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 A massive formless energy covered these crystals and refined them into liquid. Zhao Fu opened his mouth and gulped down all of the liquid and started to refine it within his body.

After entering Zhao Fu's stomach, the liquid turned into a formless energy and spread out within Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu's body quickly absorbed that energy and went through slight changes, giving off a profound and mysterious aura.


An explosion sounded out within Zhao Fu's mind - the mysterious energy flowed into his head, causing Zhao Fu's soul to tremble and quickly devour that energy. A formless ripple spread out from Zhao Fu's body and he slowly opened his eyes.

The final sense of the Five Celestial Senses, Premonition, had been unlocked!

Zhao Fu did not have the ability to look into the future, as that was related to looking into Heaven's Secrets and would cause a backlash from Heaven's Secrets. However, Zhao Fu now had premonition and danger, but it was only a few minutes in advance at most.

Now, the most important thing was that after unlocking the Five Celestial Senses, he would be able to unlock the Celestial Mode.

It was said that not only could the Celestial Mode move mountains and fill seas, but it could also both cause disasters and bring blessings; it allowed one to fuse with the heavens and temporarily become a Celestial Being.

Celestial Beings were a type of race birthed by the heavens, and they had extremely great power. At the same time, they belonged to the apex race within the Spirit Race and had few numbers. No one knew if there were still any Celestial Beings.

After all, the Spirit Race did not have great numbers, and as the apex race of the Spirit Race, they would naturally have very few numbers. No one had seen a Celestial Being in a long time.

Now, it was time for Zhao Fu to combine the five senses and enter the Celestial Mode.

First was Vision. Zhao Fu's eyes gave off an intense silver light, looking like two eyes made of silver. He then activated Divine Sense, and his soul also gave off an intense white light that passed through his body. It looked as if Zhao Fu's head was giving off countless rays of white light.

Zhao Fu then activated Heavenly Sense, causing his body to give off an intense yellow light that illuminated the room. Next was Perception, which caused intense golden light to appear and form a golden energy barrier around Zhao Fu.

Last was Premonition - countless rays of black light shot out of Zhao Fu's forehead and pierced through 100 meters of space.

Now, Zhao Fu's body gave off five different lights and his body was filled with five different energies. What Zhao Fu needed to do was fuse those five energies together.

Zhao Fu started to gather the five energies into his chest and fuse them. Because they all belonged to the Five Celestial senses, they were quite easy to fuse. Soon, the five energies formed a lychee-sized five-colored orb of light at Zhao Fu's chest.

At that moment, something unexpected happened. The trace of rainbow-colored aura left behind in Zhao Fu's body by the Celestial Peach suddenly flew towards the five-colored orb of light.


Zhao Fu felt the world and his mind tremble as his mind went blank. All of his senses seemed to disappear - he could not see, hear, or smell anything, and his body had no feeling to it.

The heavens and earth started to go through changes as a berserk wind blew and clouds wildly gathered. The world's power quickly gathered, and the ocean-like power flowed into Zhao Fu's body and gathered at the rainbow-colored orb of light on his chest.

The orb of light trembled a few times before condensing and forming a seven-colored pearl, and an even greater power was drawn over.


The rainbow pearl seemed to be satisfied and exploded out with an extremely great power, sending out a terrifying shockwave. The ground cracked, and fortunately the Spider Attendants had all retreated far away, or else they would have been heavily injured if not killed.

Zhao Fu gave off a faint rainbow-colored light and a rainbow-colored magic formation the size of a coin appeared on his forehead. A two meter wide circle made of rainbow-colored runes appeared around him, while Zhao Fu sat at the center.

After opening his eyes, Zhao Fu's eyes gave off a rainbow-colored light and his body seemed to give off an etherealness. He seemed to be both there and yet not there, as if he was a Celestial.

Zhao Fu did not know if this was the Celestial Mode or something else. Zhao Fu was not sure, but what he did know was that he had taken hold of a supreme power.

In this state, Zhao Fu's eyes could see through nothingness and see all kinds of formless energies and elemental essences. His body could sense everything in the surrounding 10,000 meters, even a grain of sand.

At the same time, Zhao Fu had foresight of everything that would happen in the next minute. However, this was only if there were no powers interfering with him.

Even though it was only for one minute, it was incredibly clear. Before, with Premonition he could only hazily sense danger.

Even though one minute was not very long, one could do much in that time and avoid many disasters. It was a very powerful technique, and ordinary people naturally would not have it. What was key was that Zhao Fu would not receive Heaven's Secrets backlash from using this.

Now, Zhao Fu had some powerful tricks up his sleeve for the Emperor Path College exam next year. He would not be much inferior to those true geniuses.

Compared to when he had met Wu Five, he had gone through immense changes. Not only had he awakened the Violet Sky Dragon Star, but he had also obtained a Divine Bloodline and gained Celestial Mode.

If he once again fought Wu Five, Zhao Fu was confident that he would be able to defeat him without fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images. Zhao Fu definitely had the power and would not have to fight so desperately.

Now that Zhao Fu's bloodline had risen to a Divine Bloodline and he had the Violet Sky Dragon Star, the damage he would take from fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images would be greatly reduced. He would no longer be heavily injured just from fusing with them.

Zhao Fu wanted to try out the true power of the Celestial Mode, but looking at Elise serving him below, looking both pitiful and bewitching, Zhao Fu laughed and started to go about it with her.

The Spider Attendants also went over in delight. They had tasted this pleasure a few times before, or else they would not be so desperate.

Lewd sounds continuously sounded out as Zhao Fu started to ravage the various Spider Attendants, causing them to gasp and moan.

On the other side, the Devil Horn Empire was currently discussing a big matter. After half a year of developing, with the support of a few Royal Kingdoms, they had grown immensely.

They were digesting the population they had absorbed, and their army had greatly grown. They had also greatly improved their equipment and weapons. They now had three million devil beasts and had returned to their peak.

Moreover, these devil beasts had gone through the baptism of the Kin Devil Spirit Vein. Their eyes were blood-red, and even though they were slightly less intelligent, they were much more powerful and savage.