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 However, the problem was that there were traitors - and not just one but four. They were scattered across a few Continents, and they were three Barony Kingdoms and one Marquisate Kingdom. The Devil Horn Empire had buried these pieces for ten or so years and they would have a fatal effect today.

However, because the Lantong people were incredibly wary of the Devil Horn Empire and were on their guards against traitors, they all joined together to defend as opposed to remaining scattered.

Once something happened anywhere, all of the Lantong people would know. Under Yao Ming's orders, the Marquisate Kingdom started to launch attacks on many Kingdoms, causing the Lantong World to fall into chaos.

No one could understand why this Kingdom would be so arrogant as to attack others. However, they were successful in drawing a lot of the other Lantong people's attention and forces.

On the other hand, the three Barony Kingdoms' forces took this opportunity to take down a portion of the defensive wall. The prepared Devil Horn soldiers flooded in, giving off ferocious auras that swept across everything. No one could stop them.

By the time the Lantong people realized that something was wrong, it was already too late. They hurriedly gathered to defend and called for help.

Countless flying beasts flew in the sky, and countless beasts surged forwards on the ground. Massive amounts of Devil Qi filled the world, and the pairs of blood-red eyes seemed especially conspicuous in the darkness of the night.

Seeing this scene, countless Lantong people felt their legs weaken. They felt an impending aura of death and could not help but tremble.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn could be heard as countless terrified Lantong people shot out arrows, forming an arrow rain. The flying beasts fell after being struck by arrows, and countless beasts on the ground were also hit as they howled in pain and died.

However, even more devil beast leapt onto the defensive walls, using their claws to maul soldiers to death, their beaks to bite off soldiers' heads, or their bodies to send soldiers flying. The Lantong soldiers continuously died.

Countless devil beasts also destroyed portions of the defensive walls and rushed in, charging into soldiers and trampling on them. Countless pained and terrified cries sounded out as the Lantong people started to run.

The Devil Horn army quickly breached into Cities and in order to motivate the soldiers, Yao Ming ordered that they could do anything, whether it was pillaging or rape.

The evil soldiers charged into Cities and savagely laughed, killing anyone they saw and taking anything of value.

They disregarded any pleas for mercy, and one soldier loudly laughed as he cut off the hands and feet of a young man lying on the ground, paralyzed with fear. He cried out and squirmed like a worm, dragging out a trail of blood behind him.

A Cavalryman dragged an elderly man behind him with a rope, causing that elderly man's flesh to be torn up, and he cried out in pain. In the end, he was dragged to death, his flesh mangled beyond recognition.


A large sound rang out as seven or eight soldiers crashed into a room and looked at the young man and beautiful pregnant woman hiding. They gave savage smiles as they rushed over.

The young man knelt on the ground as he pleaded for mercy, offering everything of value so that the Devil Horn soldiers would spare them. However, the Devil Horn soldiers cut down the young man before starting to violate his pregnant wife.

The young man felt incredible pain, and he wanted to kill these bastards. However, he did not have any strength. He was on the verge of death, and he deeply experienced the feeling of the weak being preyed on by the strong. He hated himself for not being stronger.

Following this, the soldiers took everything of value, as well as the beautiful woman, who was extremely weak. It was rare for them to be able to play with such a beautiful woman, and they planned on taking her to the streets and selling her for one silver coin for each round.

In the end, the beautiful pregnant woman was screwed to death by the soldiers, and her corpse was thrown to the side.

These Devil Horn soldiers were not even as bad as the Kin Devil Soldiers. Because they had obtained a restrictive power, they liked to slaughter others in horrific ways, such as tearing people's stomachs open or tying them to pillars and killing them cut by cut.

There were some who were even more twisted. They buried people and put a straw in their mouths before pouring flaming oil into the straws and causing those people to burn to death from the inside. They could not struggle at all and suffered immense pain.

The Lantong army quickly gathered, but whether it in numbers or strength, they were vastly inferior to the Devil Horn Empire. Moreover, they did not have a massive devil beast army.

However, the Lantong people still made a final charge because they were the Lantong World's final defense. If they did not defend against the Devil Horn Empire's invasion, the Lantong World would perish and their families would all die horrible deaths.


The two massive tides ferociously clashed together, resulting in a massive explosion. The sounds of countless weapons clashing could be heard, and both sides desperately killed, causing blood to fly everywhere.

A Lantong soldiers gripped his spear and stabbed it through a Devil Horn soldier's chest. A Devil Horn soldier chopped off a Lantong soldier's arm before slashing through his throat. A Devil Horn soldier smashed his hammer down onto a Lantong soldier's head...

The Lantong army started to disintegrate at a rate visible to the naked eye. The soldiers were unable to stop the Devil Horn army at all, and they were either killed by the devil beasts or the soldiers.

In the end, unsurprisingly, the Lantong people lost. Only some soldiers were able to escape, and Lantong corpses were left all over the ground.

The Devil Horn side loudly cheered. They were not interested in the ordinary corpses, but they cut off the heads of the Generals' corpses and stuck them on spears that were planted in the ground to announce their victory.

The final resisting force had disappeared, and the Lantong people could no longer defend. In the face of the Devil Horn Empire's twisted and cruel methods, they chose to submit in fear. Just like that, the Lantong World perished.

The battle only lasted for a few days, and at the start, the surrounding worlds were not prepared at all. By the time they had gathered their forces, it was too late; the Devil Horn Empire had already conquered the Lantong World and even if they attacked, they could not reverse this.

Now, the Devil Horn Empire had two Worlds and nine Continents in other worlds, which was far more than what Great Qin had. It was now the most powerful Kingdom in this area.

The Kingdoms around the Devil Horn Empire hurriedly allied together because the Devil Horn Empire was too big of a threat. If they did not do anything, they would be destroyed just like the Lantong World.

At the same time, some Kingdoms contacted other worlds to cooperate and suppress the Devil Horn Empire.

Some worlds even took the initiative to invite Great Qin to suppress the Devil Horn Empire. They wanted to borrow Great Qin's strength to suppress the Devil Horn Empire's domineering flames, but Great Qin did not reply or attack the Devil Horn Empire.

This was because while the Devil Horn Empire was attacking the Lantong World, Great Qin was attacking the Dark Demon World that it had been eyeing for a long time.