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 Zhao Fu was stunned when he heard that the Lord of a main city could be heavily injured. Just what had happened? A Lord of a main city was definitely an unimaginable expert who was at least Stage 4. They were undeniably powerful, and something shocking must have occurred for one of them to be heavily injured to the point that he or she could not resist it at all. Nothing big had happened in the Heaven Awaken World over the past few days, except...

Suddenly, Zhao Fu realized that the City Lord had been injured when he had caused the abnormal sign.

This surprised Zhao Fu, but he was certain that the City Lord's injury had to do with him.

Now that the City Lord had been seriously injured, the main city fell into a special state. The number of guards on duty increased, and patrols became more frequent in order to prevent anything from happening. The atmosphere in the main city was quite suppressed, but they had no choice but to do this. With the City Lord injured, this was the only way to make sure that the city remained safe.

Zhao Fu went to find Qin Nan and asked about this. Qin Nan said with a serious expression and a slightly apprehensive tone, "I don't know what happened, and the City Lord doesn't remember either. All the City Lord remembers is that an unimaginably powerful energy descended and smashed the City Lord against the ground. The mighty City Lord wasn't even able to retaliate."

At this moment, Zhao Fu curiously asked, "Big brother Qin, have you heard anything else about the City Lord being injured?"

Hearing this, Qin Nan looked around before whispering with a serious expression, "This matter has been listed as taboo, so it's best that you don't ask too much about it; otherwise, you'll bring trouble on yourself. The event that took place isn't something that we should pay attention to. After all, we are just small figures."

Qin Nan would never have thought that the reason why the City Lord had been injured would be right in front of him. By now, Zhao Fu was more or less certain that this matter was related to him, but he still nodded and promised that he wouldn't ask about it further.

After saying goodbye to Qin Nan, Zhao Fu found six basic sword skills for Ge Nia and returned to the Great Qin Town to give them to him.

Following this, Zhao Fu didn't have much to do, so he entered a state where he was asleep but cultivating. Soon, Zhao Fu reached Stage 0-8, and he was only a little bit away from breaking through to Stage 0-9.

Early the next morning, as the golden sun slowly rose from the east, Zhao Fu woke up from cultivating and ate a simple breakfast before taking Ge Nia to Battle City.

After arriving at Battle City, Zhao Fu and Ge Nia went to an Arena. Battles had not yet begun for the day, so it was relatively empty and quiet.

Following this, they came before a tough-looking big man and Zhao Fu asked, "Is this where we can register fighters?"

Zhao Fu had done his research, and he knew that one would receive a wooden token after registering for the Arena. This token did not have any use, but it could level up. As a fighter won more and more matches, it would become an iron token, then a bronze token, silver token, gold token, etc.

Having such a token brought quite a few benefits. Iron tokens allowed one to buy houses in the Residential District; bronze tokens gave one a discount in system shops; and gold tokens gave one a status that was even a bit better than Barons.

At the same time, it also gave Merit Points. Winning battles in the Arena gave many more Merit Points than completing ordinary quests, and the Merit Points could be exchanged for good items. There were Gold grade equipment, Gold grade City Creation Stones, high-grade medicinal pills, and even official government positions.

The big man was sitting with one leg over the other. Because it was so early, he was yawning and sitting quite lazily. He looked up and saw two mysterious people in black cloaks, and he replied, "Yes, registering costs five silver coins."

Zhao Fu handed over a pouch containing 50 gold coins and said, "I want to register one fighter. The rest is to buy you some wine. My treat. I hope you'll be able to help us out in the future."

When the big man received the pouch of money and looked inside, a wide smile appeared on his face. To him, 50 gold coins were quite a lot of money, so he said, "No problem, brother, let me know if you need anything in the future!"

Indeed, money seemed to be able to bring people closer. In just an instant, this man was calling him brother.

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "Many thanks!"

The big man took out a pen and paper and started to write as he said, "Don't worry; I'll help brother find some softies to fight!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu shook his head and said, "It's not me who's registering to fight; it's the one behind me."

Following this, Zhao Fu called Ge Nia over.

The big man looked at Ge Nia and could feel weak cultivation ripples coming from him, and he was quite surprised. He laughed as he said, "Really, brother? Him? He seems to have only cultivated for a few days. This place isn't for someone like him. With his current strength, he'll simply be committing suicide. Anyone will be able to easily kill him!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu laughed, as he knew Ge Nia's potential and his true strength, so he said, "That's right; it's him!"

The big man once again looked at Ge Nia before tilting his head and asking, "Are you sure? This isn't a place to play; brother, I can tell that you're quite strong, so how about you fight?"

This big man didn't believe that Ge Nia could survive here, and it was as if he could already see him dying. Because his eyes were quite sharp, he could tell that Zhau Fu was a good fighter, so he wanted to pull Zhao Fu in.

Of course, Zhao Fu refused and said, "I'm not suited to fighting in a place like this. Don't worry; I'm sure he's strong enough to survive here."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the big man once again looked at Ge Nia. Since Zhao Fu was so insistent, he had nothing to say, so he asked, "Do you want to use your real name or use an alias?"

Some people used their real names, but because others did not want to expose their real names, they made up aliases for themselves. Normally, it was something like Starving Wolf or Ferocious Tiger.

Zhao Fu looked at Ge Nia and waited for him to think of a name. Zhao Fu was quite certain that Ge Nia wouldn't use his real name.

"Sword Training!" Ge Nia coldly said those two words. His aim here was to simply train his sword skills.

Hearing this, the big man nodded and recorded that before handing Ge Nia a wooden token with the name 'Sword Training' on it. Following this, the big man took out a list of fighters and said worriedly to Zhao Fu, "Brother, it's too hard to find anyone with cultivation below Stage 0-1."

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and replied, "Just find someone around Stage 0-3!"

"What?" The big man was completely flabbergasted.