 regions. Four of the seven World Legatees came from the Eastern Continent, and the World Protector was also from the East Continent. It was definitely the most powerful of the remaining four Continents.

The two other Continents were relatively weaker, so Zhao Fu personally led soldiers to attack the Eastern Continent, while Bai Qi led soldiers to attack the Western Continent and Wang Jian led soldiers to attack the Northern Continent.

Zhao Fu and his army quickly arrived at the Eastern Continent. There were countless restrictive barriers here; the Eastern Continent wanted to stall for time, but all of them were forcefully destroyed by Great Qin.

The two armies quickly clashed. One side defended a 100 meter tall defensive wall with serious and nervous looks. They gave off powerful auras and seemed as if no one could get past them.

On the other hand, Great Qin's side was dressed in black armor and gave off a majestic and boundless aura. They were much more terrifying than the Dark Demon World's forces and looked like a darkness dragon that could shake the world, and they gave off a power that caused the entire world to feel terror.

Great Qin's military forces vastly surpassed that of the Dark Demon World's. Because they had taken in people from many Continents, they had five billion soldiers attacking the Eastern Continent of the Dark Demon World.

The Eastern Continent only had three billion people, and most of them were ordinary people and not proper soldiers, or else they would not have even these numbers. However, because the Dark Demon World was a Cultivation World, now that their bodies had fused with their bodies in the real world, most of them had at least Stage 1 strength.

Zhao Fu stood in the air with Mo Yao'Er next to him. Opposite him was Mo Qi as well as a bald-headed elder, who was the Sect Master of the Demon Study Sect. There was also a cold-looking woman with almost flawless looks, wearing white clothes - she was the Dark Demon World's number one beauty, the daughter of the Demon Celestial Sect's Sect Master. There was also a peerlessly beautiful woman with a graceful figure, but there was a hint of savageness about her, making her look like someone to not be lightly offended. She was the Dark Demon World's number two beauty.

There was also a handsome young man who gave a bright and confident smile. He was another of the World Legatees, the Legatee of a Dynasty.

"Do you think that you have the strength to defend? If you surrender, We will treat you all well and will not pursue past matters." Zhao Fu stood in the air and gave a confident smile as he released a powerful aura.

Mo Qi and the others' expressions were quite unsightly. It had been a while since they had seen Zhao Fu, and his power was now ten or so times greater than theirs. If it was before, Mo Qi would have been able to at least fight decently with Zhao Fu, but he could not do so at all anymore. Fortunately, he had a Nation Armament, so he could somewhat resist, or else he would be directly suppressed.

Mo Qi looked at Zhao Fu seriously and did not reply, showing that he was not willing to surrender.

Beside him, the Dark Demon World's number two beauty, Mo Qianqian, coldly laughed as she said, "We will not easily submit to anyone. Make us submit if you have the ability to do so!"

Zhao Fu's smile disappeared as he said coldly, "Since you all want to die, Don't blame Us!"


A terrifying aura spread out like a wild gale. Zhao Fu did not hesitate and released all of his power as he started to attack.

Sensing Zhao Fu's terrifying aura, Mo Qi and the others' expressions became even grimmer. They immediately exploded out with the power of their Nation Armaments as powerful winds blew out.

Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed and also unleashed his Nation Armament's power. He did not use his cultivation power, as using his Nation Armament would settle things much faster.

Now that Great Qin had two worlds and an additional four Continents, the power that his Nation Armament contained far surpassed the Nation Armaments of Mo Qi and the others.


Zhao Fu rushed up and his sword slashed out a massive sword light as a sharp sword wind blew out, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to tear apart anything as it flew forwards.

Mo QI looked quite shocked, and not only did he release his Sect Armament's power, but he also released the Dark Demon World's Clan Armament. In this time of crisis for the whole Dark Demon World, the Clan Armament would be able to release its greatest power. However, in the end, Mo Qi was still blasted back by Zhao Fu.

The bald-headed elder roared as he slammed his palm out. Countless traces of demonic qi flowed out and formed a 1,000 meter tall palm that gave off a boundless aura of destruction as it slammed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu casually swung his sword and a blood-red sword arc appeared, slashing through the palm and causing it to explode and dissipate into demonic qi. The massive sword energy also sent the bald-headed elder flying, leaving a gash on his chest.

The white-clothed woman, handsome young man, and Mo Qianqian gave off powerful auras as they charged at Zhao Fu, but they were all slashed back by him.

Explosions continuously sounded out in the sky as terrifying shockwaves rippled out. However, it was evident that the Dark Demon Legatees were not a match for Zhao Fu. Despite using the full power of their Nation Armaments, they could not stand up to him at all. After all, the difference in power between the two sides was simply too great, whether it was their personal power or their Nation Armaments' power.

As the battle in the sky unfolded, Great Qin's soldiers below also charged. They first shot out a wave of Talisman Arrows that turned into powerful rays of light, seeming to tear the sky apart. The Dark Demon soldiers' bodies were torn into pieces, causing blood to splatter everywhere as cries continuously sounded out.

They first used a wave of Talisman Arrows to suppress the other side, after which the Wyverns and flying devil beasts gave off roars and started to attack the defensive walls.

The flames and icy blasts roasted or froze the soldiers, while the devil beasts devoured the soldiers or slammed into them, and the Devils tore their bodies apart.